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Report to Congress shows South Carolina 1 of 8 states with largest increase in Veterans Homelessnes but Nikki Haley left SC with proposed 2017 budget cuts to Veterans Affairs

        Prior to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) introduced its November 2016 report on Homelessness in the United States, in 2015 the South Carolina Veterans Affair showed concerned about veterans homelessness in South Carolina.  No excuses for former Governor Nikki Haley. With two years left the former Governor … Continue reading

Nikki Haley propose increases Employee benefits and operation cost for the Confederate Museum but cuts funding from USC-Aiken, Alcohol Drug Abuse Services, Art Commission, SCDHEC all seeking an increase

There were other agencies where funding was also cut or stayed the same, but I have only included those seeking an increase. Confederate Museum THE CITADEL Department of Public Safety The agency is requesting funding to hire 50 additional officers to increase the number of Highway Patrol troopers conducting active enforcement efforts on South Carolina … Continue reading

Part 2, Can Gov. Nikki Haley explain why Clemson University is listed as delinquent for not paying its Federal Debt

Upon further research, Clemson University one of South Carolina’s largest state universities is also delinquent in paying its federal debt. Sinc becoming Governor Clemson University and the University of South Carolina have given Governor Nikki Haley six figures in football freebies. However unlike Clemson University; it doesn’t appear any information showing the University of South Carolina delinquent … Continue reading

Part 1. Perhaps Gov. Nikki Haley can explain why the South Carolina Department of Education and Aiken Technical College are listed Delinquent for not paying Federal Debt

It’s that time of year when the new Governor Budget proposal for state agenciesare given, and according to Federal Government records. This time it’s not about South Carolina State University, but instead its two other state education entities being delinquent for not paying back a Federal debt. According to Federal Government records the winner of … Continue reading

Four years after Gov. Nikki Haley Revenue Dept. Hacking Scandal, Government in Feb. 2016 finds South Carolina Medicaid System doesn’t meet standards to protect from Data Breaches

Three days ago the federal government found South Carolina does not meet the federal requirements in safeguarding Medicaid Management Information System Data and Supporting Systems, putting beneficiaries at risk. It was only back in October 2012 Gov. Nikki Haley finally revealed that South Carolina Department of Revenue had been hacked. Gov. Haley has been so … Continue reading

Government finds Gov. Nikki Haley Cabinet incorrectly misappropriated over $59 million from the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Governor Nikki Haley has done her fair share of attacking the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and denying South Carolina residents Medicaid expansion. Year after Governor Nikki Haley gutted Medicaid Legislature while a growing need for medicaid expansion increase. On that same note since 2007 Indian Health facilities have deteriorated. Rather pushing the state and Congress … Continue reading

By August 2015, South Carolina ranked 5th in U.S. for Home Foreclosures, but Gov. Nikki Haley says South Carolina Economy is great

Reality check Governor Haley isn’t given you the real state of South Carolina’s economy. When the foreclosure rate went down for most states, South Carolina foreclosures rates significantly increased. Governor Nikki Haley has claimed she’s creating jobs; since she took office in 2011 and yet by August 2015 and before October 2015 historical floods, South … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley won’t tell you – Before the big Flood, Report to Congress shows in 2015 South Carolina had already the largest Percentage increase in Homelessness and one of the top States for few percentage in Shelters

Reality check, once again South Carolina finds itself ranking at the top where no one wants to be. In a 2015 Assessment report given to Congress it shows the Percentage rate of homeless in the United States. In-spite Governor Nikki Haley’s claim of jobs the Percentage rate of South Carolina population became homeless in 2015 … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley not so big on Second Chances; She proposes cuts to the South Carolina Dept of Probation, Pardon and Parole’s Offender Program

How continuously Governor Nikki Haley gets off for her misdeeds/ethic violations, and yet in her remains a selfishness that she thinks little of a program giving second chances. We can’t be a society of punishment and no forgiveness. While Governor Nikki Haley has proposed an increase in funding for the Department of Corrections to keep … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley cuts State Employees Benefits but increases funds for her Cabinet responsible for Corporate Welfare

Increasing Corporate welfare is fine, but increasing appropriations to cover state employees benefits is something the Governor finds not necessary. In 2012 South Carolina ranked number 6 in the United States for Breast Cancer. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2012 South Carolina ranked #12 in death for all cancers … Continue reading

Part 3, Nikki Haley sat on the Committee for the Railway Plan Bill , where Wilbur Smith Associates was hired; while paying her $42,500

