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June 2016, Donald Trump Son-in-Law Jared Kushner company Cadre invested in Russia’s state-owned Sberbank ADR

While the Democratic National Party of April 2016 contacted the FBI because their system had been hacked; in April 2016 Jared Kushner, Cadre on the other hand joined  a Partnership which by June 2016 would invest in an ADR created by Russia’s state-owned Bank, Sberbank. The company Cadre, is a real-estate tech company that was … Continue reading

Federal Judge decided Donald Trump rape lawsuit of a 13 year-old had enough evidence for a court hearing

The things we should not overlook about this election. I’ve included two artiles and two videos concerning this article. In a few weeks Donald J. Trump will be going to court for raping a thirteen year-old. The following article was written by Robert Sobel http://us.blastingnews.com/news/2016/10/donald-trump-rape-lawsuit-ordered-to-move-forward-by-federal-judge-details-released-001168479.html Robert Sobel Published on: 7 October 2016 ROBERT SOBEL – … Continue reading

Reminder WATCH: Donald Trump mistakes his Black Supporter for Protester and throws him out of his rally and calls him THUG

Reminder WATCH: Donald Trump mistakes his Black Supporter for Protester and throws him out of his rally and calls him THUG The things we sh0uld not forget about this election. The following is a Salon Article and Video written and posted by SOPHIA TESFAYE http://www.salon.com/2016/10/28/watch-black-donald-trump-supporter-mistaken-for-protestor-gets-escorted-out-of-rally-and-called-a-thug-by-trump/ Black Donald Trump supporter, mistaken for protestor, gets escorted out of … Continue reading

This Donald Trump Supporter ask me if I’m guilty of Destroying Businesses like ‘Some of My Race’, should I be Punished; and they could brand me a Terrorist

The audacity. With a Donald Trump Presidency, white supremacist feel more open to express their hate.  Previous blog: No code words, Unmask Donald Trump Supporter calls me the N-word on Twitter

No code words, Unmask Donald Trump Supporter calls me the N-word on Twitter

No codes here, unlike the recent published article on Donald Trump’s white supremacist supporters using code words to disguise racist words, this Trump supporter who claims ‘Make America Great Again’ was pleased in directing his racism towards him. Before the racist tweet from Devil Dog even took place; another Donald Trump supporter called me the B-word. … Continue reading

Donald Trump tried to Repeal Florida Building Codes to Prevent and Protect People thrown into Glass during Hurricane Velocities

According to WeatherUnderground reviewing Hurricane data going back to 1851, 2008’s Hurricane season is ranked nine for the most number of storms, so it should come as no surprise if Florida building codes include standards to deal with Hurricanes wind. What’s surprising is that Donald Trump tried to such building codes. Top 10 Most Active … Continue reading

2015 Nevada Government records show the value of Donald Trump Las Vegas Hotel, which cost $1.2 Billion to build has a property value of only $8 million

Besides several past bankruptcies, more evidence that Donald J. Trump is not the great business person he claims to be. In 2015 Nevada government records show that Donald Trump property value in Nevada was reduced by several times its prior value. Trump Ruffin opened in March 31, 2008. Eight years later the value has severely … Continue reading

Amazing Video Michelle Obama goes after Donald Trump and His assaults on Women

If you don’t watch anything else today, I recommend watching video of First Lady Michelle Obama in Manchester, New Hampshire on October 13, 2016.

Part 2, Several Direct Payments from Donald Trump campaign to South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis who illegally used State Website to Campaign for Trump and attack Hillary Clinton

***Update located several more thousands given to the Donald Trump campaign to South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis. *** If South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis, blocked me on Twitter when I wrote previous blog, we can only imagine the reaction if he saw my new blog. Previous blog titledd: “Violation – South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis using state-run website to campaign for Donald Trump, attack Hillary Clinton campaign, attack S.C Lawmakers and influence Election Continue reading

Violation – South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis using state run website to campaign for Donald Trump, attack Hillary Clinton campaign, attack S.C Lawmakers and influence Election Ballot Issues

  South Carolina statutes do not allow the state to use of government property to campaign for candidates and to influence ballot issues but South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis has been in violations of those laws. S.C. Treasurer engaging in illegal campaigning on a state run and own website means he is also engaging state employees … Continue reading

In a Florida Government Inspections, records show two Donald Trump Hotels overcharging Customers/Guest

