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FEC violation, Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers made campaign contributions while receiving several Federal Contracts

They tried but Citizen United was unsuccessful in trying to remove a Federal Election Commission (FEC) rule that prohibits business owners from contributing to federal candidate and political committees if they receive Federal Contracts The following comes from information from the FEC website: Prohibited Contributions While most individuals are free to make political contributions, three categories of … Continue reading

2008-2012 American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)’s state contributions or paid expenses to South Carolina Candidates such as Nikki Haley, also included Candidates from other states

The following campaign contributions came directly from American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Only $75 was contributed from an employee working for ALEC. ALEC is a 501 c 3 group, prohibited from such activity.

Was it a test to see if they could get away it, Old FEC records Reveal trick/False Information by Heritage Foundation and American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to make Campaign Contributions

And no this is not the Heritage Action for America the lobbyist group that the Heritage Foundation created. The group Heritage Action for America was created in 2010. The FEC records I have are well over a decade old long before the Heritage action was a twinkle in the eyes of Heritage Foundation.

*** By the way how is it a group that is prohibited from being directly involved in politics can turn around and create a group to do just that. The things that should be investigated. RED FLAGS here

There are certain guidelines concerning campaign contributions, and perhaps it was a test to see what these two Republican organizations, the Heritage Foundation and American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) could get away with, especially when you consider they file as tax-exempt under 501 c 3 rules. Following statements concerning necessary information for individual donors comes … Continue reading

Will the U.S. Supreme Court really remove campaign limits by justifying the already illegal Campaign Contributions made by Shaun McCutcheon; McCutcheon vs. FEC, Pt 2

The United States Supreme Court should not be used to make legitimate illegal actions. Shaun McCutcheon FEC records shows he made contributions that were over the limit. Records show just in one campaign cycle, McCutcheon has donated several times over the limit involving very large sums of money. Shaun McCutcheon is suing before the United States Supreme court to remove campaign contributions. McCutcheon is Alabama’s top Republican campaign donor. Shaun McCutcheon is the CEO of Coalmont Electrical Development Company, If you know of Citizen’s United then you know how companies, like Koch Industries (Koch Brothers) have been allowed to spend their general company funds to influence elections, while they are also laying off workers. Just how much more does McCutcheon plan on taking from his employees to fulfill his political goals.

It is McCutcheon, and people like the Koch Brothers who use their money to marginalize the voice of the average American, the millions of Americans through their money.

And wasn’t McCutcheon PAC in the Red…..He’s a CEO and his PAC is in the RED and he wants the U.S. Supreme Court to remove more limits on his campaign donations. He should be begging the U.S. Supreme Court to limit his campaign contributions and roll all rules back to McCain-Feingold

Shaun McCutcheon vs. Federal Election Commission (FEC)

Regarding FEC Records Continue reading

Already committed Campaign Violations and a PAC gone wrong seems a likely reason for Shaun McCutcheon’s Supreme Court case against the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Pt 1

Avoiding campaign violations already committed seems to be the likely reason behind Shaun McCutcheon suing the Federal Election Committee. Not only our campaign contributions are over the limit, but apparently the PAC which seems to be run and basically solely run by McCutcheon is in the Red. Someone spending more money than they have in their PAC … Continue reading

John Boehner was a part of Amicus Brief against Planned Parenthood before the Ohio Supreme Court, while his own Campaign spent almost a Million Dollars in Payments to the Conservative Ohio Supreme Court

*** Updated with more informaton***   Buying the court that’s a thought. How many people do you know would be part of an Amicus brief before any Court and has campaign expenditure payments over almost a million dollars to the Ohio Supreme Court or any court? It seems John Boehner’s so-call campaigns expenditures involving Vendor … Continue reading

Odd, John Boehner Campaign made almost a Million Dollars in Vendor Payments to the Ohio Supreme Court; What Service did He get

While we talk about keeping money out of politics, we should also do more talking about keeping money out of our courts. By FEC rules John Boehner can not take federal campaign contributions given to him by donors and turn around and give it to non federal candidates. Research shows John Boehner’s campaign funds being … Continue reading

Prior to the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision, Foreign Company, TransCanada and its Subsidiaries were already Breaking FEC’s Prohibition rules on Foreign Corporation’s Campaign Donations #Keystone XL

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was passed in 2010, but I took a look at the FEC rules, and I looked at Canadian corporation, TransCanada and found it was making donations that broke FEC rules. I found TransCanada and its subsidiaries were making donations to non-federal candidates. I further note the FEC says specific … Continue reading

Mick Mulvaney Donors Giving More Campaign Donations Than allowed, Some money Return, but Records Show Their Campaign Donations are Still over the Limit

Crossreferencing Mick Mulvaney for donations on different websites it seems that even though some of his donors who gave much to him, even though some of the money was returned it still shows that the individuals are over the limit according to campaign donation laws. All these donations reflected are for Representative John Michael “Mick” … Continue reading

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