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South Carolina Charter schools below level, and Gov. Nikki Haley  increases Charter School funding, while cutting School District Funding

  While Governor Nikki Haley increases funds to Charter Schools; she cuts funding to School districts. In-spite of yesterday’s rally for school choice at South Carolina’s State House, charter schools are consider At-Risk and Governor Nikki Haley will continue to throw money at these schools. Its quite common that an early age children excel early … Continue reading

Consecutive Years show overall South Carolina Charter Schools are At-Risk, but Nikki Haley proposes more funding because she think African-American and Hispanic students will do better in them (She wants to get rid of successful gifted program in public schools)

As mentioned in previous blog Governor Nikki Haley is getting rid of a gifted program that is a part of public schools that has proved to be a success for all ethnic groups. Let me stress real because a ‘real’ public school is not a charter school. Charter schools supporters just call themselves public schools … Continue reading

During 2010 Renaissance Big Public Schools Closings, African-American Students were moved from Better Performing Schools into Lower performance Schools, and into an area run by 11 Different Gangs

Not only did officials move African-American Students from better performing public schools to lower performing schools, they moved them into the Latin King’s Territory. This is a blog is gathering more reports from Chicago communities who have been fighting the issues concerning Chicago communities. Recently Chicago official have plans to close 50 public schools. Parents … Continue reading

The Research and list of Articles that also Believe Chicago Gang Violence is Tied to Creation of Charter Schools and closing of Chicago Public Schools, Crossing Gang lines

Prior to this significant push for Chicago’s charter schools more than one data reports showing for consecutive years there was a drop in gang violence.
Charter schools the new shiny trinket with programs to boot, public schools, broke, busted, with plenty of programs to cut. Isn’t it possible that charter schools created what was likely jealousy and animosity among gang members, while also combining Chicago public students from other communities into one schools has put them in harms way of gang lines. They are both targets.

Something you don’t hear how about: some charter schools students have been constantly targeted and guns being brandishing about in their presence.

I can’t help but wonder to the phrase ‘NO Child Left Behind’, how many students joined gangs because they saw what was more favor given to charter schools over those in attendance to public schools. It really does seem that the Chicago Public Schools were abandoned among a growing problem that came about from the decisions of closing Chicago Public Schools in the favor of charter schools, and students of different communities into crossing gang lines of other communities.

Then again that child doesn’t have to be relate to anyone in particular. They are all at risk

Continue reading

Jim DeMint’s Heritage Foundation Got Caught, But this isn’t the First, Heritage Foundation Leaders have a history that Associated Race with IQ

Ronals Reagan had no problem thanking a man who belief race determine IQ. Before there was J. Philippe Rushton there was Roger Pearson. Like Rushton Pearson had a very important role at the Heritage foundation and beyond. So it doesn’t come surprise that the the Heritage Foundation puts out a report concerning immigration by someone … Continue reading

Is the Chicago Violence towards Young People really a Backlash against Education Reform Concerning Charter Schools Made in Chicago around Years such as 1999 (Retitled)

Was it too much? Do reports concerning Chicago students and decisions made around 1999 have more impact than anyone may have realized? Unlike the news we hear concerning Chicago today in 1998 there were reports of significant drop in unemployment, gang violence, and gun violence. In 1999 there would be even more reports that show gang violence was decreasing. What some consider as education reform has really been the fuel that has put so many students in harm’s way. As this type of education reform increases, so does the anger. Updated March 30, 2012 I have included information from 2011 that shows this growing gang anger can be directed back to education reform decisions made around such years as 1999. Continue reading

Do Early Reports and Decision Making Concerning Chicago Students around such Years As 1999 Show the Innocent were Put in Harm’s Way

Was it too much? Do reports concerning Chicago students and decisions made around 1999 have more impact than anyone may have realized? Unlike the news we hear concerning Chicago today in 1998 there were reports of significant drop in unemployment, gang violence, and gun violence. In 1999 there would be even more reports that gang … Continue reading

A Great Number of the South Carolina Charter Schools Ever Created are Now Closed, and Still Republican Leaders Want to Create More

Charter schools are funded with public school money, and in 2012 South Carolina opened three new charter schools:  Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five Charter High School for Health Professions (2012); Anderson Five Charter School (2012); Palmetto Academy of MotorSports (PALM) (2012); while so far in 2013 Mary L. Dinkins Charter School has been closed. Current … Continue reading

Wasted money, 2012 Data, For Every New Georgia Charter School that was Created, a Prior Charter Schools were either closed or Switch to Public Schools that Year

Money don’t grow on trees, but apparently in Georgia and states around the country that message hasn’t struck home yet, because we keep creating charter schools. Our public schools are being eroded, while funding these schools, and yet Republicans continue on with this charter school movement. In other words the Charter Schools did not meet … Continue reading

Real Audio Reveals Charter Schools are only interested in taking the Top Students and Revealing Data show they are not Interested Special Education, and still Public Schools do Better

