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Follow-up, Federal Government finds Nikki Haley Gov. office contributed to the mismanagement of Federal Funds for the Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program

      Update from a previous blog dated July 17, 2014 of an SC Auditor’s Document showed under Nikki Haley that several programs for the low-income, homeless prevention, communities service, etc. didn’t receive proper allocation of Federal funds. After further investigation the Federal Government finds that the Governor’s office played a role in money … Continue reading

How is Gov. Nikki Haley former employee, and only Private firm, Wilbur Smith, now CDM Smith getting Intergovernmental contracts given to Counties and State Agencies

When understandingly South Carolina counties and agencies are getting intergovernmental state contracts, private firm CDM Smith Inc has gotten funding. Governor Nikki Haley’s former employer Wilbur Smith was acquired by CDM Smith in 2011. Then Representative Haley was paid $42,000 for consulting work at Wilbur Smith while its assume Wilbur Smith may have profited from … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley proposed cuts to the 2016 Budget Funds for South Carolina’s Veteran Cemetery

Governor Nikki Haley likes to brag that South Carolina is doing great but its telling when your Governor is trying to cut the budget for our Veteran Cemetery. Veterans Cemetery funding is significantly less compare to a lot of programs and state agencies, so I find it surprising that Governor Haley would cut the cemetery … Continue reading

In 2012 Gov. Nikki Haley was successful in cutting almost $49 million from SCDOT Highway Maintenance Funds

In 2012 Gov. Nikki Haley was successful in cutting almost $49 million from SCDOT Highway Maintenance Funds Misplaced priorities in 2012 Governor Nikki Haley proposed an almost $49 million cut from the Department of Transportation Highway Maintenance fund. Four years later the DOT Highway Maintenance fund is no where its 2011 funding level. In 2015 … Continue reading

Governor Nikki Haley reduces South Carolina Department of Social Services (SC DSS) Case Services Funds

Case services is listed several times in DSS funding, but not enough details is released by DSS about this services. From children to adults, foster care case service funding is provided for both. SC DSS does request for 2016-2017 budget, non-recurring funds for what they call Employment and Training Case Services. FORM C – CAPITAL OR … Continue reading

Wilbur Smith Assoc. paid Nikki Haley $42,500 at the time She sponsored a Bill; that in a Report, mentions Wilbur Smith Assoc and how Municipals could pay for development under new Legislation

It was 2007 to 2009 that then Lexington House of Representative Nikki Haley worked for Wilbur Smith earning $42,500 and it was assumed the matter involved a contract with the State’s Farmer market. In 2012 as Governor of South Carolina that Nikki Haley was cleared of illegal lobbying. In a report called Priority Investment Areas … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley appointees at the SC Commission on Higher Education pay over $1 million to SC Chamber of Commerce; while misappropriating funds and its own program is underfunded

That $221,000 spent before Mark Sanford left office would jump well over a million dollars after Nikki Haley becomes Governor. According to state records the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education has paid the SC Chamber Commerce $1,571,403.00. Thirteen seats of the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education excluding one additional seat already held since … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley in your backyard, On the South Carolina National Guard Website, Joking referrence to ‘Aliens’

**Update** The South Carolina National Guard has notified me through Twitter and twice in the comment section below of this blog that this, ‘web page’ has been removed.– This is certainly not the thing I would expect when looking at a website for the South Carolina National Guard or any government site. Some may find … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley says were living better, but more SC Residents are on Food Stamps in August 2015 compare to residents in March 2008 and even 30 years ago

  Gov. Nikki Haley, says are economy is better than 28 years ago, but the data shows a lot more poor people on food assistance compare to 30 years ago.  It must be that top 1% the Governor is referring to, as doing better. Data going up to August 2015 show we have a significant number of more people on … Continue reading

The Greenville Chamber of Commerce spending large sums lobbying gets Grant for a Redundant Program/new facility renting office space, by Gov. Nikki Haley Cabinet SC Dept. of Commerce

Redundant is a favorite word sometimes used by Governor Nikki Haley when she tries to block funding for some state programs or agency. Apparently though when it comes to one of the Governor’s beloved Chamber of Commerce (s) not so much. A Program call NEXT is purely redundant and a waste of tax payer money. … Continue reading

Several State-Funded County Community Economic Developments Tax-Exemptions Revoked for Failure to file Taxes, and yet Gov. Nikki Haley says Nothing

You won’t hear Governor Nikki Haley mention that several state funded county community economic developments in more than one county did not file taxes.  Millions of dollars received and yet these community economic development for at least three consecutive years did not file taxes.  Below I have included background information concerning South Carolina Community Economic Development Act, and a 2010 … Continue reading