The lie that Donald Trump will put more money in your pocket. According to Florida government records, with out your notice Donald Trump is stealing money out of your pockets with out you noticing it. When it comes to Trump the only person pocketing the money, is Trump. Unlike poor running elevator or flammable being … Continue reading

According to Florida government records Donald Trump resort listed Delinquent in Paying its Business Alcohol License

Signs another Trump company may not be doing well. It was only July 2016, the state of Florida listed, Trump International Beach Resort as a delinquent business for not paying its alcohol license. Trump is not going to tell you, if you’re not paying your alcohol license, you’re putting at risk the jobs of employees, … Continue reading

Donald Trump broke FEC rules, with his endless supply of Federal Government Contracts and Bidding, Trump is prohibited from donating to Federal Campaigns

  Regulations still stands, that all federal contractors are prohibited from making federal campaign donations. While you won’t find many charitable contributions from Donald Trump you’ll likely find over million dollars in federal campaign donations. Federal contractor can donate to state and local elections, but federal elections are prohibited. Just in New Jersey, 50 federal … Continue reading

Federal Government prohibited political activity – Donald Trump is using Federal Property he’s supposed to be renovating to make International bets on who will win the Presidency for 2017 Inauguration suites

In July 29 2014 Michael Gelber, the Deputy Commissioner, Public Building Service, General Services Administration (GSA) announced before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Subcommittee on Border and Government Operations announced they had reached an agreement with the Trump Organization involving renovating a 114 year old Post Office. The Trump Organization was selected … Continue reading

Donald Trump got many lucrative Federal No-bid Contracts for the ridiculous from LoBiondo’s Congressional District, coincidence after several donations to U.S. Rep. LoBiondo

In 2011 Forbes magazine listed New Jersey Congressman Frank LoBiondo as Donald J. Trumps favorite campaign to donate too over the years. U.S. Representative Frank LoBondo sits on several committees and one of those committees include the House’s Armed Service Committee which provides funding for Department of Defense Grants. Below you will see several No-Bid … Continue reading

Tonight, Wilbur Ross, Senior Policy Advisor to Donald Trump found Guilty for cheating Investors out of $10 millions

Featured on major networks, a Donald J. Trump’s senior policy advisor has called Hillary Clinton as clueless, and yet for one decade he has cheated his very own investors out of millions. Indeed clue us in. On August 16,  CNBC did an interview and feautured an article on Trump advisor calling Hillary Clinton Clueless. Article: … Continue reading

Florida courts rule against Donald Trump attempt to block Palm Beach County’s Water and Environmental Improvement Project

The year was 2008 and the only environmental project Donald Trump supported was a 2008 superficial branding project at a state park he was getting paid to developed. A New York official called the project not prudent. Trump: “I know detractors will be pleasantly surprised when they see how well integrated the design will be with the environment and the park.” In the mean time also in 2008 Donald Trump would sue in a Florida Courts to block a county project that include improving water quality and other benefits to the environment. Continue reading

Before Green Party Jill Stein ran against President Obama or Hillary Clinton, Her prior Campaign was $37,343.50 in Debt; and She had $77,299.11 not with in Massachusetts Unitemized Contributions Guidelines Part II

The following is a continuation in Jill Stein’s carelessness with campaign funds. The Real test for any politician starts with how you run your campaign. Before Jill Stein even ran against President Obama in 2012, Massachusetts records shows someone that was careless with her campaign funds. From 2002 to 2010 Jill Stein has had a … Continue reading

Hypocrisy, Nina Turner voted YES to repeal limiting Credit Card Interest Rates

In 2009 Democrats in the U.S. Senate and the House pushed to limit Credit Card Interest Rates, but its in 2012 Nina Turner joined with Republicans to do the opposite. As Nina Turner wraps herself in the Bernie or Bust or movement, she covers-up the truth. Nina Turner’s actions are contrary to Bernie Sanders and … Continue reading

Dr. Cornel West is sponsored by major TPP supporter, IBM; major Fracker, Progress Energy (Duke Energy); McDonald (Minimum wage fight); etc, etc. in-spite his stance against Hillary Clinton, Democrats and the DNC Platform

Dr. Cornel West talks a lot about Democrats rolling over for corporations like Gas and energy and the TPP.  What he leaves out in this discussion is the the fact his sponsors include those very same polluting Gas and Energy Companies involved in fracking and being corporate supporters of TPP.  Several sponsors of Dr. West school, Cornel … Continue reading