The following is Part 3 in a continuation concerning legislation that then Representative Nikki Haley played a part in where Wilbur Smith Associates was hired, while Wilbur Smith Associates was paying her a sum of $42,500 from 2007 to 2009. Nikki Haley did not reveal this piece of information to the Legislature. It was only … Continue reading

Part 2, Nikki Haley sponsored and sat on Committee of a Port Authority Bill, where Wilbur Smith Associates was hired; while paying her $42,500

  The following is a continuation concerning legislation that then Representative Nikki Haley sponsored where Wilbur Smith Associates was hired, while Wilbur Smith Associates was paying her a sum of $42,500 from 2007 to 2009. Then Rep. Nikki Haley served on the Labor Commerce and Industry Committee from  2006-2008. In 2009 she served on the Education … Continue reading

On Gov. Nikki Haley watch her Cabinet’s lack of oversight: $4.75 million Grant Trust used to lure Boeing / Vought lost tax-exemption for not filing taxes in 3 Years

A $4.75 million South Carolina Department of Commerce grant placed in a Trust, that would be used to lure Boeing to South Carolina hasn’t filed for taxes in at least three years.  On Governor Nikki Haley’s watch the Ashley-Cooper Rivers Environmental Trust (ACRET) lost its tax-exemption in 2015. Boeing and Vought one in the same. Prior to any … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley Job Announcement Cabinet/Several state Agency heads have promised to give tax credits to Advanced Manufacturing & Power Systems, Inc. which spent 2012/2013 in Bankruptcy court

  Advanced Manufacturing & Power Systems, Inc., which is located in Florida; was in Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court for 2012 and 2013. They were being sued by  the U.S. government. In an article ran by the GSA business, it clearly stated plans for the S.C. Coordinating Council for Economic Development to provide credits to Advanced … Continue reading

Appointees and Cabinet to Gov. Nikki Haley transferred restricted funding for Roads, Sewage, Rails, and Rural Roads to Gov. Haley’s Corporate Welfare fund

Since Governor Nikki Haley took office the Governor’s appointees and cabinet have quietly transferred millions from funds set-aside to fix roads, sewage, rails, and improvements in rural communities to give to Governor Nikki as part of her package for certain counties as corporate give-aways, specifically called the ‘Governor’Closing Fund. Just in 2011 the Council which … Continue reading

SCDHEC Public Noticed issued 09/11/15 – While SCDHEC and Gov. Nikki Haley attack Planned Parenthood, SCDHEC has plans to loosen regulations on what Koch Brothers’s Invista can dump in your drinking waters

  You have within thiry days of date in writing to respond.  While SCDHEC and Governor Nikki Haley pretend nonsense that they should put to an end Planned Parenthood, Invista who we do know has pollution violations in the past seeks to modify its permit of pollutants that they can dump into the water.  You … Continue reading

Nikki Haley , Kershaw County government with Koch Brother’s Invista as Treasurer of its Economic Development Board lost tax exemption for failure to file taxes for three Consecutive Years

All those years Kershaw County economic committee fail to pay taxes the Koch Brothers company was Treasurer and still today they sit on this board run by Kershaw county government.  If you’ve heard of the Koch brothers than you know they like to run politics and have spent millions in politics.  Governor Nikki Haley has … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley makes friends with, Bosch, a company that lost its tax exemption for failure to file taxes for three years involving an Employee Welfare Benefit Trust

  No Governor Haley, I don’t you’ll find it a hard task of getting a company like, Bosch that lost it’s tax exemption for failure to file taxes for at least three years to stick around in South Carolina. With South Carolina being the give away state on tax incentives, what better place than South Carolina … Continue reading

In-spite South Carolina rankings in Domestic violence, in 2012 Gov. Nikki Haley decreased her own office, ‘Victim Assistance Funds’ while increasing funds to Commerce and Parks and Recreation,etc.