Governor Nikki Haley tried to block Funding for a Watershed Project to improve the Dam for one County with continuous Flooding

Prevention is key, but it was in 2012 that Governor Nikki Haley tried to veto funding for a project to stop the continuous flooding for one county.  Governor Haley called the project nothing more than an earmark that has nothing to do with revising the state water plan. Fortunately, Governor Haley however was unsuccessful in her veto. The … Continue reading

2010 and 2011, SCDHEC only spent half of FEMA grant money for Dam safety, can Gov. Nikki Haley or Sanford explain where’s the money

Where’s the money? Data provided by the Association of State Dam Safety Officials shows South Carolina budget for dam safety was significantly less than the grant money they received.  For over a decade South Carolina has received grant money from FEMA to strengthen our dam safety program, and yet not all of the money is being used. In 2003-2005, … Continue reading

Before 2015, Gov. Nikki Haley, South Carolina ranked 46 for worst State devoted to Dam safety – Funding decrease since 1999, increase in Dams, and increase in hazardous Dams from 2011-2012

  If South Carolina roads can’t get funding, it should be no surprise South Carolina ranks 46 for worst state devoted to dam safety and 42 for worst state failing to devote its state’s money to dam safety regulations. Fortunately there was no wind and fortunately Hurricane Joaquin didn’t touch land during South Carolina’s recent flooding … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley supports giving Grants and Tax incentives to Volvo that lost IRS tax exemptions for continuously failing to file taxes on its own Children charity and its Employee Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plans

I wonder much Governor Nikki Haley, Berkely County, and the South Carolina Commerce Dept. will give in grants and tax incentives to corporate giant, Volvo, who won’t file taxes for its own childrens charity foundation and its Employee Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plans. IRS information shows both Volvo Cars Foundation For Children Inc and VOLVO GM Supplemental … Continue reading

Governor Nikki Haley gives Public school money to charter schools that are losing tax-exemption for failing to file taxes in three consecutive years

While Washington State has ruled that Charter schools are not Constitutional, here in South Carolina we still carve out funding from public education. While tax-payers are funding these schools, some South Carolina Charter schools and a foundation launch by the state-wide district have failed to file taxes for three consecutive years. Governor Nikki Haley has … Continue reading

Even with 2015 court case against Gov. Nikki Haley due to Foster care shortage sending Emotionally disturbed children in DSS care to Juvenile Detention she proposed cuts to Group Home for emotionally disturbed children Part2

  While Gov. Nikki Haley is currently be sued in 2015 for sending emotionally disturbed children to Dept. of  Juvenile Justice for Social Service (DSS) placement; Gov. Haley proposed in 2015 cutting funding for Foster care group home for emotionally disturbed children. Due to various reasons children in Social Service (DSS) care can’t be all lumped together … Continue reading

Part1. As Gov. Nikki Haley attacks SC Planned Parenthood, her 2015 budget would’ve cut Foster Care Services as children in Social Services (DSS) care sleep in County Offices and Hotels

While Gov. Nikki Haley tries to make an issue out of Planned Parenthood in South Carolina, she ignores the fact that children in the care of South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) are sleeping in hotels and county offices. While on Monday, August 17, 2015 the Senate General DSS Oversight Subcommittee held a meeting … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley, How they did that:  Florida ranks 45 and South Carolina 44 for worse Underprivileged Children, but Florida’s Foster care system Ranks best at #4 but SC near bottom

  Rather than picking the state with the best foster care system for a comparison, I looked for a state whose economic status among its children was similar to South Carolina, while also having similar racial demographics among its children in Foster care. While so similar, Florida’s services towards its children takes a U turn … Continue reading

SC Revenue has its own legal council and SC Law forbids Revenue Director from Politics but my FOIA request is denied into SC Revenue Dept $18,519 payment to Lawyer/Political Operative used by Nikki Haley and Republicans

It clearly states in South Carolina law that the South Carolina Revenue Department Director is prohibited from any involvement in politics, and still the Department hires not only an outside lawyer when the agency already has a lawyer but they hire Butch Bowers , labled a/k/a political operative, veteran political law attorney, the Republican go … Continue reading

While Governor Nikki Haley vetoed funds to state programs, Gov. office misuse of over $16,000 of state funds from Gov. Mansion and Grounds budget to attend an Business Etiquette School

  A misuse of funds.  You don’t have to think long of all the programs Governor Nikki Haley has cut. The governor has proposed less funding, while vetoing funding passed by South Carolina’s legislature, but I don’t think anyone could imagine that while Governor Haley belittled the use of many programs she would then turn around … Continue reading