In her run against President Obama, Green Party Jill Stein Fined several times in 2015 for mismanagement of her $1 million campaign Part I

In 2012 Jill Stein ran against President Obama. While President Obama was turning around the U.S. economy Jill Stein apparently couldn’t handle $1.2 million. To put it in a question, if you can’t handle a campaign that barely made over a million dollars what makes Jill Stein think she can handle a budget for trillions … Continue reading

That time Casino owner Donald J. Trump broke FEC rules for pumping Money into Senate Campaign

As Donald Trump pretends self-righteousness that his campaign is self-funded which we know is false; reports once read Trump using his casino to lure big money into Senate campaign. Trump Lures Big Money To A Small N.j. Election July 16, 1998|By TOM CONDON; Courant Columnist http://articles.courant.com/1998-07-16/news/9807160226_1_atlantic-city-contributions-marina-district William L. “Bill” Gormley, a Republican state senator from … Continue reading

26 years ago Donald Trump refused to pay the $70 million, he owed to 150 Contractors

Have you figured it out yet? Donald J. Trump’s promises are worthless. For someone who likes to continuously brag their worth billions, you wouldn’t think, you have to ask where is the $6 million for a fundraiser promised to veterans? Even the $1 million Donald Trump promised to give himself wasn’t there. Well, if you … Continue reading

Hypocrisy, Bernie Sanders voted NO to limiting Subsidies to rich Farmers;  but voted YES to stop Tax Relief for Middle and Working Class Families

  It was in 2011 that Bernie Sanders voted YES to let President Obama’s Tax Relief for “middle and working class” families to expire; but it was in 2013 Senator Bernie Sanders voted NO against an amendment that would limit millionaire farmers getting subsidies. The Senate adopted the Amendment.  Those that supported the bill believed … Continue reading

Bernie Sanders voted NO to the PROTECT Act’, which increase Tools to protect Children from Sex Offenders, Sex Tourism, Exploitation, Pornography, Etc

Will Bernie Sanders protect your children? He not only voted against the Amber Alert, but he voted against the `PROTECT Act’. This 46 page Bill is quite extraordinary and detail in its measure to increase the necessary tools to protect children from sex offenders, sex tourism, kidnapping, pornography etc., etc, etc. The list is long and extensive; and Bernie Sanders voted against all these measures. I’ve included also a letter explaining how this bill would improve upon the protection of children in several areas Continue reading

Bernie Sanders Taxes show his Family profited from a bill He co-sponsor to dump Vermont Nuclear Waste in a poor Texas Latino community

Bernie Sanders not only voted yes but pretty much lead the fight that dumped Vermont’s Nuclear waste in poor Latino communities of Sierra Blanca, Texas. Because of that bill the Sanders family is making money directly .

Several others joined in. “What about Sierra Blanca, Bernie?”
>Sanders left the stage, which surprised no one in the small Texas
>delegation. Earlier, he had told them, “My position is unchanged, and
>you’re not gonna like it.” When they asked if he would visit the site in
>Sierra Blanca, he said, “Absolutely not. I’m gonna be running for
>re-election in the state of Vermont.”
Transcripts included Continue reading

Bernie Sanders was there he just didn’t bother to Vote, when Senate Republicans passed a Bill Repealing parts of the Affordable Care Act

*****Update***********Records show Bernie Sanders that even though he voted for other bills that day he decided not to vote in stopping Republicans from repealing parts of the Affordable Care Act.  Senator Bernie Sanders makes it out to be that Health Care is a great concern for him and he respects President Obama, but when it … Continue reading

Bernie Sanders voted NO to the Enhance AMBER Alert which received overwhelming support from Democrats and Republicans

Vetting Bernie Sanders. In 2003 Bernard Sanders (Bernie) voted against the Enhance AMBER Alert bill of 2003. The Bill passed by an overwhelming majority 400-25 with Bernie Sanders being among only a handful of House members voting against the bill. In the Senate all those of the Democratic Party and Republicans Party voted YES to … Continue reading

Bernie Sanders voted NO to “Veterans Millennium Health Care and Benefits Act” – Bill was passed overwhelmingly by both Democrats and Republicans

A bill overwhelmingly supported and passed by Democrats and Republicans to extend health care to Veterans. Bernie Sanders voted against it. Once upon a time when Democrats and Republicans could come together, compromise, and actually avoid Grid-lock and vote in a manner that could better the lives our Veterans, then Representative Bernie Sanders (I) of … Continue reading

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