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List of Your States Signers signed to Grover Norquist, Controversial Americans For Tax Reform Pledge

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. Grover Norquist group American for Tax Reform and the United State Commerce both oppose the Employee Free Choice Act.
“Chamber president Thomas Donohue has turned the organization into a key ally of the Bush-era corporate agenda that has empowered Big Business at the expense of workers. The Chamber has made opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act its top priority.” http://www.aflcio.org/joinaunion/voiceatwork/efca/against_list.cfm
Alliance for Worker Freedom is an arm of American for Tax Reform. American for Tax Reform is a group that seeks to limit the federal government’s ability to protect workers and consumers and ensure economic fairness.
“We’re going to crush labor as a political entity.” –Grover Norquist, founder and president of ATR http://www.aflcio.org/joinaunion/voiceatwork/efca/against_list.cfm
American Tax Reform is a group that opposes all taxes and promotes limited government. Grover Norquist, President has a questionable history with this group. ATR group calls themself a 501 (c)(4) group. This means they are a non-profit lobbyist organization in which all donations made to the group are considered tax-deductible but wait a second the The Americans for Tax Reform Foundation is a 501(c)(3). Supposedly under 501(c)(3).
The ATR Foundation is used for research and educational organization, and all contributions to the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation are tax-deductible as allowed by federal laws.
Americans for Tax Reform’s mission statement: “ATR opposes all tax increases as a matter of principle. We believe in a system in which taxes are simpler, fairer, flatter, more visible, and lower than they are today. The government’s power to control one’s life derives from its power to tax. We believe that power should be minimized… ATR serves as a national clearinghouse for the grassroots taxpayers’ movement by working with approximately 800 state and county level groups.”
Would you be surprised that I could find very little on the American Tax Reform Foundation. Well I did find a complaint: Norquist used either or both ATR and ATR Foundation as commercial enterprises by laundering money derived from Indian casino clients of former lobbyist and convicted felon Jack Abramoff. The casinos made contributions to ATR, which then skimmed a fee off the top before passing the money on to former Christian activist Ralph Reed and other anti-gambling activists. In this way, Norquist, Reed and Abramoff were able to disguise the fact that the money used to fund anti-gambling activities was generated through Indian gambling. The point of the anti-gambling campaigns was to prevent competition to the Indian casinos.



Americans For Tax Reform Pledge, Which Requires Signers To
Vote Against Tax Increases. [Americans For Tax Reform, Accessed 10/8/10]
2010 Vote To Close Tax Loopholes For Companies That Ship Jobs Overseas Seen
As Violation Of Pledge. Signers of ATR’s Pledge are Committed to Supporting
Tax Breaks for Companies Outsourcing American Jobs. Americans for Tax
Reform has stated that it is a violation of their pledge to support ending
tax breaks for companies who ship jobs overseas. [Americans for Tax
Reform, 8/9/10; Washington Post, 8/5/10; Washington Post, 6/9/10]
2007 Vote To Close Tax Loopholes For Countries Shipping Jobs Overseas Seen
As Violation Of The Pledge. In 2007, the Americans for Tax Reform issued a
legislative alert making it clear to their pledge signers that if they voted
to remove a tax loophole taken by companies that ship jobs overseas it would
be “a clear and unambiguous violation of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.”
[ATR Legislative Alert, 7/25/07]

Update from November 17, 2010 list with new list as September 16, 2011 
1,263 Legislators as of Friday, September 16, 2011
13 Governors, 5 Lieutenant Governors, 4 Attorneys General, 3 Secretaries of State,
3 Treasurers, 1 Auditor, and 1 Board of Equalization Member
(Signers are listed alphabetically within respective chamber)
**denotes Taxpayer Protection Caucus Chair
New York and Mississippi have been added

*Previously List does not include signers from states not yet reporting election results:
Mississippi and New York Old numbers on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 had 1,187
Legislators , (Signers are listed alphabetically within respective chamber) **denotes
Taxpayer Protection Caucus Chair

To see old 111th Congress list you can click here: List of Your Republicans Leaders in the 111th Congress sign to Grover Norquist’s Controversial Americans For Tax Reform Pledge
To see 112th Congress list you can click here Republicans Leaders in the new 112th Congress sign to Grover Norquist’s Controversial Americans For Tax Reform Pledge

Current 2011 list

Gov. Robert J. Bentley
Atty. Gen. Luther Strange
Treas. Young Boozer
Sec. of State Beth Chapman
7  Senators of 35
Paul Bussman (S-4)
Jerry Fielding (S-11)
Rusty Glover (S-34)
Jimmy W. Holley (S-31)
Paul Sanford (S-7)
Clay Scofield (S-9)
Tom Whatley (S-27)
15 House members of 105
Daniel Boman (H-16)
Duwayne Bridges (H-38)
Greg Canfield (H-48)
Steve Clouse (H-93)
Craig Ford (H-28)
Steve Hurst (H-35)
Wes Long (H-27)
Jay Love (H-74)
Mary Sue McClurkin (H-43)
John H. Merrill (H-62)
Barry Moore (H-91)
Bill Roberts (H-13)
Mark M. Tuggle (H-81)
Lesley Vance (H-80)
Kurt Wallace (H-42)

Gov. Sean Parnell
Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell
2 Senators of 20
Fred Dyson (S-I)
Catherine Giessel (S-P)
3 House members of 40
Bob Lynn (H-31)
Cathy Munoz (H-4)
Mark Neuman (H-15)

ARIZONA 5 Senators of 30
Scott Bundgaard (S-4)
Ron Gould (S-3)
Linda Gray (S-10)
Gail Griffin (S-25)
Russell Pearce (S-18)
16  House Members of 60
Kirk Adams (H-19)
Judy Burges (H-4)
John Fillmore (H-23)
David Gowan (H-30)
Jack Harper (H-4)
Peggy Judd (H-25)
John Kavanagh (H-8)
Debbie Lesko (H-9)
Steve Montenegro (H-12)
Justin Olson (H-19)
Terri Proud (H-26)
Carl Seel (H-6)
David Smith (H-7)
David Stevens (H-25)
Jerry Weiers (H-12)
Jim Weiers (H-10)

ARKANSAS Lt. Gov. Mark Darr
Sec. of State Mark Martin
3 Senators of 35
Bruce Holland (S-6)
Missy Thomas Irvin (S-10)
Jason Rapert (S-18)
16 House members of 100
Lori Benedict (H-82)
John Burris (H-85)
Charlie Collins (H-89)
Jane English (H-42)
Ed Garner (H-41)
Justin T. Harris (H-87)
Jon Hubbard (H-75)
Lane Jean (H-4)
Josh Johnston (H-59)
Allen Kerr (H-32)
Loy Mauch (H-26)
David Meeks (H-46)
Reginald K. Murdock (H-52)
David Sanders (H-31)
Garry Smith (H-7)
Jon Woods (H-93)