Election is over with but Governor Nikki Haley gets over $40,000 in Contributions as an Advertising Refund

As Governor Nikki Haley uses the rest of her campaign funds left from the 2014 election to attack the South Carolina Legislature and promote her agenda; in  April 2015 Governor Nikki Haley got a generous refund of $40,000.  During the election Governor Haley was a client of Target Enterprise in which contract shows broadcasts were paid … Continue reading

In-spite Nikki Haley claiming jobs, from April 2015 to July 2015, Projected Closures and Layoffs increase from 1240 to 3524

In-spite Governor Nikki Haley’s claims of jobs the number of projected closure and layoffs companies steady increases in South Carolina. As of July 2015 the Projected Closure and layoffs total is 3524. In April 2015 the total was 1240. Source: Information comes from South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce 2015 Projected Closure and layoffs … Continue reading

DOJ and Education warns of schools Discrimination, 79% of Charleston students discipline are jailed, SCHAC Interns say students don’t know about them; but Nikki Haley leaves seats vacant

On its website the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission says Laws concerning discrimination was passed in 1972 in the aftermath of the 1968 Orangeburg Massacre involving three college students being shot and killed and yet many students according to SC Human Affair interns Chiemeka Egwu and Sharique Ray-Young as stated on the SCHACwebsite not many … Continue reading

SC Human Affairs Commission, focus investigating Discrimination, seeks establishing County-Level HA commissions; while Nikki Haley allows two large Congressional Districts seats to remain vacant and two expired

  At a 2013 South Carolina Council of Governments Conference records show the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission thought that counties should establish active county-level human affairs commission and yet there are two vacant congressional districts commission seats for two large congressional districts unfilled and two commission seats expired since 2012 and 2011. South Carolina Human Affairs Commission seats have … Continue reading

One of Gov. Nikki Haley latest job announcements, MPW Industrial Services, is being sued by Federal Government for Unfair Wage Practices

Governor Nikki Haley recently announced MPW Industrial Services creating new jobs in South Carolina, however what’s missing from that announcement is a pending federal case involving MPW Industrial Services for unfair wage practices.  In a state where wages are nothing to boast about the last thing this state needs is some corporation who thinks so little … Continue reading

2012 House allowed Nikki Haley to veto funds for historical museums and Charleston’s African-American Historical Sites Preservation; while creating Legislation giving SC Civil War Heritage Trails free use of State Agencies to create a Civil-War Trail

    Tax-payers can’t get better roads. Charleston couldn’t get funding to preserve its Historical African-American sites. The North Myrtle Beach Historical Museum and Dept of Archives of Hilton Head were also denied funding but if you’re the South Carolina Civil War Sesquicentennial Advisory Board you get free use of SC Department of Transportation and other state … Continue reading

It’s after several major CEOs calling for Confederate flag removal, that Governor Nikki Haley calls for Flag Removal

Governor Nikki Haley’s campaign words come back to haunt her.  Prior to Governor Haley Monday announcement for the Confederate flag to come down.  Major CEOs were already calling  for the flag’s removal. Still days after nine were murdered in Charleston, South Carolina, Governor Haley remained silent on any removal of the flag. South Carolina’s republican leaders … Continue reading

Palmetto Heath and South Carolina Partnership for Health, both representing SC biggest counties; listed Delinquent in paying Federal Debt and yet Gov. Nikki Haley Refuses Medicaid Expansion

It doesn’t say much for Governor Nikki Haley continued refusal to expand Medicaid, when both Palmetto Heath and South Carolina Partnership for Health representing some of South Carolina’s largest counties can’t pay their debt. Greenville, Richland,  and Spartanburg rank 1st, 2nd, and 4th out of 46 counties for largest population in South Carolina.  In a table … Continue reading

Irony those millions Gov. Nikki Haley gets for Volvo, maybe given back in a current Class Action Lawsuit filed late 2014 for residents of Berkeley and Charleston

South Carolina can’t fund roads but South Carolina can do flips to make sure Volvo can get millions of taxpayer’s dollars. The irony the county where Volvo is supposed to build its manufacturer plant, Berkeley County is also the county for one of the plaintiffs. Also besides, Daniel Christopher Drummond and Paulann Perry of Berkeley … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley forgets SC sold its road funding to help Boeing; like she overlooks her $400 million revenue plan to pay roads or debt belongs to several state Agencies, colleges and Universities

A question of fairness, because Governor Nikki Haley can’t get the transportation bill she wants, a take all, from other agencies as SC DOT solution. What happens in ten years when South Carolina roads need repairing again. Governor Nikki Haley plans is nothing more than a kick the can down the street method. If the … Continue reading

