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Since in Office, Nikki Haley’s office has cut 50% funding to Sistercare, which serves counties with some of the highest number of Domestic Abuse cases

Data over a decade ago show that some of the same counties with high domestic abuse are some of the same counties in recent data reports with a high number of domestic abuse cases, so Governor Nikki Haley can’t claim there was a sudden DECREASE in domestic cases in these surrounding counties. In fact there has been an increase for some of these areas; and yet Governor Nikki Haley has given 50% less in fewer funds; while giving more to other organizatins for other areas of counties who show significantly less, by thousands in fewer cases for domestic abuse. Apparently Governor Nikki Haley and her office didn’t read any reports, because if they did or if they truly cared I think the last areas you would decrease funding would be in areas with a high number of domestic abuse cases.
South Carolina Governor's Office of Executive Policy and Programs (OEPP) Continue reading

Unsympathetic, Nikki Haley trying to remove a Statute that specifically protects from Budget Cuts a Special Camp for Young People with Physical Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses

Governor Nikki Haley spent $127,000 going to Europe on South Carolina citizens money and she gives millions in incentive package to companies such as the $120 millions to one particular company who said they had NO guarnatee of that they would be expanding in South Carolina; she proposed an unlimited budget to a task force made up by donors and lobbyist; she has no problem giving yearly $50,000 to another lobbyist organization that is known to be under investigation by the FBI and IRS for Recreation and tourism; and some how for a few days a year she doesn’t think it worth it to make sure the funds are there for young people with physical disabilities and chronic illness to have a camp just for them to go to. Continue reading

Nikki Haley trying to remove funding going South Carolina Research and South Carolina State University Business Program

Governor Nikki Haley says she wants to make it capable for all schools to have access to high speed intenet modern education technologies but she wants to cut funding for South Carolina Research. Governor Nikki Haley is all for business, but apparently not for the South Carolina State University, because the governor is trying to … Continue reading

A Nikki Haley goes after funding helping Special Needs Students to attend Colleges and Universities

Just like other programs for African-Americans, the poor; Nikki Haley has eliminated programs, juggle around funding or has either put a very, very smaller cap on funds. And if you see one of the governor’s latest proposal then you don’t have to wonder why a stated funded university such as Clemson has on their website asking for donations to fund their student’s tuition.

In 2013 the New York Times reported a 72% increase from 2011-12 from 2007 with students being diagnosed with autism, Asperger syndrome, or a related developmental disorder development disorders. In 2012 the Atlantic wrote an article titled “Why So Many Babies Are Still Being Born With Down Syndrome.” I think clearly the title recognizes a need for more help, but that need for help doesn’t appear to be something Governor Nikki Haley has recognized.

If special needs students were a charter, private school, or home bound schooling Governor Nikki Haley would have come up with a voucher or tax-exemption so these parents could send their children to school, but since they are not a charter, private, or home bound schools these students have been left out in the cold by Governor Nikki Haley. Continue reading

Nikki Haley pushes Next Generation agenda of Little known APEE, whose Executive Board consists of Economic Reps from Clemson, College of Charleston, Koch Foundation and Cato Institute

If it wasn’t Grover Norquist’s tax pledge it was ALEC, and once again another group is going after the education system in this country to push their pro-business and anti-union, anti-people economics. While ALEC has been involved in current legislature, there sits another organization that is looking for a legacy in the next generation to … Continue reading

Governor Nikki Haley 2014 Proposal puts at risk Babies and Toddlers

First posted January 20, 2014. From the very beginning Nikki Haley was trying to end reauthorization of FirstSTeps. First Step says their program is successful, and yet Nikki Haley won’t believe their success. Overall Charters schools in the state have a failing grade in this state year after year and yet Governor Haley sought more … Continue reading

For 2014 Nikki Haley wants to end Clemson and Francis Marion School Programs that train Teachers how teach Students living in Poverty

Out of sight out of mind, If Governor Nikki Haley can’t recognize that having teachers that can to teach students living in poverty in this state, than surely she doesn’t recognize that there will also be an achievement gap.  For all Nikki Haley’s talk of her new education roll out, that is nothing more than a … Continue reading

2014 Records show Nikki Haley is trying to remove legislative oversight that tells the SC Legislature to review South Carolina’s bond debt, also Included an ex. of a Negative Moody Rating for a S.C. School District Municipal Bond

