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News Release: Comprehensive prevention program effectively reduces falls among older people

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 8, 2015 Contact: HHS Press Office 202-690-6343 Comprehensive prevention program effectively reduces falls among older people HHS-supported study tests falls intervention program Families and physicians have a new tool in the fight against falls- a comprehensive prevention program developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that reduces both … Continue reading

In an Email, Year before Univ of Cincinnati Police Officer shot un-armed African-American, Retiring UC Vice-President of Public Relations of 36 yrs states UC students stereotype African-Americans

University of Cincinnati’s own Vice-President of Public Relation in an email only days before retiring said it pained though out the years the University’s lack of diversity and the students Stereotyping African-Americans. In Cincinnati, Ohio the demographics are 49.3% White and 45.0% African American and yet African-Americans in their own backyard where they make up … Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Three Orthodox Jewish Rabbis Convicted of Conpsiracy to Kidnap Jewish Husbands in Order to Force Them to Consent to Religious Divorces

U.S. Attorney’s Office April 21, 2015 District of New Jersey (973) 645-2888 Three Orthodox Jewish Rabbis Convicted of Conpsiracy to Kidnap Jewish Husbands in Order to Force Them to Consent to Religious Divorces TRENTON, NJ—Three Orthodox Jewish Rabbis were convicted at trial today for conspiring to kidnap Jewish men in an effort to force them … Continue reading

Embarrassing – Gov. Nikki Haley, The South Carolina Minority Commission receives less funding than the S.C. Confederate Relic Room and Museum

Embarrassing, the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Museum which doesn’t  help in providing jobs, education, health care, etc; receives more funding than the South Carolina Minority Commission which provides all these services and more.  Besides the money the state gives to the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum; the museum also receives money from people who can … Continue reading

David Duke’s Knights of the Ku Klux Klan write an open Letter to major Corporations asking for Money

Boldly, David Duke’s the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan ask major corporations to share in their hate. They create an open letter to major corporations seeking money to help fund their organization. They figure since the NAACP receives funds from major corporations they should receive fund as well. This need for funding comes after … Continue reading

A Letter Addressed to African-Americans and 504 Comments similar to the words of the Charleston Killer- Did the Killer read this

Dylann Storm Roof has been listed as a suspect and still is missing. Hate there is no other word for such a killing of nine African-American as they open their church to a stranger, only to be gunned down by a 21-year-old white male. Senator/Reverend Clementa Pinckney and members of his congregation were gunned down … Continue reading

Flight manifest, Flight Log, and schedule for Nikki Haley don’t match and don’t explain an excessive number of back and forth trips to Charleston in one day

In a day that included Jeb Bush and a speaking engagement at Hibernian Society in Charleston that evening, a legislative meeting, etc. nothing explains Governor Nikki Haley, her husband, and Charlotte Mckee extra trip to Charleston. Interesting transparency on the behalf of the Governor.  The following information is concerning one day, March 17, 2015. March 17, 2015 7 AM … Continue reading

South Carolina Contractor and company caught cheating South Carolina by Federal Government and Nikki Haley and her Cabinet do nothing

While South Carolina Transportation Secretaries come and go Governor Nikki Haley is still here. Perhaps the Governor can explain why this company is still eligible to get state funding and yet the federal government said this company and owner are ineligible to receive federal funds. Maybe I miss something but this company lied to South … Continue reading

Palmetto Heath and South Carolina Partnership for Health, both representing SC biggest counties; listed Delinquent in paying Federal Debt and yet Gov. Nikki Haley Refuses Medicaid Expansion

It doesn’t say much for Governor Nikki Haley continued refusal to expand Medicaid, when both Palmetto Heath and South Carolina Partnership for Health representing some of South Carolina’s largest counties can’t pay their debt. Greenville, Richland,  and Spartanburg rank 1st, 2nd, and 4th out of 46 counties for largest population in South Carolina.  In a table … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley says Government is Deadweight, but South Carolina Chamber Commerce and affiliates she gives key Positions to, seeks federal grants and assistance; while lobbying and making Federal and State campaign donations

Governor Nikki Haley made the following statement: “Government is the deadweight we all drag behind us.” We can call this, hypocrisy, the business organization, Governor Nikki Haley heavily relies on and has placed in key committees and taskforces in South Carolina government seeks federal assistance while lobbying and making Federal and State campaign donations. Apparently … Continue reading