Hidden Agenda, Nikki Haley uses charity, the Original Six Foundation’s Free Health Clinics for a Broadband Mapping Project and a first time DHHS Study

Is Governor Nikki Haley creating legislature through her foundation?  I’m just guessing but I wonder if that first time study involved the Original Six Foundation and South Carolina Department of Health and Human services over a new legislature bill and an alternative plan to Medicaid Expansion. 33.22. (DHHS: Medicaid Accountability and Quality Improvement Initiative) From … Continue reading

S.C. Rural Hospitals required to participate with Gov. Nikki Haley so-call charity Foundation, the Original Six to be eligible for Medicaid funding

Through another state agency, the legislation appropriation you probably didn’t know exists, that requires rural hospitals to participate with the Governor’s foundation if they are to receive Medicaid funding.  Governor Nikki Haley won’t expand Medicaid, instead she makes her foundation, the Original Six, through SC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS )a required participate for rural hospitals. … Continue reading

A power grab for Gov. Nikki Haley, uses her charity , the Original Six to collaborate with DHHS for providing an alternative to Medicaid Expansion

Governor Nikki Haley has cleverly used her charity foundation, the Original Six, in a manner that gives her more power.  Being  that many of the Governor’s donors are from the Health Industry would suggest even more reason the Governor and her charity shouldn’t be involved. Healthy Outcomes Plan is supposed to be South Carolina’s alternative … Continue reading

Hypocrisy, Nikki Haley won’t expand Medicaid, but her Original Six Foundation she says gets NO Government funding, has an IRS code for Government funds

Governor Nikki Haley won’t expand Medicaid, but has her own personal Charity the Original Six Foundation listed for government funding.  While the Governor’s foundation has an exempt status as a 501 (c) 3; its foundation type is also listed as a 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).  I’ve included a list of some well-known foundations in comparison to show she wasn’t required … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley isn’t telling how South Carolina has the Highest Insurance Premium in U.S. and S.C. cost of living is more than S.C. average Salary

The facts: South Carolina has the highest insurance rates in the United States and its cost of living is much more than its level of income. The Myth: How many years has it been that South Carolinians have lulled themselves or rather let someone fooled them into thinking that because their income levels are much … Continue reading

Did she – Different week and different Hilton Head Celebrity Golf Game, ICAC lists Nikki Haley as Keynote Speaker whose attendees include a Koch Brother’s company President and Executive

Did the Governor fail to mention the following week after the RGA Heritage Golf tournament, she was Keynote speaker at the Institute of Clean Air Companies (ICAC) annual meeting whose guest list included one of the Koch Brother ‘s company President and their Sr. Environmental Business Dev. Manage at Koch Knight LLC. Besides the McDaniels Golf Classic … Continue reading

Can Union-busting Gov. Nikki Haley explain why South Carolina has one of the worst Unemployment Rates in the United States but union Michigan is putting more People back to work

South Carolina has some of the lowest number of employees affiliated with unions in the United States and ranks very near the top with the highest unemployment rate. In comparison Michigan out of most states has some highest number in union workers and also had some of the greatest growth in employment Continue reading

Things Gov. Nikki Haley won’t discuss- Since High Growth Small Business Act was created in June 2013; Qualified Businesses have decreased

It’s Small Business week and since becoming an act in June 2013, the High Growth Small Business Job Creation Act, has lost 14 of the 79 Qualified Businesses registered. In-spite of what Governor Nikki Haley says South Carolina isn’t some bustling economy, especially if your small qualified business are struggling. For certain there are more … Continue reading

Nikki Haley, a failure to Govern, Moody downgrades Clarendon County Hospital District to a Negative because of its Low-Income – the Governor appoints Board

In the South Carolina Special Purpose Districts 2012 Biennial Directory offered by South Carolina Secretary of State, Mark Hammond you will see not only in 2012 the financial problems of Clarendon County Hospital District, but you will see  it state the board members have to be appointed by a Governor.  As Governor your job is to … Continue reading

You won’t hear Gov. Nikki Haley tell you about the 1240 people losing jobs so far in 2015

So far this year 12 companies will either be closing or will be laying off employees. One of the business closing includes one company whose late owner had a history of funding Republican campaigns in South Carolina. After Roger Millikens passing the company made several donations to S.C. Good Government Committee. Milliken & Company has … Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Subject, Jeremy Jay Schlenker Arrested in Early Morning Shooting Incident at Emerald Queen Casino