CALIFORNIA Michelle Steel (Board of Equalization)
13 Senators of 40
Joel Anderson (S-36)
Tom Berryhill (S-14)
Bob Dutton (S-31)
Bill Emmerson (S-37)
Jean Fuller (S-18)
Ted Gaines (S-1) Tom Harman (S-35)
Bob Huff (S-29)
Doug LaMalfa (S-4)
Sharon Runner (S-17)
Tony Strickland (S-19)
Mimi Walters (S-33)
Mark Wyland (S-38)
28 Assembly members of 80
K.H. Achadjian (A-33)
Bill Berryhill (A-26)
Connie Conway (A-34)
Paul Cook (A-65)
Tim Donnelly (A-59)
Nathan Fletcher (A-75)
Beth Gaines (A-4)
Martin W. Garrick (A-74)
Jeff Gorrell (A-37)
Shannon Grove (A-32)
Curt Hagman (A-60)
Linda Halderman (A-29)
Diane Harkey (A-73)
Kevin Jeffries (A-66)
Brian Jones (A-77)
Steven Knight (A-36)
Dan Logue (A-3)
Allan Mansoor (A-68)
Jeff Miller (A-71)
Mike Morrell (A-63)
Brian Nestande (A-64)
Jim Nielsen (A-2)
Chris Norby (A-72)
Kristen Olsen (A-25)
Jim Silva (A-67)
Cameron Smyth (A-38)
David Valadao (A-30)
Don Wagner (A-70)

COLORADO 5 Senators of 35
Greg Brophy (S-1)
Kevin Grantham (S-2)
Ted Harvey (S-30)
Mike Kopp (S-22)
Kent D. Lambert (S-9)
9 House members of 65
David Balmer (H-39)
Donald Beezley (H-33)
Laura Bradford (H-55)
Larry Liston (H-16)
Frank McNulty (H-43)
B.J. Nikkel (H-49)
Robert Ramirez (H-29)
Spencer Swalm (H-37)
Libby Szabo (H-27)

CONNECTICUT 5 Senators of 36
Joe Crisco (S-17)
John A. Kissel (S-7)
Joe Markley (S-16)
Michael McLachlan (S-24)
Jason Welch (S-31)
13 House members of 151
Anthony J. D’Amelio (H-71)
Fred Camillo (H-151)
Vincent Candelora (H-86)
Christopher Davis (H-57)
Marilyn Giuliano (H-23)
DebraLee Hovey (H-112)
Lawrence G. Miller (H-122)
Selim Noujaim (H-74)
T.R. Rowe (H-123)
Robert Sampson (H-80)
Bill Simanski (H-62)
Prasad Srinivasan (H-31)
Sean Williams (H-68)

DELAWARE 2 Senators of 21
Robert Venables, Sr. (S-21)
Colin Bonini (S-16)
2 House members of 41
Harvey Kenton (H-36)
Michael Ramone (H-21)

FLORIDA Gov. Rick Scott
7 Senators of 40
Greg Evers (S-2)
Mike Fasano (S-11)
Mike Haridopolos (S-26)
Joe Negron (S-28)
Jim Norman (S-12)
John Thrasher (S-8)
Stephen Wise (S-5)
34 House members of 120
Janet Adkins (H-12)
Larry Ahern (H-51)
Frank Artiles (H-119)
Dennis Baxley (H-24)
Michael Bileca (H-117)
Jeffrey P. Brandes (H-52)
Jason Brodeur (H-33)
Rachel Burgin (H-56)
Matt Caldwell (H-73)
Dean Cannon (H-35)
Steve Crisafulli (H-32)
Clay Ford (H-3)
Luis R. Garcia Jr. (H-107)
Rich Glorioso (H-62)
Tom Goodson (H-29)
Doug Holder (H-70)
Clay Ingram (H-2)
John Patrick Julien (H-104)
Paige Kreegel (H-72)
Carlos Lopez-Cantera (H-113)
Debbie Mayfield (H-80)
 Seth McKeel (H-63)
Marlene O’Toole (H-42)
Kathleen C. Passidomo (H-76)
Warren Keith Perry (H-22)
Ray Pilon (H-69)
Steve Precourt (H-41)
William L. Proctor (H-20)
Ken Roberson (H-71)
William Snyder (H-82)
Greg Steube (H-67)
Charles Van Zant (H-21)
Trudi K. Williams (H-75)
John Wood (H-65)

GEORGIA Gov. Nathan Deal
14 Senators of 56
John Albers (S-56)
Barry Loudermilk (S-52)
Ronnie Chance (S-16)
Greg Goggans (S-7)
Johnny Grant (S-25)
Bill Heath (S-31)
Judson Hill (S-32)
Bill Jackson (S-24)
Jack Murphy (S-27)
Chip Rogers (S-21)
Mitch Seabaugh (S-28)
Cecil Staton (S-18)
Renee S. Unterman (S-45)
Tommie Williams (S-19)
40 House members of 180
Amos Amerson (H-9)
Timothy Bearden (H-68)
Charlice Byrd (H-20)
David Casas (H-103)
Brooks Coleman (H-97)
Kevin Cooke (H-18)
Christian A. Coomer (H-14)
Sharon Cooper (H-41)
Steve Davis (H-109)
Katie Dempsey (H-13)
Matt Dollar (H-45)
Bobby Franklin (H-43)
Mark Hamilton (H-23)
Ben Harbin (H-118)
Michael Harden (H-28)
John Mark Hatfield (H-177)
Bill Hembree (H-67)
Calvin Hill (H-21)
Billy Horne (H-71)
Penny Houston (H-170)
Sheila Jones (H-44)
Sean Jerguson (H-22)
Eugene T. Maddox (H-172)  Judith Manning (H-32)
James Mills (H-25)
Billy Mitchell (H-88)
Larry O’Neal (H-146)
Allan Peake (H-137)
Alan Powell (H-29)
David Ralston (H-7)
Tom Rice (H-51)
Carl Rogers (H-26)
Ed Rynders (H-152)
Donna Sheldon (H-105)
Barbara Sims (H-119)
Jason Spencer (H-180)
Len Walker (H-107)
Mark Williams (H-178)
Bruce Williamson (H-111)
John P. Yates (H-73) 

HAWAII 2 Senators of 25
David Ige (S-16)
Sam Slom (S-8)
8 House members of 51
Corinne Ching (H-27)
George Fontaine (H-11)
Aaron Johanson (H-32)
Barbara Marumoto (H-19)
Kymberly Pine (H-43)
Gil Riviere (H-46)
Cynthia Thielen (H-50)
Gene Ward (H-17)

IDAHO 1 Senator of 35
Shirley McKague (S-20)
5 House members of 70
Lenore Hardy Barrett (H-35B)
Phil Hart (H-3B)
Peter Nielsen (H-22B)
Paul E. Shepherd (H-8B)
JoAn E. Wood (H-35A)