Irony those millions Gov. Nikki Haley gets for Volvo, maybe given back in a current Class Action Lawsuit filed late 2014 for residents of Berkeley and Charleston

South Carolina can’t fund roads but South Carolina can do flips to make sure Volvo can get millions of taxpayer’s dollars. The irony the county where Volvo is supposed to build its manufacturer plant, Berkeley County is also the county for one of the plaintiffs. Also besides, Daniel Christopher Drummond and Paulann Perry of Berkeley … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley forgets SC sold its road funding to help Boeing; like she overlooks her $400 million revenue plan to pay roads or debt belongs to several state Agencies, colleges and Universities

A question of fairness, because Governor Nikki Haley can’t get the transportation bill she wants, a take all, from other agencies as SC DOT solution. What happens in ten years when South Carolina roads need repairing again. Governor Nikki Haley plans is nothing more than a kick the can down the street method. If the … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley hides the truth, Even with Summer Peak Hiring already began, South Carolina ranks 4th for worst unemployment and number of people out of work increased

New numbers are out.  Well, actually South Carolina is the third worst state in the United States for worst unemployment if you exclude D.C.  In-spite Governor Haley’s claims of job creation, since March the number of South Carolina residents out of work has grown. Even with the summer hiring peak, which begins in April more … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley left out the part where Tax Payers are giving Volvo some Grants, the Cost to build, and Property

After reading the ordinance just past tonight by Berkeley County Council pertaining to Volvo agreement, I was left thinking that Berkeley County seems to be the one spending but that $500 million Volvo is supposed to be investing just vanished. Gov. Nikki Haley left out the part that Tax payers will be covering Volvo’s cost to … Continue reading

Hypocrisy, Nikki Haley won’t expand Medicaid, but her Original Six Foundation she says gets NO Government funding, has an IRS code for Government funds

Governor Nikki Haley won’t expand Medicaid, but has her own personal Charity the Original Six Foundation listed for government funding.  While the Governor’s foundation has an exempt status as a 501 (c) 3; its foundation type is also listed as a 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).  I’ve included a list of some well-known foundations in comparison to show she wasn’t required … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley isn’t telling how South Carolina has the Highest Insurance Premium in U.S. and S.C. cost of living is more than S.C. average Salary

The facts: South Carolina has the highest insurance rates in the United States and its cost of living is much more than its level of income. The Myth: How many years has it been that South Carolinians have lulled themselves or rather let someone fooled them into thinking that because their income levels are much … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley head to head with lawmakers over fixing South Carolina roads and Berkeley County gets rid of its Impact fee where companies like Volvo have to pay for road development

As finding funding to fix South Carolina roads makes for a big legislature issue in 2015, in early December 2014 Berkeley County got rid of its transportation impact fee. Berkeley County claims for getting rid of the fee is that it hurts businesses, strange since as a part of a strategy alliance with Charleston and … Continue reading

Can Union-busting Gov. Nikki Haley explain why South Carolina has one of the worst Unemployment Rates in the United States but union Michigan is putting more People back to work

South Carolina has some of the lowest number of employees affiliated with unions in the United States and ranks very near the top with the highest unemployment rate. In comparison Michigan out of most states has some highest number in union workers and also had some of the greatest growth in employment Continue reading

Things Gov. Nikki Haley won’t discuss- Since High Growth Small Business Act was created in June 2013; Qualified Businesses have decreased

It’s Small Business week and since becoming an act in June 2013, the High Growth Small Business Job Creation Act, has lost 14 of the 79 Qualified Businesses registered. In-spite of what Governor Nikki Haley says South Carolina isn’t some bustling economy, especially if your small qualified business are struggling. For certain there are more … Continue reading

Nikki Haley failure to recognize South Carolina’s low-income, Lauren’s County Health Care System Stable Outlook has been Removed

In a matter of days just in April another county’s health care system looks bleak and like the previous county the information was there for the Governor to see that Laurens County and as previous blogged Clarendon County Hospital District were severely losing money because the low-incomes of its citizens isn’t enough to supports its … Continue reading

Troubled DSS housing children in Hotels, but Gov. Nikki Haley proposes to Transfer 6.6 million from DSS to help fund SC Health and Human Services because she refuses Medicaid Expansion