The numbers of Charter schools are steady increasing, and while those numbers increase so is the amount of money being subtracted from public schools. There is the rush to get on a board with something that research reveals that charter schools are not worth the money, the time and effort that so many Republicans are … Continue reading

The Slap, the Public and Public Schools pays for Charter Schools Teacher’s Pension and the Charter Schools, while Public School Teachers Get Laid Off, and a Video of Charter Schools Teachers saying they Don’t have to Worrying About Being Laid Off

Republican agenda get rid of public schools. The slap, when the public schools suffer already from a lack of funding, we can’t afford to keep teachers in the class room, and school programs face cuts. All the public school parents and public school teachers year after year help subsidized the cost of our school supplies. … Continue reading

Charter Schools the silent Killer to Teacher’s Unions, Their Coordinated efforts to Silence Teacher Unions

Indeed there is for some a history and a presence that charter schools are a means to segregation and creating charter schools as a final means to get rid of public schools; let me give another reason for Charter schools. These Charter schools are being used to end the teacher unions. Charter school proponent suggest … Continue reading

History Look Back of Republican Move to Private School, the Private School Vouchers, and Charter School Reveal Well Known Members of Conservative ThinkTank, with one Once thanked by Reagan funded Racist Organization, Pioneer Fund, Known for Eugenics, talks with the Nazis, and Promoting a Move to Funding more Private Schools after Desegregation

Wickliffe Preston Draper creator of the Pioneer Fund actually visited the Third Reich and had a very involved history back and forth with the Nazis. Promoting the betterment in education of White-Americans versus African-Americans was at the heart of everything he did. Desegregation would not slow down his efforts in keeping white children and blacks children learning together, it only spurred him into further efforts in keeping the two races separate. The Republican Party, Conservative, or GOP party, and Libertarians have no issue with associating with those associated with this group, from President on down. Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Former Charter Schools Treasurer, Carl W. Shye Jr. Charged with Embezzling Federal Funds

U.S. Attorney’s Office May 17, 2012 Southern District of Ohio (937) 225-2910 Former Charter Schools Treasurer Charged with Embezzling Federal Funds COLUMBUS—Carl W. Shye Jr., 57, of New Albany, Ohio, was charged with embezzling more than $470,000 in federal funds between 2005 and 2011 while serving as treasurer for a number of community schools in … Continue reading

Hypocrisy, Republican Leaders don’t Mind Charter Schools Sponsored by Universities, Colleges, and Corporations getting Federal Grants and While Profiting from them, but will Raise the Interest Rate on Student Loan and will cut Pell Grant Funding

Republicans are making funding ready and lifting caps all for the profit, but you the student nothing . Year after year universities or colloges receive grant, but you the student or the parent with a child attending or seeking more schooling after High school  maybe faced with where do you find the money to attend … Continue reading

Originally posted on Frederica Cade's Blog:
On checking up on an update on a IRS proposal to remove the access of state pensions funds from Charter Schools, because the IRS does not consider them private schools. I decided to research if possible public schools paid taxes. I know the public already paid these taxes…

What a Lot of People Don’t Realize in at Least Five States Public Schools Pay Taxes, In South Carolina Not only do Public Schools Pay Certain Taxes that SC Charter Schools Don’t, through Exemptions and Conflicting Laws SC Charter Schools Paying Taxes Would be Rare

On checking up on an update on a IRS proposal to remove the access of state pensions funds from Charter Schools, because the IRS does not consider them private schools. I decided to research if possible public schools paid taxes. I know the public already paid these taxes so you would think, no. Well for … Continue reading

For Every Performance Score Charter Schools Make, those Numbers Should be Dropped even Lower, when You Figure out the Real Story on How they got those Numbers (What They Don’t Want You to Know)

In the U.S. you may hear conversations or discussions of how students of other countries are more educated. Well would it surprise you that in New York wealthy that wealth foreign born parents moving to this country are choosing public schools over charter and private schools. Our public schools are certainly not perfect, but then … Continue reading

No, Charter Schools should not Get States Employees Retirement Plans, They aren’t Public Schools, Non and for Profit have a Growing Numbers of Misappropriation of Funds, and all the Profits they are Making (Pending New Changes in IRS for Charter Schools)

Charter schools supporters should have to write 500 times on the school black board “I am not a Public School that is just something I tell people to get public school funding.

No oversight could maybe mean they can contract business to themselves, friends and family members.