ILLINOIS 7 Senators of 59
Tim Bivins (S-45)
Maggie Crotty (S-19)
Kirk Dillard (S-24)
Susan Garrett (S-29)
John Jones (S-54)
Chris Lauzen (S-25)
Dave Syverson (S-34)
21 House members of 118
Patricia Bellock (H-47)
Mike Bost (H-115)
John Bradley (H-117)
John CavaLetto (H-107)
Michael Connelly (H-48)
Lisa Dugan (H-79)
Jack Franks (H-63)
Dwight Kay (H-112)
Richard Morthland (H-71)
Michael P. McAuliffe (H-20)
Richard Myers (H-94)
Brandon Phelps (H-118)
Robert W. Pritchard (H-70)
Sue Rezin (H-75)
Jim Sacia (H-89)
Timothy L. Schmitz (H-49)
Darlene Senger (H-96)
Ron Stephens (H-102)
Ed Sullivan (H-51)
Patrick Verschoore (H-72)
David Winters (H-68)

INDIANA 7 Senators of 50
Jim Banks (S-17)
James R. Buck (S-21)
Mike Delph (S-29)
Dennis K. Kruse (S-14)
Jim Tomes (S-49)
Greg Walker (S-41)
John Waterman (S-39)
22 House members of 100
James Baird (H-44)
Jeb Bardon (H-25)
Robert Behning (H-91)
Timothy Brown (H-41)
Woody Burton (H-58)
Robert Cherry (H-53)
Wes Culver (H-49)
Steven Davisson (H-73)
Jeff Espich (H-82)
David Frizzell (H-93)
Craig Fry (H-5)
Bob Heaton (H-46)
Tom Knollman (H-55)
Eric Allan Koch (H-65)
Don Lehe (H-15)
Jud McMillin (H-68)
Winfield Moses (H-81)
Timothy Neese (H-48
Rhonda Rhoads (H-70)
Gerald P. Torr (H-39)
P. Eric Turner (H-32)
Timothy Wesco (H-21) 

IOWA Sec. of State Matt Schultz
4 Senators of 50
Rick Betrand (S-1)
Mark Chelgren (S-47)
James Hahn (S-40)
Roby Smith (S-41)
18 House members of 100
Dwayne Alons (H-4)
Clel Baudler (H-58)
Betty De Boef (H-76)
Dave Deyoe (H-10)
Cecil Dolecheck (H-96)
Jack Drake (H-57)
Lance J. Horbach (H-40)
Dan Huseman (H-53)
Kraig Paulsen (H-35)
Kim Pearson (H-42)
Scott Raecker (H-63)
Henry Rayhons (H-11)
Walt Rogers (H-20)
Tom Sands (H-87)
Jason Schultz (H-55)
Chuck Soderberg (H-3)
James Van Engelenhoven (H-71)
Matt Windschitl (H-56)

KANSAS 5 Senators of 40
Steve E. Abrams (S-32)
Mary Pilcher-Cook (S-10)
Mike Petersen (S-28)
Dennis Pyle (S-1)
Susan Wagle (S-30)
19 House members of 125
Steve Brunk (H-85)
Richard Carlson (H-61)
Dan Collins (H-110)
Peter DeGraaf (H-81)
Owen Donohoe (H-39)
John C. Grange (H-75)
Phil Hermanson (H-96)
Mitch Holmes (H-114)
Jim Howell (H-82)
Steve Huebert (H-90)
S. Mike Kiegerl (H-43)
Forrest Knox (H-13)
Brenda Landwehr (H-91)
Peggy Mast (H-76)
Connie O’Brien (H-42)
Rob Olson (H-26)
Joe Patton (H-54)
Jo Ann Pottorf (H-83)
Joseph Scapa (H-87)

KENTUCKY 4 Senators of 38
Tom Buford (S-22)
Julie Rose Denton (S-36)
Ernie Harris (S-26)
Katie Kratz Stine (S-24)
24 House members of 100
Julie Raque Adams (H-32)
Royce Adams (H-61)
Kevin Bratcher (H-29)  James Comer (H-53)
Tim Couch (H-90)
Ron Crimm (H-33)
Robert Damron (H-39)
Jim DeCesare (H-21)
Bob DeWeese (H-48)
C.B. Embry, Jr. (H-17)
Joseph Fischer (H-68)
Danny Ford (H-80)
Jim Gooch (H-12)
W. Keith Hall (H-93)
Melvin B. Henley (H-5)
Jeff Hoover (H-83)
Wade Hurt (H-37)
Thomas Kerr (H-64)
Kim King (H-55)
Stan Lee (H-45)
Brad Montell (H-58)
Lonnie Napier (H-36)
Marie Rader (H-89)
James Stewart III (H-86)

LOUISIANA Gov. Bobby Jindal
8 Senators of 39
John Alario (S-8)
A.G. Crowe (S-1)
Jack Donahue (S-11)
Butch Gautreaux (S-21)
Gerald Long (S-31)
Mike Michot (S-23)
Julie Quinn (S-6)
John Smith (S-306
16 House members of 105
Henry Burns (H-9)
Richard Burford (H-7)
Steve Carter (H-68)
Billy R. Chandler (H-22)
Jean Doerge (H-10)
Joseph A. Harrison (H-51)
J. Cameron Henry (H-82)**
Dorothy Sue Hill (H-32)
Sam Jones (H-50)
Tony Ligi (H-79)
Jerome Richard (H-55)
Alan Seabaugh (H-5)
Scott M. Simon (H-74)
Jane H. Smith (H-8)
John M. Schroder, Sr. (H-77)
Kirk Talbot (H-78)

MAINE Gov. Paul R. LePage
4 Senators of 35
Nichi Farnham (S-32)
Lois Snowe-Mello (S-15)
Doug Thomas (S-27)
David Trahan (S-20)
32 House members of 151
Bruce Bickford (H-70)
David Burns (H-32)
Richard M. Cebra (H-101)
Mike Celli (H-21)
Kathleen Chase (H-147)
Dale Crafts (H-104)
Dean A. Cray (H-28)
Jarrod S. Crockett (H-91)
Philip A. Curtis (H-86)
Andre Cushing (H-39)
Dana L. Dow (H-50)
Peter Edgecomb (H-4)
Stacey A. Fitts (H-29)
Leslie Fossel (H-53)
Jeffery Gifford (H-12)
Peter Johnson (H-27)
Dennis Keschl (H-83)
L. Gary Knight (H-81)
Ricky Long (H-9)
Michael D. McClellan (H-103)
Jonathan McKane (H-51)
Susan Morissette (H-54)
Robert Nutting (H-78)
Beth A. O’Connor (H-145)
Wayne Parry (H-140)
John Picchiotti (H-84)
Wesley E. Richardson (H-49)
Deborah Sanderson (S-52)
Ralph Sarty Jr. (H-99)
Heather Sirocki (H-128)
G. Paul Waterhouse (H-98)
Frederick L. Wintle (H-24)