What no rooms?  DSS is housing children in Hotels and just this week one child goes missing and Governor Nikki Haley, who refuses Medicaid expansion, has proposed plans to transfer $6.6 millions from South Carolina Department of Social Services  and $341,036 from Continuum of Care (COC) to give to South Carolina Department of Health and Human … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley strikes out stipulation, requiring the Governor to meet level of funds to pay State Employees

Sounds reasonable for the state to appropriate funds to pay for state employee positions, the Governor should recommend the required level of funds so that the positions are fully funded.  Well apparently Governor Nikki Haley disagrees with that stipulation, and wants it eliminated. The Governor’s actions are not what you call fiscal responsible. The stipulation … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley and her Husband use the State’s Plane to travel to RBC Heritage Golf Tournament Closing Ceremony, while  arguing the House  tries to increase the State’s Debt

“(GP: State Owned Aircraft – Maintenance Logs) …….. Any and all aircraft owned or operated by agencies of the State Government shall be used only for official business.” In a week where Governor Nikki Haley argued to her Facebook followers, that the House tried to run up the state’s debt; she and her husband, Michael … Continue reading

You won’t hear Gov. Nikki Haley tell you about the 1240 people losing jobs so far in 2015

So far this year 12 companies will either be closing or will be laying off employees. One of the business closing includes one company whose late owner had a history of funding Republican campaigns in South Carolina. After Roger Millikens passing the company made several donations to S.C. Good Government Committee. Milliken & Company has … Continue reading

Discrimination, In Audit Report, Gov. Nikki Haley own Cabinet, owns a Railway gives their Non-union Transit workers better benefits than their Union Transit workers

Records addressed to Governor Nikki Haley and her cabinet agency the South Carolina Department of Commerce clearly stated in detail guidelines her cabinet giving non-union workers better benefits than their union workers. This is clearly a discrimination practice against union members. The audit report itself only interest was in observing financial records. It was only … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley, the current S.C. House Bill banning Collective Bargaining could mean, South Carolina looses $71,963,842 in Transit Funds from the United States Dept. of Transportation

According to the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) collective bargaining shall be made part of a state’s Department of Transportation’s contract.  In a South Carolina House Bill introduced this year, would ban the state from entering into agreements with private companies involved in collective bargaining.  However if  you read the 2015 SC DOT contract agreement it includes collective … Continue reading

For Consecutive years Gov. Nikki Haley proposed cuts to Police Training, etc while her Cabinet funded the Heritage Golf Tournament

For consecutive years, the priorities of Governor Nikki Haley have been to propose cuts to police training, the employment of police, and giving money to counties, municipalities and state agencies for law enforcement; while her cabinet help fund the Heritage Golf Tournament. ***To note there are other law enforcement cuts besides the one listed below that … Continue reading

Boeing continued violation of Federal Campaign Spending

As usual Boeing makes up its own rules. No surprise as Boeing employees in Charleston, South Carolina prepare for a vote to unionize, Boeing is determined to stop them. Boeing is the second-largest defense contractor with Federal contracts. The following donations listed below make only for a small sample in comparison to all off the … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley Cabinet, SC Dept of Commerce Nepotism, No Bids; while April Kelly worked there, the Dept paid her newly created Business to fund-raise for them

The well-connected get richer and your average South Carolina small business struggles or closes. April Kelly already an employee of the South Carolina Department of Commerce just creates a business in 2012 and she gets paid thousands for fundraising by SC Dept. of Commerce. The SC Dept of Commerce is a Cabinet of Governor Nikki … Continue reading

Very Telling Nikki Haley recent job announcements, Daimler, O’neal, Inc., and Continental tires have either sat on a Legislative Committee or currently sit on a Task Force; and SC Dept of Commerce, April Allen to Continental Tire

Maybe, Tax incentives aren’t the only thing being given out to make corporations in South Carolina happy. I don’t remember any corporation running for election, but apparently more and more they are at the center of it all influencing how states are run. Very telling just looking at a couple of recent companies I blogged about from … Continue reading

Nikki Haley doesn’t tell you, O’neal, Inc. was apart of Legislative Committee that successfully drafted law to increase Corporate Incentives, while contracting with many Companies getting State Incentives