  In 2012 while Governor Haley was decreasing her own office Victim Assistance Funds, she increased ‘Other Funds’ to S.C. Commerce Dept and S.C. Parks and Recreation who spends state funding on the Heritage Golf Tournament.  Right after Gov. Haley took office she gave her administrative huge raises. South Carolina has float back and forth … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley, SC Law that exempts some Law Enforcement officers hours of training in Domestic Violence, as SC Ranking 1 for Women killed by Men

Two things, One Studies find domestic violence is more common among Police officer families and two South Carolina ranks number one in the nation for women being killed in domestic violence situation; and yet we have laws exempting some officers from the number of domestic violence training hours required for everyone else. Like water South … Continue reading

With African-American children making South Carolina largest percent of Emotional Disturbed Children;  For Years Gov. Nikki Haley has continuouly cut Medicaid  fund ‘Emotional Disturb Children’, in 2015 ‘Fund’ disappears

When some in South Carolina seek for Governor Nikki Haley to do a Medicaid expansion, Haley has been cutting funds specifically for children.  According to 2013 US department of Education report African-American children make up the largest percentage of emotional disturbed children in South Carolina.  Since Governor Nikki Haley took office, the Governor has decreased funding … Continue reading

Part 3 Before 2015 propose cut, Three years ago Nikki Haley was successful in getting Foster care funds cut,  translation Social Service (DSS) children living in Juvenile Detention Centers, Hotels, and County Offices

If children were a corporations they wouldn’t have to worry about their funding being cut by Governor Nikki Haley.  For corporations there is steady means to keep incentives flowing its way.  Coincidentally Nikki Haley is being sued in 2015. If you look carefully at the total for 2011-2012 and the beginning balance in 2012-2013 Governor’s proposal you will see … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley would have you to pay twice, She would require a Fee to keep traffic safe and running smoothly at big Events

Your taxes already provide funding to South Carolina Highway Patrol, but if Gov. Nikki Haley had her way someone will have to pay extra to control traffic. If Nikki Haley had her way it’ll cost extra if you want the high way patrol to keep traffic running smoothly at your next big event. The cost … Continue reading

Another Gov. Nikki Haley job announcement, CH2M, current defendant in South Carolina courts, along with several recent DOJ fines, Fraud, etc.

Within a matter of weeks Governor Nikki Haley proudly makes another job announcement involving a company sued by the Government. This time its the Department of Justices suing. I can’t help but remember how the Governor refuse to give benefits to the unemployed unless they passed a drug test. Governor Haley in the end had … Continue reading

Second Title –  In 2015 Nikki Haley tried to remove Statute requiring Voter Registrations, Election Commissions or boards to be compliant with Law or else be Removed

  The Confederate flag maybe down, but the means to disenfranchise South Carolina voters has just grown by leaps in 2015. Little known to South Carolina residents know that under the radar through a budget proposals, Governor Haley started the ball rolling removing legislation requiring the South Carolina Election Commission of posting election procedure changes … Continue reading

Under the Radar in 2015 Gov. Nikki Haley and SC Legislature remove Statute requiring Election Commission to post any New Election Procedures to its Website

The Confederate flag maybe down, but the means to disenfranchise South Carolina voters has just grown by leaps in 2015. Little known to South Carolina residents know that under the radar through a budget proposals, Governor Haley started the ball rolling removing legislation requiring the South Carolina Election Commission of posting election procedure changes to … Continue reading

Embarrassing – Gov. Nikki Haley, The South Carolina Minority Commission receives less funding than the S.C. Confederate Relic Room and Museum

Embarrassing, the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Museum which doesn’t  help in providing jobs, education, health care, etc; receives more funding than the South Carolina Minority Commission which provides all these services and more.  Besides the money the state gives to the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum; the museum also receives money from people who can … Continue reading

Flight manifest, Flight Log, and schedule for Nikki Haley don’t match and don’t explain an excessive number of back and forth trips to Charleston in one day

In a day that included Jeb Bush and a speaking engagement at Hibernian Society in Charleston that evening, a legislative meeting, etc. nothing explains Governor Nikki Haley, her husband, and Charlotte Mckee extra trip to Charleston. Interesting transparency on the behalf of the Governor.  The following information is concerning one day, March 17, 2015. March 17, 2015 7 AM … Continue reading

South Carolina Contractor and company caught cheating South Carolina by Federal Government and Nikki Haley and her Cabinet do nothing

While South Carolina Transportation Secretaries come and go Governor Nikki Haley is still here. Perhaps the Governor can explain why this company is still eligible to get state funding and yet the federal government said this company and owner are ineligible to receive federal funds. Maybe I miss something but this company lied to South … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley says Government is Deadweight, but South Carolina Chamber Commerce and affiliates she gives key Positions to, seeks federal grants and assistance; while lobbying and making Federal and State campaign donations