MARYLAND 8 Senators
Edward Reilly (S-33)
Richard F. Colburn (S-37)
Roy Dyson (S-29)
Barry Glassman (S-35)
Nancy Jacobs (S-34)
E.J. Pipkin (S-36)
Bryan Simonaire (S-31)
Norman R. Stone, Jr. (S-6)
23 House members
Kathy Afzali (H-4A)
Susan Aumann (H-42)
Gail H. Bates (H-9A)
Joseph C Boteler, III (H-8)
Bob Costa (H-33B)
Don Dwyer Jr. (H-31)
Addie Eckardt (H-37B)
Ron George (H-30)
Michael Hough (H-3B)
Wade Kach (H-5B)
Nicholaus R. Kipke (H-31)
Susan Krebs (H-9B)
Tony McConkey (H-33A)
Mike McDermott (H-38B)
Pat McDonough (H-7)
Wayne Norman (H-35)
Anthony O’Donnell (H-29C)
Neil Parrott (H-2B)
Justin Ready (H-5A)
Andrew A. Serafini (H-2A)
Michael Smigiel, Sr. (H-36)
Cathy Vitale (H-33A)
John F. Wood, Jr. (H-29A)

MASSACHUSETTS 2 Senators of 40
Robert Hedlund (S-Plym. &
Richard Ross (S-Norfolk, Bristol,
& Middlesex)
32  House members of 160
Paul Adams (Essex-7)
Demetrius John Atsalis (Barnst.-2)
Fred “Jay” Barrows (Brist.-1)
Richard Bastien (Worc.-2)
Matthew Beaton (Worc.-11)
Nicholas Boldyga (Hampden-3)
Angelo D’Emilia (Plymouth-8)
Vinnie DeMacedo (Plym.-1)
Geoffrey Diehl (Plymouth-7)
Peter Durant (Worcester-6)
Ryan Fattman (Worc.-18)
Kim Ferguson (Worc.-1)
Paul K. Frost (Worc.-7)
Susan Williams Gifford (Plym.-2)
Sheila Harrington (Middlesex-1)
Brad Hill (Essex-4)
Steve Howitt (Bristol-4)
Donald Humason (Hamp.-4)
Randy Hunt (Barnstable-5)
Kevin Kuros (Worc.-8)
Steven Levy (Middlesex-4)
Marc Lombardo (Middlesex-22)
Jim Lyons (Essex-18)
James R. Miceli (Middlesex-19)
David Nangle (Middl.-17)
Shaunna O’Connell (Bristol-3)
Elizabeth A. Poirier (Brist.-14)
John H. Rogers (Norfolk-12)
George Ross (Bristol-2)
Todd Smola (Hamp.-1)
David Vieira (Barnstable-1)
Daniel Winslow (Norfolk-9)

MICHIGAN Atty. Gen. Bill Schuette
4 Senators of 38
Jack Brandenburg (S-11) Patrick Colbeck (S-7)
Jim Marleau (S-12)
David B. Robertson (S-26)
18 House members of 110
David J. Agema (H-74)
Jon  Bumstead (H-100)
Hugh Crawford (H-38)
Frank Foster (H-107)
Bob Genetski (H-88)
Ken Goike (H-33)
Gail Haines (H-43)
Thomas B. Hooker (H-77)
Matt Huuki (H-110)
Marty Knollenberg (H-41)
Eileen Kowall (H-44)
Pete Lund (H-36)
Mark Meadows (H-69)
Tom McMillin (H-45)
Aric Nesbitt (H-80)
Rick Olson (H-55)
Lisa Posthumus Lyons (H-86)
Al Pscholka (H-79)

MINNESOTA 12 Senators of 67
Dave Brown (S-16)
Roger C. Chamberlain (S-53)
Paul Gazelka (S-12)
Chris Gerlach (S-37)
Dan D. Hall (S-40)
David Hann (S-42)
Mike Jungbauer (S-48)
Warren Limmer (S-32)
Geoff Michel (S-41)
Julianne Ortman (S-34)
Claire Robling (S-35)
Charles Wiger (S-55)
25 House members of 134
Jim Abeler (H-48B)
Bruce Anderson (H-19A)
King Banaian (H-15B)
Mark Buesgens (H-35B)
Matt Dean (H-52B)
Bob Dettmer (H-52A)
Sondra Erickson (H-16A)
Bob Gunther (H-24A)
Tom Hackbarth (H-48A)
Mary Liz Holberg (H-36A)
Larry Howes (H-4B)
Mary Kiffmeyer (H-16B)
Ann Lenczewski (H-40B)
Carolyn McElfatrick (H-3B)
Mary Murphy (H-6B)
Paul Marquart (H-9B)
Bud Nornes (H-10A)
Gene Pelowski (H-31A)
Joyce Peppin (H-32A)
Linda Runbeck (H-53A)
Steven Smith (H-33A)
Chris Swedzinksi (H-21A)
Bruce Vogel (H-13B)
Torrey Westrom (H-11A)
Kurt Zellers (H-32B)

MISSISSIPPI Gov. Haley Barbour
Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant
5 Senators of 52
Sidney Albritton (S-40)
Billy Hudson (S-45)
Tom King (S-44)
Dean Kirby (S-30)
Lee Yancey (S-20)
19  House members of 122
Larry Baker (H-8)
Richard Bennett (H-120)
Gary A. Chism (H-37)
Bill Denny, Jr. (H-64)
George Flaggs, Jr. (H-55)
Mark Formby (H-108)
Bobby B. Howell (H-46)
Stephen Horne (H-81)
Bennett Malone (H-45)
Rita Martinson (H-58)
Bobby Moak (H-53)
Alex Monsour (H-54)
John Moore (H-60)
Billy Pigott (H-99)
Ray Rogers (H-61)
Jeff Smith (H-39)
Johnny Stringer (H-87)
Jessica Upshaw (H-95)
Joseph L. Warren (H-90)

MISSOURI 1 Senator of 34
Dan W. Brown (S-16)
34 House members of 163
Sue Allen (H-92)
Randy Asbury (H-22)
Jay Barnes (H-114)
Cloria Brown (H-85)
Michael R. Brown (H-50)
Eric Burlison (H-136)
Kathie Conway (H-14)
Tony Dugger (H-144)
Kevin Elmer (H-141)
Barney Fisher (H-125)
Gary Fuhr (H-97)
Doug Funderburk (H-12)
Chuck Gatschenberger (H-13)
Dave Hinson (H-98)
Steve Hodges (H-161)
Jay D. Houghton (H-10)
Penny V. Hubbard (H-58)
Timothy W. Jones (H-89)
Shelley Keeney (H-156)
Andrew Koenig (H-88)
Mike Lair (H-7)
Brent Lasater (H-53)
Mike Leara (H-95)
John McCaherty (H-90)
Mike McGhee (H-122)
Cole McNary (H-86)
Bob Nance (H-36)
Jeanie Riddle (H-20)
Shane Schoeller (H-139)
Lindell F. Shumake (H-6)
Jason T. Smith (H-150)
Noel Torpey (H-52)
Zachary Wyatt (H-2)
Anne Zerr (H-18)