Nikki Haley doesn’t tell you, O’neal, Inc. was apart of Legislative Commission that successfully drafted law to increase Corporate Incentives, while contracting with many Companies getting State Incentives. With Governor Nikki Haley O’neal, Inc. $5 million expansion, it comes the question much will they get incentives?  What most people don’t know is O’neal, Inc sat on … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley Expansion or relocating Workers, Florida Spring Water Vanishing, and a Florida Bottling Company shows up to buy Hickory Spring Bottling; Odd Hickory Spring Bottling’s  competitor, President and Executives, sit as its Director prior to any so-call buyout

Silver Springs Bottled Water Co. buying Hickory Spring Bottling in Calhoun County and it’s certainly not the ideal Governor Nikki Haley wants you to believe. South Carolina is what you would call a last resort for a company whose water resource is vanishing, and 2nd Silver Springs Bottled Water Inc. already operates Hickory Springs Bottling. … Continue reading

Is it a Coincidence, Nikki Haley, Daimler Expansion comes after Charleston County Cancellation of a separate Bids for vans and buses something; Daimler manufactures

The Beginning of March it was announced Daimler’s expansion of its Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans in North Charleston. Daimler owns more than one plant in South Carolina; such as Daimler also makes buses in South Carolina at its subsidiary named Thomas Built Buses, Inc. On March 2, 2010 this was the headline for School Transportation News: … Continue reading

Nikki Haley own self-interest, In 2014 South Carolina began Investing the State’s Employees Retirement in Boeing

While in 2014 Nikki Haley received over 20 donations from Boeing Co. and its executives just in 2014; South Carolina began investing the states employee retirement in Boeing. While Governor Nikki Haley pretends interest in ethics reform and the likely chance the Republican majority legislature will water down any real ethics reform or kick the … Continue reading

South Carolina House bill to deter Unions by blocking doing business with Private Sector Companies involved in Collective Bargaining; Some SC Counties have ordinances on this

Currently there is legislation for 2015 trying to be passed to block any procurement with private Companies who do collective bargaining While there isn’t state law barring doing business with the private sector involved in employment agreements or collective bargaining, that hasn’t stopped some counties like Charleston and Georgetown that have in their ordinance a … Continue reading

Did Nikki Haley Really Create Jobs, Remember that Announcement – Boeing buys Vought & Boeing bringing Jobs to SC, but Boeing was already here; Boeing is also named Vought; They are one in the Same Company that Laid off 400 Workers in N. Charleston coincidently after Vought Employees supported Forming Union; also the N. Charleston Hiring Freeze; and Latest Boeing NO Guarantee on how many Jobs will Be Created even after Nikki Haley Signs over a $120 million Bond incentive

Originally posted on Frederica Cade's Blog:
The NLRB was really on to something more than they even know when they believed Boeing shut down its Washington plant because it’s employees were in favor of Unions. Just like the Koch brothers own several companies, in different names Boeing is no different. Boeing being Vought isn’t…

Document showing an elected official listing as a source of income Gifts from Corporate sponsored Groups that list a Partnership and ties to ALEC

From PACS to lobbying, these are also some of the same corporations that suggested the President’s Plan would hurt them.  It’s amazing how corporations using their general funds to spend on politics can claim their workers’ pensions are bankrupting their companies.  Some of these same corporations also sponsored a judicial symposium on your pensions bankrupting their … Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Former Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon D. Fox and Providence Licensing Board Vice Chairman Gordon Fox to Plead Guilty in Federal Court to Wire Fraud, Bribery, and Tax Evasion

U.S. Attorney’s Office March 03, 2015 District of Rhode Island (401) 709-5000 Former Rhode Island House Speaker and Providence Licensing Board Vice Chairman Gordon Fox to Plead Guilty in Federal Court to Wire Fraud, Bribery, and Tax Evasion Former Speaker Fox Faces Three Years in Federal Prison PROVIDENCE, RI—Former Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon D. … Continue reading

In two marketing strategy reports Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester County of South Carolina state its a Plus their Citizens have low wages and a criteria to to keep Union Numbers low

Did they tell the public their low wages were a plus? I doubt it.In other words did they tell citizens that keeping them in low wages was a plus.  A low wage job may not help the people but it may get another elected official, a vote. Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester state the fact their … Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Joe Usher III of Knoxville, Tennessee PleadsGuilty to Federal Tax Offenses