Before you know it all the friends and relations could have well paying jobs. Since charter schools are something the Republicans are pushing, when other people claim they can’t find work and need the government to extend unemployment benefits or state employees are facing cuts I guess Charter Schools can respond and say “They don’t take Government Hand outs.” Continue reading

Charter Schools Supporters in the News 2012, They Want Even more Money from Public Schools (You know the same Charter/Private School Supporters who Dislike Taxes)

First of all Charter Schools are already funded through Public Education funds, but in more than one state while are Public Schools are steady being faced with cuts smaller budgets, teacher layoffs, program cuts, not enough books Charter schools are seeking more money from public schools. You could also say the headlines would read like … Continue reading

Mick Zais and Nikki Haley’s Waiver to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, seems to lower South Carolina Public School Standards, so Money can be Kept and Given to Charter Schools, Deadline February 21, 2012

It does not matter the accomplishments that have or been made in South Carolina Public Schools, Mick Zais, Nikki Haley, charter school and school voucher supporters don’t want to hear it, since they have other plans of their own. They are not rooting for public schools, because they dislike public schools. To Zais and his supporters, they have found a new means to give more money to charter schools and they plan on keeping that money as a part of their Educational Transformation Plans.

“The whole current system of No Child Left Behind is confusing to the public, its misleading to the parents and frankly its demoralizing to the hardworking professionals who are working so hard in out schools every day to help our children,” Zais said.
“Traditional proposals for improving education — more money, better facilities, improved curriculum and smaller classes — will not work. We’ve tried that. We’ve tried that for 40 years,” said Zais.

In 2011 Zais was concerned that the this big Republican state of South Carolina teachers were too liberal and that our school text books were too liberal. He was following the big Republican state of Texas who actually did re-wrote their books for the 2011-2012 school year because they thought their books were too liberal.

“We want to stress and emphasize at the stakeholder meetings that we are not trying to opt out of the No Child Left Behind program,” Bosket said. “We will not lose and federal funds by receiving these waivers. What we will gain is more flexibility to better serve our students. We want to stress that this process will not have a negative impact.”
Bosket said the waivers would eliminate the “all or nothing” component that is presently part of the No Child Left Behind law

What’s this is someone trying to Dumb Down our school system rather than bring up the level of education on South Carolina schools?
Sounds like it.
What this Stakeholders? Is someone trying to fund more Charter Schools. Public Schools are funded by you the tax payers and we arent referred to as stakeholders. Charter schools are funded with public school money. The full name of the program the waiver is in response to is never mention in this eight page waiver. It just gives the initials, and of course you know that’s what they gave to to the public to read.

Stakeholder may refer to:
Stakeholder (corporate), a person, group, organization, or system who affects or can be affected by an organization’s actions
Consumer stakeholder, a person or group with an interest in a business or organization; Project stakeholder, a person, group or organization with an interest in a project; Stakeholder theory, a theory that identifies and models the groups which are stakeholders of a corporation or project
Stakeholder analysis, the process of identifying those affected by a project or event; Stakeholder (law), a third party who temporarily holds money or property while its owner is still being determined

While some individuals may create charter schools, 

Many Charter Schools are created and run by or involve Corporations, who still seek public school funding to create and run them.

In the waiver the Office of School Transformation is mention as the office that will be handling things.

The Office of School Transformation is supposed to be responsible for creating a new model that involves transformation of schools through supported efforts like Charter Schools and alternative Education , etc. So otherwords there stands a chance they are attempting to create more Charter Schools and provide them with more funding….. Continue reading

Corporations Creating Charter Schools with Public School Money to Train Students To work for them in Manufacture Jobs, and No These Students Don’t Live in Beverly Hills

We have vocational schools and technical colleges, and prior to them in some high schools we do have programs that train students in certain fields from nursing, to mechanincs, to brick masing already. The differene here schools are trying to educate and corporations are trying to make a profit from America’s children. There is nothing … Continue reading

Charters Schools Closing, Public School Money Lost

On your Tax payer money Charter Schools that have been created and are still being creating have shut down. Last reported with over 5000 charter schools in the United States 12.5 % have closed. In two weeks the state of Missouri just had two charter schools closing. Charter schools in reality don’t address how to … Continue reading

Rick Perry’s Texas Today, Cut to Public School Causes 900 teachers to Lose Their Jobs, but Eight New Charter Schools Approved, and Republicans Still Seeking Money for Vouchers

Many are saying that Rick Perry could have waited before he got in the Republican Presidential Nomination race well he should have remember all those jobs loss in August and shouldn’t have gotten in the race at all since it seems his strategy is to brag on the jobs he created. In August the state … Continue reading

Public Schools Funding Cuts, Teachers out of Work, While Charter Schools Are Expanding on Tax Payer’s Money

we are in PlanetUSA.us united states’s directory Reblogged May 28, 2011 According to the National Center for Education Statistics, from 2008-09, there was a 340,000 increase in students attending public charter school. Charter schools are considered a nontraditional (alternative) education. First let me just say I think Charter schools are just another private school not … Continue reading

Are Charter Schools the New Private School and the New Form of Segregation?

we are in PlanetUSA.us united states’s directory It would seem some of your big supporters of Charter Schools belong to some organization or knew of someone who share that part of history and point of view that accepted segregation as the Law of the land. I find it amazing that people don’t call Charters schools … Continue reading

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