MONTANA 6 Senators of 50
Joe Balyeat (S-34)
Greg Hinkle (S-7)
Verdell Jackson (S-5)
Dave Lewis (S-42)
Terry Murphy (S-39)
Bruce Tutveat (S-3)
28 House members of 100
Elsie Arntzen (H-53)
Bill Beck (H-6)
Gerald Bennett (H-1)
Mark Blasdel (H-10)
Tom Burnett (H-63)
Kelly Flynn (H-68)
Steve Gibson (H-78)
Alan Hale (H-77)
Brian Hoven (H-24)
Douglas Kary (H-48)
Krayton Kerns (H-58)
James Knox (H-47)
Steve Lavin (H-8)
Cleve Loney (H-25)
Gary MacLaren (H-89)
Mike Miller (H-84)
Michael More (H-70)
Jerry O’Neil (H-3)
Ryan Osmundson (H-29)
Lee Randall (H-39)
Donald Roberts (H-56)
Dan Skattum (H-62)
Cary Smith (H-55)
Gordon Vance (H-67)
Bob Wagner (H-71)
Wendy Warburton (H-34)
Ted Washburn (H-69)
Max Yates (H-74)

Atty Gen. Jon Bruning
Treas. Don Stenberg
1 Legislator of 49
Scott Price (L-3)

NEVADA 4 Senators of 21
Barbara Cegavske (S-Clark 8)
Don Gustavson (S-Washoe 2)
Elizabeth Halseth (S-Clark 9)
Michael Roberson (S-Clark 5)
4 Assembly members of 42
Ed Goedhart (A-36)
Richard McArthur (A-4)
John Hambrick (H-2)
Peter Livermore (H-40)

NEW HAMPSHIRE 8 Senators of 24
Jack Barnes (S-17 Rockingham)
Jeb Bradely (S-3 Carroll)
Tom DeBlois (S-18 Hillsborough)
Jeanie Forrester (S-2 Belknap and Grafton)
Jim Forsythe (S-4 Strafford)
Nancy E. Stiles (S-24 Rockingham)
Russell Prescott (S-23 Rockingham)
Ray White (S-9 Hillsborough)
86 House members of 400
Donald Andolina (H-6 Strafford)
Jason P. Antosz (H-9 Rockingham)
Kevin A. Avard (H-20 Hillsborough)
Gary Azarian (H-4 Rockingham)
Al Baldasaro (Rock-3)
J. Michael Ball (H-9 Hillsborough)
David Bates (Rock-4)
Ronald Belanger (Rock-4)
Jerry Bergevin (H-17 Hillsborough)
D.J. Bettencourt (Rock-4)
Spec Bowers (H-3 Sullivan)
Lester W. Bradley (H-4 Grafton)
John A. Burt (H-7 Hillsborough)
John Cebrowski (Hills-18)
Gene Chandler (Carroll-1)
Lars T. Christiansen (Hills-27)
Jenn Coffey (H-6 Merrimack)
Tim Comerford (Rock-9)
Gary Daniels (Hills-6)
Russell Day (Hills-7)
Robert Elliott (Rock-4)
Susan Emerson (Ches-7)
Lawrence Emerton, Sr. (Hills-7)
Cam DeJong (H-9 Hillsborough)
Susan DeLemus (H-1 Strafford)
J.B. Duarte (H-1 Rockingham)
Beverly Ferrante (Rock-5)
Robert Fesh (Rock-5)
Dennis H. Fields (Belk-2)
Edmund Gionet (Graft-3)
Brandon Giuda (H-7 Merrimack)
Robert Greemore (Belknap-3)
Mary E. Griffin (Rock-4)
Warren Groen (H-Stafford 1)
Bob Haefner (Hills-27)
Joseph Hagan (H-7 Rockingham)
Harry Hardwick (H-2 Hillsborough)
Ken Hawkins (Hills-18)
James F. Headd (Rock-3)
John Hikel (Hills-7)
Gregory Hill (H-6 Merrimack)
Edith Hogan (Hills-25)
Karen K. Hutchinson (Rock-3)
Will Infantine (Hills-13)
Robert Introne (Rock-3)
Kyle Jones (H-1 Strafford)
Laura Jones (H-1 Strafford)
Phyllis M. Katsakiores (Rock-5)
Walter Kolodziej (H-4 Rockingham)
Joseph F. Krasucki (H-26
Don LeBrun (Hillsborough-26)
Robert Luther (H-4 Belknap)
Andrew J. Manuse (H-5 Rockingham)
Michael McCarthy (H-21 Hillsborough)
Jeanine Notter (H-19 Hillsborough)
Lynne Ober (Hills-27)
Russell T. Ober (Hills-27)
William O’Brien (Hills-4)
Bill O’Connor (H-3 Strafford)
Bill Ohm (H-26 Hillsborough)
Barry Palmer (H-26 Hillsborough)
Stephen Palmer (H-6 Hillsborough)
Leo P. Pepino (Hills-11)
Matt Quandt (Rock-13)
John Reagan (Rock-1)**
Dennis Reed (Merr-2)
Andrew Renzullo (Hills-27)
Beverly T. Rodeschin (H-2
John B. Sedensky, PhD (Rock-8)
Carl Seidel (H-20 Hillsborough)
Tyler W. Simpson (H-1 Belknap)
Steven Smith (H-5 Sullivan)
William Smith (Rock-18)
Tony Soltani (H-8 Merrimack)
Connie Soucy (Hills-17)
Kathleen Souza (H-11 Hillsborough)
Kathleen Stroud (H-19 Hillsborough)
Steve Vaillancourt (Hills-15)
Moe Villeneuve (Hills-18)
Carol M. Vita (H-3 Strafford)
Lucien A. Vita (H-3 Stafford)
Mark Warden (H-7 Hillsborough)
Gary Wheaton (H-14 Rockingham)
Randall Whitehead (H-26Hillsborough)
Steve Winter (H-3 Merrimack)
Colette Worsman (H-3 Belknap)

NEW JERSEY 8 Senators of 40
Diane Allen (S-7)
Anthony Bucco (S-25)
Gerald Cardinale (S-39)
Michael Doherty (S-23)
Sean Kean (S-11)
Tom Kean, Jr. (S-21)**
Joe Pennachio (S-26)
Shirley Turner (S-15)
20 Assembly members of 80
John Amodeo (A-2)
Mary Pat Angelini (A-11)
Peter J. Biondi (A-16)
Jon Bramnick (A-21)
Michael Patrick Carroll (A-25)
Caroline Casagrande (A-12)
Denise Coyle (A-16)
Alex DeCroce (A-26)
John DiMaio (A-23)
Louis Greenwald (A-6)
Amy Handlin (A-13)
James Holzapfel (A-10)
Eric Munoz (A-21)
Declan O'Scanlon (A-12)
Vince Polistina (A-2)
David Rible (A-11)
Scott Rudder (A-8)
Samuel D. Thompson (A-13)
Charlotte Vandervalk (A-39)
Jay Webber (A-26)**

NEW MEXICO 6 Senators of 42
Rod Adair (S-33)
Sue Wilson Beffort (S-19)
Kent L. Cravens (S-21)
Stuart Ingle (S-27)
Gay G. Kernan (S-42)
William Sharer (S-1)
13 House members of 70
Thomas Anderson (H-29)
Cathrynn Brown (H-55)
Dave Doyle (H-23)
Nora Espinoza (H-59)
Candy Spence Ezzell (H-58)
Keith Gardner (H-66)
William J. Gray (H-54)
Dianne Miller Hamilton (H-38)
Dennis Kintigh (H-57)
Rick Little (H-53)
Terry McMillan (H-37)
Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert (H-44)
Shirley A. Tyler (H-61)