U.S. Attorney’s Office June 02, 2014 Eastern District of Tennessee (865) 545-4167 Joe Usher Pleads Guilty to Federal Tax Offenses Former Owner of Knoxville Employee Leasing Company Faces Potential Prison Term and Obligation to Pay Restitution KNOXVILLE, TN—Zebbie Joe Usher, III, 46, of Knoxville, Tennessee, pleaded guilty on June 2, 2014, in U.S. District Court … Continue reading

Interesting the Home Builder Association, fund filing for Nikki Haley, her lawyer, McMaster all share the same address, and HBA gets over $40,000 with Nikki Haley on the Budget and Control Board (Records show no prior B&CB giving them money)

*Updated just added information from the EPA showing the Home Builders Association of South Carolina is also located at this address. In review of the years I had available to research prior to Nikki Haley becoming Governor no other Budget and Control Board had given any funds to the Home Builders Association. Furthermore like transparency in this state there are no explanation for it. Nikki Haley also got endorsed by the Home Builder Association, …

A group that for some unknown reason is linking to the same address associated with the Governor and her lawyer while she is sitting on the board in which they are getting money from for unknown reason should call for some kind of questioning. Just what is it here that is being bought? Continue reading

Nikki Haley latest job announcement Apex Tool Group, belongs to Mitt Romney Bain Capital which in 2013 outsourced to China and from 2013-2014 in three states had major closings and layoffs

Nikki Haley left out a lot of important details in her recent job announcement of expansion in Sumter, such as Apex Tool Group outsourced jobs to China in 2013, belongs to Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, and the so call trustworthy company in 2013 leading up to now played hop scotch laying off employees in three states. … Continue reading

Nikki Haley rakes in Thousands in contributions from Wal-Mart, while investing her Retirement and State employees Retirement money in Wal-Mart

Ethics? There are too many headlines involving Governor Nikki Haley and Wal-Mart for the governor to be getting campaign contributions from a company, South Carolina retirement agency has elected to invest state officials and employees retirements in. It is overdue in this state that the Governor stop the use of taxpayers money to make investments that will benefit herself. … Continue reading

Table comparison May – July 2014, Gov. Nikki Haley can you explain South Carolina counties significant increase and higher unemployment (unadjusted) rate vs U.S. unadjusted rate

I have included a  table comparison from May to July 2014 showing how South Carolina’s Counties have had significant increases in unemployment rates. You can call this the things Governor Nikki Haley won’t tell you.  From May to  July 2014 data shows South Carolina counties unemployment rate with significant increase averaging more than the U.S. unadjusted … Continue reading

Transparency, A Nikki Haley Georgia Donor has over $40 millions in a state-wide contract that isn’t listed on Budget and Control Board

Do you trust the process?  Two George donors and one walks away the winner in what the lawsuit describes as a bidding process that excluded many out of the process.  When all contracts should be easily accessed publicly one Nikki Haley donor has a lucrative contract that isn’t mention anywhere under South Carolina statewide contracts. … Continue reading

Nikki Haley, General Dynamics job creations totals 0 with 323 layoffs, interesting property up for sale is there more downsizinge coming

Where are they now or should I say where are the jobs? Just in 2012 General Dynamics said they were creating more jobs in South Carolina, and in 2013 they won a major government contract in which GD said would involve its South Carolina location, however by 2014 South Carolina projected 153 layoff was among … Continue reading

Nikki Haley controls the numbers and the Legislative Audit Council 2014 follow-up finds SC Dept of Employment and Workforce still improperly maintain data concerning unemployment

Updated with additional information that clearly proves the numbers coming from South Carolina concerning its unemployment numbers can’t be accurate: The very thing that qualifies a person as unemployed the Legislative Audit Council finds the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce have failed in the proper collection and doing what is necessary in making … Continue reading

Can Nikki Haley explain why on a states website for Small Businesses and Minorities contracts it labels some businesses as ‘Traditional Male’ and ‘Traditional Female’

Is South Carolina mocking minorities? Under Nikki Haley’s office they have set up a special website just for minorities and small businesses to obtain the necessary paper work and filing codes if you are a Women, Hispanics, African-Americans, Native Americans, or Asian-Pacific, or small businesses to fill out to be consider for a contract with the state. However there is no code listing for ‘Traditional Male’, but ‘Traditional male’ is listed several times for several different companies as receiving 22% of these contracts. Continue reading

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