Governor Nikki Haley made the following statement: “Government is the deadweight we all drag behind us.” We can call this, hypocrisy, the business organization, Governor Nikki Haley heavily relies on and has placed in key committees and taskforces in South Carolina government seeks federal assistance while lobbying and making Federal and State campaign donations. Apparently … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley hides the truth, Even with Summer Peak Hiring already began, South Carolina ranks 4th for worst unemployment and number of people out of work increased

New numbers are out.  Well, actually South Carolina is the third worst state in the United States for worst unemployment if you exclude D.C.  In-spite Governor Haley’s claims of job creation, since March the number of South Carolina residents out of work has grown. Even with the summer hiring peak, which begins in April more … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley left out the part where Tax Payers are giving Volvo some Grants, the Cost to build, and Property

After reading the ordinance just past tonight by Berkeley County Council pertaining to Volvo agreement, I was left thinking that Berkeley County seems to be the one spending but that $500 million Volvo is supposed to be investing just vanished. Gov. Nikki Haley left out the part that Tax payers will be covering Volvo’s cost to … Continue reading

Nikki Haley failure to recognize South Carolina’s low-income, Lauren’s County Health Care System Stable Outlook has been Removed

In a matter of days just in April another county’s health care system looks bleak and like the previous county the information was there for the Governor to see that Laurens County and as previous blogged Clarendon County Hospital District were severely losing money because the low-incomes of its citizens isn’t enough to supports its … Continue reading

Troubled DSS housing children in Hotels, but Gov. Nikki Haley proposes to Transfer 6.6 million from DSS to help fund SC Health and Human Services because she refuses Medicaid Expansion

What no rooms?  DSS is housing children in Hotels and just this week one child goes missing and Governor Nikki Haley, who refuses Medicaid expansion, has proposed plans to transfer $6.6 millions from South Carolina Department of Social Services  and $341,036 from Continuum of Care (COC) to give to South Carolina Department of Health and Human … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley strikes out stipulation, requiring the Governor to meet level of funds to pay State Employees

Sounds reasonable for the state to appropriate funds to pay for state employee positions, the Governor should recommend the required level of funds so that the positions are fully funded.  Well apparently Governor Nikki Haley disagrees with that stipulation, and wants it eliminated. The Governor’s actions are not what you call fiscal responsible. The stipulation … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley and her Husband use the State’s Plane to travel to RBC Heritage Golf Tournament Closing Ceremony, while  arguing the House  tries to increase the State’s Debt

“(GP: State Owned Aircraft – Maintenance Logs) …….. Any and all aircraft owned or operated by agencies of the State Government shall be used only for official business.” In a week where Governor Nikki Haley argued to her Facebook followers, that the House tried to run up the state’s debt; she and her husband, Michael … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley, the current S.C. House Bill banning Collective Bargaining could mean, South Carolina looses $71,963,842 in Transit Funds from the United States Dept. of Transportation

According to the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) collective bargaining shall be made part of a state’s Department of Transportation’s contract.  In a South Carolina House Bill introduced this year, would ban the state from entering into agreements with private companies involved in collective bargaining.  However if  you read the 2015 SC DOT contract agreement it includes collective … Continue reading

For Consecutive years Gov. Nikki Haley proposed cuts to Police Training, etc while her Cabinet funded the Heritage Golf Tournament

For consecutive years, the priorities of Governor Nikki Haley have been to propose cuts to police training, the employment of police, and giving money to counties, municipalities and state agencies for law enforcement; while her cabinet help fund the Heritage Golf Tournament. ***To note there are other law enforcement cuts besides the one listed below that … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley Cabinet, SC Dept of Commerce Nepotism, No Bids; while April Kelly worked there, the Dept paid her newly created Business to fund-raise for them

The well-connected get richer and your average South Carolina small business struggles or closes. April Kelly already an employee of the South Carolina Department of Commerce just creates a business in 2012 and she gets paid thousands for fundraising by SC Dept. of Commerce. The SC Dept of Commerce is a Cabinet of Governor Nikki … Continue reading

Very Telling Nikki Haley recent job announcements, Daimler, O’neal, Inc., and Continental tires have either sat on a Legislative Committee or currently sit on a Task Force; and SC Dept of Commerce, April Allen to Continental Tire

Maybe, Tax incentives aren’t the only thing being given out to make corporations in South Carolina happy. I don’t remember any corporation running for election, but apparently more and more they are at the center of it all influencing how states are run. Very telling just looking at a couple of recent companies I blogged about from … Continue reading