1 Senator of 62
Mark Grisanti (S-60)
7 Assembly members of 150
Daniel J. Burling (A-147)
Robert J. Castelli (A-89)
James D. Conte (A-10)
Jim Hayes (A-148)
Brian Kolb (A-129)
William Reilich (H-134)
Fred W. Thiele, Jr. (A-2)

NORTH CAROLINA 19 Senators of 50
Philip Berger (S-26)
Harris Blake (S-22)
Andrew Brock (S-34)
Peter S. Brunstetter (S-31)
Debbie Ann Clary (S-46)
Warren Daniel (S-44)
Don East (S-30)
James Forrester (S-41)
Kathy Harrington (S-43)
Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr. (S-36)
Neal Hunt (S-15)
Wesley A. Meredith (S-19)
Louis M. Pate Jr. (S-5)
Jean Preston (S-2)
David Rouzer (S-12)
Robert A. Rucho (S-39)
Daniel F. Soucek (S-45)
Jerry W. Tillman (S-29)
W. Tommy Tucker (S-35)
27 House members of 150
John Marshall Blust (H-62)
Larry R. Brown (H-73)
Rayne Brown (H-81)
Justin P. Burr (H-67)
George Cleveland (H-14)
Jeffrey L. Collins (H-25)
Bill M. Cook, Jr. (H-6)
James Crawford, Jr. (H-32)
William Current (H-109)
Jerry C. Dockham (H-80)
Nelson Dollar (H-36)
Dale Folwell (H-74)
Phillip Frye (H-84)
Mitch Gillespie (H-85)
Kelly E. Hastings (H-110)
Mark Hilton (H-96)
Julia Craven Howard (H-79)
Dan W. Ingle (H-64)
Linda P. Johnson (H-83)
Grey Mills (H-95)
Tim Moore (H-111)
Shirley B. Randleman (H-94)
Efton Sager (H-11)
Edgar V. Starnes (H-87)
Fred F. Steen II (H-76)
Sarah Stevens (H-90)
Harry Warren (H-77)

NORTH DAKOTA 1 Senator of 48
Joe Miller (S-16)
9 House members of 94
Wesley R. Belter (H-22)
Bette Grande (H-41)
Craig Headland (H-29)
Jim Kasper (H-46)
Scott Louser (H-5)
Karen M. Rohr (H-31)
Roscoe Streyle (H-3)
Blair B. Thoreson (H-44)
Dave Weiler (H-30)
Dwight Wrangham (H-8)

OHIO Gov. John Kasich
Aud. Dave Yost
2 Senators of 33
Tim Grendell (S-18)
Shannon Jones (S-7)
22 House members of 99
John Adams (H-78)
William G. Batchelder (H-69)
Peter A. Beck (H-67)
Terry Blair (H-38)
Andrew Brenner (H-2)
Mike Dovilla (H-18)
Anne Gonzales (H-19)
Bruce Goodwin (H-74)
Cheryl Grossman (H-23)
Bill Hayes (H-91)
Matt Huffman (H-4)
Casey Kozlowski (H-99)
Jarrod Martin (H-70)
Ron Maag (H-35)
Jeff McClain (H-82)
Craig Newbold (H-1)
Bob Peterson (H-85)
Kristina D. Roegner (H-42)
Clifford Rosenberger (H-86)
Lynn Slaby (H-41)
Andy Thompson (H-93)
Ron Young (H-63)

OKLAHOMA Gov. Mary Fallin
Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb
7 Senators of 48
Cliff Aldridge (S-42)
Josh Brecheen (S-6)
Bill Brown (S-36)
Sean Burrage (S-2)
Kim David (S-18)
David Holt (S-30)
Jonathan Nichols (S-15)
26 House members of 101
Gus Blackwell (H-61)
Mike Christian (H-93)
 Josh Cockroft (H-27)
David Dank (H-85)
Lee R. Denny (H-33)
David Derby (H-74)
George Faught (H-14)
Corey Holland (H-51)
Charlie Joyner (H-95)
Sally Kern (H-84)
Charles Key (H-90)
Randy McDaniel (H-83)
Jason W. Murphey (H-31)
Charles Ortega (H-52)
Leslie Osborn (H-47)
Mike Reynolds (H-91)
Mike Ritze (H-80)
Dustin Roberts (H-21)
Sean Roberts (H-36)
Mike Sanders (H-59)
Earl Sears (H-11)
Colby Schwartz (H-43)
Randy Terrill (H-53)
Sue Tibbs (H-23)
John Trebilcock (H-98)
Paul Wesselhoft (H-54)

OREGON 4 Senators of 30
Jason Atkinson (S-2)
Brian Boquist (S-12)
Larry George (S-13)
Jeff Kruse (S-1)
5 House members of 60
Kevin Cameron (H-19)
Tim Freeman (H-2)
Mark Johnson (H-52)
Shawn Lindsay (H-30)
Matt Wingard (H-26)

4 Senators of 50
Lisa Boscola (S-18)
John H. Eichelberger (S-30)
Mike Folmer (S-48)
Jane Orie (S-40)
30 House members of 203
Stephen Barrar (H-160)
Kerry Benninghoff (H-171)  Stephen Bloom (H-199)
Scott W. Boyd (H-43)
Jim Cox (H-129)
Thomas C. Creighton (H-37)
George Dunbar (H-56)
Brian Ellis (H-11)
Joe Emrick (H-137)
Camille George (H-74)
Mark M. Gillen (H-128)
Ted Harhai (H-58)
Susan C. Helm (H-104)
Rob Kauffman (H-89)
Fred Keller (H-85)
Tim Krieger (H-57)
David M. Maloney (H-130)
Jim Marshall (H-14)
Daryl Metcalfe (H-12)
Gerald J. Mullery (H-119)
Scott Perry (H-92)
Joseph A. Petrarca (H-55)
Jeff Pyle (H-60)
Dave Reed (H-62)
Brad Roae (H-6)
Todd A. Rock (H-90)
Mario M. Scavello (H-176)
Justin Simmons (H-131)
RoseMarie Swanger (H-102)
Katherine McDowell Watson (H-

RHODE ISLAND 6 Senators of 38
Francis Maher, Jr. (S-34)
Michael Pinga (S-9)
Beatrice A. Lanzi (S-26)
Beth Moura (S-19)
Dr. Christopher Ottiano (S-11)
Glen Shibley (S-33)
2 House members of 75
Michael Chippendale (H-40)
Joseph Trillo (H-24)