FBI Seattle March 21, 2015 Public Affairs Specialist Ayn Dietrich-Williams (206) 622-0460 Subject Arrested in Early Morning Shooting Incident at Emerald Queen Casino At approximately 2:30 p.m. today, March 21, authorities apprehended Jeremy Jay Schlenker, 27, who is suspected of fatally shooting an individual shortly before 1:00 a.m. this morning in the parking lot of … Continue reading

Discrimination, In Audit Report, Gov. Nikki Haley own Cabinet, owns a Railway gives their Non-union Transit workers better benefits than their Union Transit workers

Records addressed to Governor Nikki Haley and her cabinet agency the South Carolina Department of Commerce clearly stated in detail guidelines her cabinet giving non-union workers better benefits than their union workers. This is clearly a discrimination practice against union members. The audit report itself only interest was in observing financial records. It was only … Continue reading

Nikki Haley doesn’t tell you, O’neal, Inc. was apart of Legislative Committee that successfully drafted law to increase Corporate Incentives, while contracting with many Companies getting State Incentives

Nikki Haley doesn’t tell you, O’neal, Inc. was apart of Legislative Commission that successfully drafted law to increase Corporate Incentives, while contracting with many Companies getting State Incentives. With Governor Nikki Haley O’neal, Inc. $5 million expansion, it comes the question much will they get incentives?  What most people don’t know is O’neal, Inc sat on … Continue reading

Can Governor Nikki Haley explain why the South Carolina Office of Inspector General website is down, All Links say Service Unavailable

Once again it’s another South Carolina government website that is down and unavailable to the citizens.  This for a state that had its Department of Revenue site hacked.  For all links belonging to the SC Office of Inspector General it says ‘Service Unavailable’.  The SC Office of Inspector General offices is responsible for receiving complaints from anyone alleging … Continue reading

Today as Gov. Nikki Haley mentions Continental Tire Expansion; a Town in Virginia Council February 2015 Town minutes celebrates getting over 500 of its residents jobs at that Continental Tire plant in Sumter County

While South Carolina remains the give away state in corporate incentives, today Governor Nikki Haley mentioned the Continental Expansion in Sumter,South Carolina. Interesting since in February according to one town in Virginia they celebrate through their own work initiative in getting over 500 of its residents jobs at that very Continental plant in Sumter. South … Continue reading

Is someone buying a new Fleet – Daimler expansion comes on the heels after Daimler sat on  SC study committee on Privatizing buses and Nikki Haley and SC House Ways in Means 2015 plans to block DHHS procuring other Non-Emergency Medical Transportation providers

In 2012 Daimler sat on the states own committee trying to privatize buses and with Governor Nikki Haley and the  SC House Ways in Means in 2015 proposing to block DHHS from procuring non-Medical Transportation from other companies are there new plans in work of buying a new fleet of Daimler’s vans. When South Carolina … Continue reading

Auditor identifies potential procedure risks, but Governor Nikki Haley is trying block Auditing of PEBA, a new Agency handling State Employee Retirement Benefits

Auditors identify potential risk in inaccurate financial statements due to internal procedures and yet Governor Nikki Haley is trying to stop funding an audit of the South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority. Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA) is a relatively new Agency created in July 1, 2012 to handle the Retirement benefits of state employees … Continue reading

SC Ethics at work – SC House Ways and Means proposing to remove responsibility of creating travel expense guidelines from the State Fiscal Accountability Authority, to give to SC Comptroller, who used campaign money to travel with Girlfriend

In a statement South Carolina Ethics Commission attorney said the trip was nothing more than a vacation, when it came to South Carolina Comptroller Richard Eckstrom using campaign money to take his  girlfriend to the Republican National Convention in which he was not a Delegate and yet South Carolina’s House Ways and Means is trying to remove … Continue reading

Overall Governor Nikki Haley 2015 Proposal decreases State Employee Benefits

The only thing Governor Nikki Haley had to say as the following which says little. If you look at the numbers they show a significant decrease in benefits overall. Governor Nikki Haley Recommended Appropriations The Governor’s FY 2015-16 Executive Budget recommends: $31,500,000 to cover annual employer contributions increases for the State Health Plan and annualize … Continue reading

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Frederica Cade’s Blog (Politics, News, Analysis, Investigation, Press Releases, Education, Economics, Internet, News Releases, Featured stories, Fraud, and History, U.S. Laws, Posted stories, Index of reports, meta,Home page)

Frederica Cade’s Blog (Politics, News, Analysis, Investigation, Press Releases, Education, Economics, Internet, News Releases, Featured stories, Fraud, and History, U.S. Laws, Posted stories, Index of reports, meta,Home page)