Gov. Nikki Haley Expansion or relocating Workers, Florida Spring Water Vanishing, and a Florida Bottling Company shows up to buy Hickory Spring Bottling; Odd Hickory Spring Bottling’s  competitor, President and Executives, sit as its Director prior to any so-call buyout

Silver Springs Bottled Water Co. buying Hickory Spring Bottling in Calhoun County and it’s certainly not the ideal Governor Nikki Haley wants you to believe. South Carolina is what you would call a last resort for a company whose water resource is vanishing, and 2nd Silver Springs Bottled Water Inc. already operates Hickory Springs Bottling. … Continue reading

Coincidence Nikki Haley reduction in the State Library Employee Benefits, who also provides funds to Counties Libraries such as Richland who are involved with Collective Bargaining with Employees

Is it just a coincidence? I certainly found it strange that the Governor felt the need to decrease employer contribution for library workers from prior year. Governor is willing to provide funding for technology, but she refused to fill the library request for more funds for its employees. After seeing a 2014 Richland County report … Continue reading

Keep your vote S.C. Koch paid $250,000 or more at Education Symposium Nikki Haley attended, but she urges voters to call the House to trust the Governor to pick Superintendent of Education and not You

Keep your vote. On her Facebook page as Governor Nikki Haley tries to urge voters to call the House to tell them to allow the Governor to pick the Superintendent of Education, I urge South Carolinians to keep your vote. We know how politics run for some in South Carolina when it comes to education … Continue reading

Is it a Coincidence, Nikki Haley, Daimler Expansion comes after Charleston County Cancellation of a separate Bids for vans and buses something; Daimler manufactures

The Beginning of March it was announced Daimler’s expansion of its Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans in North Charleston. Daimler owns more than one plant in South Carolina; such as Daimler also makes buses in South Carolina at its subsidiary named Thomas Built Buses, Inc. On March 2, 2010 this was the headline for School Transportation News: … Continue reading

Nikki Haley own self-interest, In 2014 South Carolina began Investing the State’s Employees Retirement in Boeing

While in 2014 Nikki Haley received over 20 donations from Boeing Co. and its executives just in 2014; South Carolina began investing the states employee retirement in Boeing. While Governor Nikki Haley pretends interest in ethics reform and the likely chance the Republican majority legislature will water down any real ethics reform or kick the … Continue reading

Running things like ALEC, Tax-Payer and Corporate funded, the Council of State Governments (CSG); in a 2012 Biography, state they had a Collaboration with ALEC

Before ALEC even existed the Council of State Governments was taking tax-payers money to create a collaboration with big corporations/their donors in writing legislations. At some point in your life some Governor or Elected Officials will say they can’t afford some kind of spending but then they didn’t tell they are spending our tax dollars … Continue reading

Tax Payers funded and Corporate funded, Southern States Energy Board, with ALEC adopt Word for Word model from another Corporate Sponsored and Tax-Payer funded Council of State Governments another group that resembles ALEC

Southern States Energy Board, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and Council of State Governments (CSG) are all corporate funded but two are also state funded. Well, then again depended on where you live you, ALEC in some states I’ve seen has received money from state. This takes lobbying to another level and somewhere actual citizens/tax … Continue reading

Information shows the Southern States Energy Board in which all Southern Governors sits, adopted information produced by ALEC as their legislation model addressing Congress

When I started researching the Southern States Energy Board they reminded me of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC); and after having written already three blogs on the SSEB, and still following up with continued research I have information that the Southern State Energy Board is using information produced from ALEC and using that as … Continue reading

By Federal law, South Carolina State University being one of the 106 only Land-Grant Institutions in the United States the SC Legislature is required to match its Federal funding not close the School

Unlike other colleges and universities in South Carolina except for Clemson University, South Carolina State University is one of two institutions in South Carolina with protected funding that would go back to 1890. In most states there is one designated higher institution but in the South there maybe two schools. Considering the number of universities … Continue reading

Flip-Flop – Nikki Haley was against raising the Gas Tax, before She was for it; and now She’s Bully and Threatens her Party if they don’t support Her

What has happen between Governor Nikki Haley’s 2013 State of the State Address to the new speculations that began in 2014 that Governor Nikki Haley would be raising the gas tax?  The Governor has left out a lot of details between 2013 and 2015 on her abrupt turn-around.  Rather than explanations, what we get are reports that the … Continue reading

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