Lt. Gov. Ken Ard
14 Senators of 46
Kevin L. Bryant (S-3)
John Courson (S-20)
Dick Elliott (S-28)
Michael Fair (S-6)
Larry Grooms (S-37)
Jake Knotts (S-23)
Shane Martin (S-13)
John Yancey McGill (S-32)
Harvey Peeler (S-14)
Greg Ryberg (S-24)
Nikki G. Setzler (S-26)
Phil Shoopman (S-5)
David Thomas (S-8)
Daniel B. Verdin (S-9)
30 House members of 124
Rita Allison (H-36)
Jimmy Bales (H-80)
Bruce Bannister (H-24)
Eric M. Bedingfield (H-28)
Eric Bikas (H-26)
Kenneth A. Bingham (H-89)
Don C. Bowen (H-8)
Bill Bowers (H-120)
Joan Brady (H-78)
Dan Cooper (H-10)
Tracy Edge (H-104)
Marion Frye (H-39)
Chip Huggins (H-85)
Dwight Loftis (H-19)
Jay Lucas (H-65)
Peter McCoy (H-115)
James H. Merrill (H-99)
Chris Murphy (H-98)
Steve Parker (H-37)
Andrew Patrick (H-123)
Rick Quinn (H-69)
Kevin Ryan (H-108)
William E. Sandifer, III (H-2)
Gary Simrill (H-46)
Garry R. Smith (H-27)
J. Roland Smith (H-84)
Murrell Smith (H-67)
William Taylor (H-86)
Thad Viers (H-68)
Brian White (H-6)

SOUTH DAKOTA 2 Senators of 35
Deb Peters (S-9)
Dan Lederman (S-16)
5 House members of 70
Steve Hickey (H-9)
Patty Miller (H-16)
Stacey Nelson (H-25)
Betty Olson (H-28B)
Dean Schremp (H-28A)

TENNESSEE 5 Senators of 33
Mae Beavers (S-17)
Jack Johnson (S-23)
Bill Ketron (S-13)
Randy McNally (S-5)
Steve Southerland (S-1)
30  House members of 99
Harry Brooks (H-19)
Kevin Brooks (H-24)
Glen Casada (H-63)
Bill Dunn (H-16)
Joshua Evans (H-66)
Jeremy Faison (H-11)
Dale Ford (H-6)
Steve Hall (H-18)
Beth Harwell (H-56)
Ryan Haynes (H-14)
Joey Hensley (H-70)
Matthew Hill (H-7)
Julia C. Hurley (H-32)
Curtis Johnson (H-68)
Phillip Johnson (H-78)
Kelly T. Keisling (H-38)
Jon Lundberg (H-1)
Debra Young Maggart (H-45)
Steve K. McDaniel (H-72)
Steve McManus (H-96)
Frank S. Niceley (H-17)
Dennis Powers (H-36)
Barrett Rich (H-94)
Charles Sargent, Jr. (H-61)
Tony Shipley (H-2)
Michael Turner (H-51)
Eric Watson (H-22)
Terry Weaver (H-40)
Kent Williams (H-4)
Rick Womick (H-34)

TEXAS Gov. Rick Perry
6 Senators of 31
Brian Birdwell (S-22)
Chris Harris (S-9)
Joan Huffman (S-17)
Robert Nichols (S-3)
Dan Patrick (S-7)
Tommy Williams (S-4)
66 House members of 150
Jose Aliseda (H-35)
Alma Allen (H-131)
Doc Anderson (H-56)
Rodney Anderson (H-106)
Marva Beck (H-57)
Leo Berman (H-6)
Dwayne Bohac (H-138)
Fred Brown (H-14)
Linda Harper Brown (H-105)
Angie Chen Button (H-112)
Cindy Burkett (H-101)
Erwin Cain (H-3)
Bill Callegari (H-132)
Stefani Carter (H-102)
Wayne Christian (H-9)
Tom Craddick (H-82)
Brandon Creighton (H-16)
Myra Crownover (H-64)
Sarah Davis (H-134)
Joe Driver (H-113) Gary Elkins (H-135)
Allen Fletcher (H-130)
Dan Flynn (H-2)
John Frullo (H-84)
John Garza (H-117)
Larry Gonzales (H-52)
Kelly Hancock (H-91)
Patricia Harless (H-126)
Harvey Hilderbran (H-53)
Charlie Howard (H-26)
Dan Huberty (H-127)
Bryan Hughes (H-5)
Todd Hunter (H-32)
Jason Isaac (H-45)
Jim Keffer (H-60)
Phil King (H-61)
Tim Kleinschmidt (H-17)
John Kuempel (H-44)
Jim Landtroop (H-85)
Lyle Larson (H-122)
Jodie Laubenberg (H-89)
George Lavender (H-1)
Ken Legler (H-144)
Jerry Madden (H-67)
Dee Margo (H-78)
Geanie Morrison (H-30)
Jim Murphy (H-133)
Barbara Nash (H-93)
Ken Paxton (H-70)
Tan Parker (H-63)
Charles Perry (H-83)
Four Price (H-87)
Debbie Riddle (H-150)
Connie Scott (H-34)
Charles J. Schwertner (H-20)
Kenneth Sheets (H-107)
Mark Shelton (H-97)
John Smithee (H-86)
Larry Taylor (H-24)
Van Taylor (H-66)
Raul Torres (H-33)
Randy Weber (H-29)
James White (H-12)
Paul Workman (H-47)
John Zerwas (H-28)
Bill Zedler (H-96)

UTAH 6 Senators of 29
Curtis S. Bramble (S-16)
David Hinkins (S-27)
Dan Liljenquist (S-23)
Mark Madsen (S-13)
Wayne Niederhauser (S-9)
Howard Stephenson (S-11)
9 House members of 75
John Dougall (H-27)
Gage Froerer (H-8)
Gregory Hughes (H-51)
Mike Morley (H-66)
Mike Noel (H-73)
Curtis Oda (H-14)
Patrick Painter (H-67)
Stephen Eric Sandstrom (H-58)
Carl Wimmer (H-52)

VERMONT 9 House members of 150
Carolyn Whitney Branagan (Franklin-1)
Robert Helm (Rutl.-2)
Duncan F. Kilmartin (Orl.-2)
Leigh Larocque (Caled.-1)
Mary Morrissey (Benn. 2-2)
Andy Donaghy (Rutland 1-1)
Mike Hebert (Windham 1)
Gary Reis (Caledonia 3)
Vicki Strong (H-1)

VIRGINIA Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling
Atty. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli
8 Senators of 40
Stephen H. Martin (S-11)
Steve Newman (S-23)
Mark Obenshain (S-26)
W. Roscoe Reynolds (S-20)
Frank M. Ruff (S-15)
Ralph K. Smith (S-22)
Bill Stanley (S-19)
Jill Holtzman Vogel (S-27)
21 House members of 100
David Albo (H-42)
Robert Bell (H-58)
Kathy Byron (H-22)
Bill Cleaveland (H-17)
Ben Cline (H-24)
Mark Cole (H-88)
Barbara Comstock (H-34)
Kirk Cox (H-66)
Thomas Gear (H-91)
C. Todd Gilbert (H-15)
Greg Habeeb (H-8)
Tim Hugo (H-40)
Bill Janis (H-56)
Steve Landes (H-25)
Scott Lingamfelter (H-31)
Robert G. Marshall (H-13)
Harvey B. Morgan (H-98)
Chris Peace (H-97)
R. Lee Ware, Jr. (H-65)
Tony Wilt (H-26)
Tommy Wright (H-61)

WASHINGTON 4 Senators of 49
Jeff Baxter (S-4)
Bob McCaslin (S-4)
Val Stevens (S-39)
Joe Zarelli (S-18)
13 House members of 98
John E. Ahern (H-6, P-2)
Mike Armstrong (H-12, P-2)
Cary Condotta (H-12, P-1)
Larry Crouse (H-4, P-1)
Mark Hargrove (H-47, P-1)
Bill Hinkle (H-13, P-2)
Brad Klippert (H-8, P-1)
Joel Kretz (H-7, P-2)
Jim McCune (H-2, P-1)
Ed Orcutt (H-18, P-2)
Jason Overstreet (H-42, P-1)
Charles Ross (H-14, P-2)
Matthew Shea (H-4, P-2)

WEST VIRGINIA 3 Senators of 34
Clark Barnes (S-15)
Craig Blair (S-16)
Cindy Frich (S-13)
16 House members of 100
Tim Armstead (H-32)
Larry Border (H-9)
Mitch B. Carmichael (H-12)
Marty Gearheart (H-24)
Daniel Hall (H-22)
Eric Householder (H-56)
Gary Howell (H-49)
Larry D. Kump (H-52)
Jonathan Miller (H-53)
John Overington (H-55)
Rupert Phillips (H-19)
Ruth Rowan (H-50)
Doug Skaff (H-30)
Kelli Sobonya (H-16)
Linda Sumner (H-27)
Ronald N. Walters (H-32)

WISCONSIN Gov. Scott Walker
6 Senators of 33
Pamela Galloway (S-29)
Frank Lasee (S-1)
Joe Leibham (S-9)
Mary Lazich (S-28)
Leah Vukmir (S-5)
Rich Zipperer (S-33)
18 House members of 99
Tyler August (H-32)
Garey Bies (H-1)
Scott Gunderson (H-83)
Mark Honadel (H-21)  Andrew Jacque (H-2)
Joel Kleefisch (H-38)
Dale P. Kooyenga (H-14)
Bill Kramer (H-97)
Scott Krug (H-72)
Jim Ott (H-23)
Don Pridemore (H-99)
Roger L. Rivard (H-75)
Scott Suder (H-69)
Jeremy Thiesfeldt (H-52)
Tom Tiffany (H-35)
Robin J. Vos (H-63)
Evan B Wynn (H-43)
Robert Ziegelbauer (H-25)

WYOMING Treas. Joe Meyer
2 Senators of 30
John Hastert (S-13)
Curt Meier (S-3)
4 House members of 60
Robert Brechtel (H-38)
Pete Illoway (H-42)
Kendell Kroeker (H-35)
Bryan Pedersen (H-7


Most of the information you will see comes from some Federal/state Government documents or Federal/State Governm Agency. -----------------------------------------------The fellow that can only see a week ahead is always the popular fellow, for he is looking with the crowd. But the one that can see years ahead, he has a telescope but he can't make anybody believe that he has it. ~~~~Will Rogers __The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.~ Albert Einstein ~"I never work better than when I am inspired by anger; for when I am angry, I can write, pray, and preach well, for then my whole temperament is quickened, my understandingsharpen​ed, and all mundane vexations and temptations depart.” ~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. _________________________________________________________________________________________ ~"The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and respectable Stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all Nations and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment".~___________________________________ George Washington, Address to the Members of the Volunteer Association of Ireland, December 2, 1783 Fredericacade@gmail.com


40 thoughts on “List of Your States Signers signed to Grover Norquist, Controversial Americans For Tax Reform Pledge

  1. thanks for the list of traitors,hope to see an updated one somewhere soon….will post as often as i can for anyone who cares about who has infiltrated the offices of government,rejected their oath to the American people and commit treason against them

    Posted by mikey | February 1, 2013, 12:01 am
  2. Please remove my name from the list of those elected officials from Hawaii who signed the Norquist pledge. i was asked to sign up and declined. I also will be contacting the Norquist headquarters and asking them to correct the Hawaii list.
    Rep. Cynthia Thielen

    Posted by Rep. Cynthia Thielen | November 22, 2011, 1:46 pm
  3. No wonder they’re stonewalling on the hill. All those who signed loyalty to Norquist have turned their back on the Americans. Thank god my representives did not sign the bogus pledge. I don’t remember ever telling Mr. Norquist that he spoke for me. Everything I’ve read lately points to the fact that Norquist is on the side of the very rich and those who don’t need to work… the 1%ers.

    Shame on all of those who signed. Stop holding this country hostage and get off your asses and come up with a workable solution!! That’s what you get paid to do… DO YOUR JOBS!

    Posted by Cloque | November 3, 2011, 4:01 pm
    • Amen Brother! My feeling exactly!

      Norquist has our representatives by the Balls and they could care less for the 99% of Americans.

      Posted by Roy | January 3, 2012, 6:40 pm
  4. I’ve been studying architecture for over 30 years. It is safe to say that this building is the most aspiring one on the planet. Visit it once and you will agree with me!

    Posted by ESPN | October 16, 2011, 11:36 pm
  5. thankfully. none of my reps signed the pledge.

    Posted by Karim Walker (@honorablelordk) | September 19, 2011, 7:46 pm
    • That list has been updated so you may want to look again.

      Posted by FREDERICA CADE | September 20, 2011, 3:08 pm
    • Wish I could say the same. Texas is overrun with these mindless politicians. They forget that they are foremost pledged to uphold the constitution AND to represent their constitutients – NOT one greedy man who misused funds from the Indian tribes!!!

      Posted by Dolores Guinn | October 26, 2011, 8:06 am
  6. Glad to see no names from NY as signers…

    Posted by dmack89 | September 19, 2011, 5:25 pm
  7. Is it possible to have an updated list of members of congress who have signed Grover Norquist’s tax pledge? Thanks!

    Posted by Donna | September 2, 2011, 7:17 am
  8. I believe it is unconstitutional for our elected legislators to make a pledge to this organization, which has no legitimacy in our government. No one has elected Grover Norquist to run America’s economic policy. This private, non-government entity has as it mission to secure their votes to undermine the economy of the United States. Our legislators should only be taking their approved oaths of office, and no other.

    Posted by Lisa Majersky | August 6, 2011, 8:47 am
  9. Mary Kremer is not a State Senator in Oregon. She won the Republican primary, lost in the general election.

    Posted by Susan Hagmeier | August 5, 2011, 12:35 pm
    • Grover was also signing all those who were running for primaries as well, and Republicans to prove themselves they would sign those Pledges. So you may have potential candidates who signed before primaries. You also have some that signed after their primaries, and even after winning their elections those that did not sign are signing on to Norquists Pledge.

      You have people from Governors, mayors, coucil people to you federal elective officials signed to different pledge lists.

      Posted by FREDERICA CADE | August 5, 2011, 7:45 pm

    Posted by Elizabeth Zawadsky Sterling Cole | July 22, 2011, 11:01 am
  11. Great blog! I definitely love how it’s easy on my eyes and also the information are well written. I am wondering how I may be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which ought to do the trick! Have a nice day!

    Posted by fiola | November 24, 2010, 4:59 am


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