Not very fiscal at all, very quietly for 2014 Nikki Haley has proposed to strike out a legislature measure that calls for the South Carolina legislature to evaluate South Carolina indebtedness. Governor Nikki Haley wants the South Carolina Legislature to follow her, but not to ask questions. What is Governor Nikki Haley trying to hide? … Continue reading

Consecutive Years show overall South Carolina Charter Schools are At-Risk, but Nikki Haley proposes more funding because she think African-American and Hispanic students will do better in them (She wants to get rid of successful gifted program in public schools)

As mentioned in previous blog Governor Nikki Haley is getting rid of a gifted program that is a part of public schools that has proved to be a success for all ethnic groups. Let me stress real because a ‘real’ public school is not a charter school. Charter schools supporters just call themselves public schools … Continue reading

Nikki Haley’s new education proposal eliminates a program recognized for helping Gifted African-American and poor students so she can fund private and home bound schooling

This program has been so much a success that there has been an increase in the number of students entering into the gifted program in South Carolina. That increase of students entering into such advanced programs also means the need for more money; however the funding for this program has not increased with the number of students entering into the program and now Governor Nikki Haley plans are to eliminate that program so that she can fund private and home bound schooling.

If public schools were a business, Governor Nikki Haley would have been offering them bond incentives to expand rather than eliminating such program.

A program that has been recognized nationally, for its aggressiveness to help African-American students and the poor Continue reading

One lobbyist begs for more Money, but South Carolina prohibits tax payer money to fund lobbyist and yet Nikki Haley spends Tax Payer money on them

South Carolina records show tax payer funded lobbying is prohibited and the National Conference of State Legislature in 2013 records reports that out of all the states South Carolina is among ten states that prohibit state Agencies to use public funds to keep lobbyists, however Governor Nikki Haley has blatantly put them in the kind … Continue reading

Nikki Haley holds her Constituents meeting at this Lobbyist group well-known to be under investigation by the FBI and IRS, but she can’t believe the unemployed aren’t on Drugs

If you’re unemployed Governor Nikki Haley won’t trust you but if you are lobbyist Governor Nikki Haley will put all her faith in you. Governor Nikki Haley said before the unemployed could receive their unemployed benefits they had to be tested for drugs.  For example, Nikki Haley said the people who applied for jobs at … Continue reading

ALEC – Another Nikki Haley’s Task Force, this one with Campaign Supporters and Business Lobbyists, NFIB, funded by Karl Rove, Koch Brothers, and Donor Trust who also fund ALEC and American for Prosperity

I am blogging this in response to Nikki Haley and her campaign or bragging about an endorsement from conservative lobbyist, NFIB wich happens to sit on her task force and received millions from Karl Rove and the Koch brothers. Nikki Haley and her campaign using this endorsement to the fool the public. My latest blog: Titiled: While Nikki Haley and her Campaign brag about small business endorsement from NFIB, Did they tell You NFIB gets Millions from Karl Rove; The Koch Brothers; and the Governor put them on her Regulatory Review Task Force Continue reading

Nikki Haley gives Campaign Donors unlimited funding while She continuously Guts Medicaid and DEPT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES to Pieces, Comparison from 2010-2013

Since Mark Sanford left the Governor’s Office, Governor Nikki Haley has gutted the Medicaid services for the poor and the youngest of society year after year non-stop. In the mean time she has benefited herself and her campaign donors.
Watch the growing numbers and section, Governor Nikki Haley proposes to be taken out. Year after year Nikki Haley has expanded her resolve to cut even deeper into Medicaid and the Health and Human Services. I have included a comparison to see how Governor Nikki Haley proposal are cuts that wipe out whole sections concerning Medicaid and the Health and Human Service. You will find that once Nikki Haley has marked out whole sections she moves on to a different section to cut everything out of it. Year after Year…
Continue reading

Pay to Play, Nikki Haley vetoes bill to state Campaign Donor/Lobbyist Chamber of Commerce should be involved in I-95 matters, well the SC Chamber of Commerce CEO owns the Orangeburg County line

There are several ways something can become Pay to Play and in the case of Nikki Haley, the following definition and subject matter applies:  taken from Wikipedia it states Typically, the payer (an individual, business, or organization) makes campaign contributions to public officials, party officials, or parties themselves, and receives political or pecuniary benefit such as no-bid government contracts, influence over legislation, political appointments or nominations, special access or other favors. The contributions, less frequently, may be to nonprofit or institutional entities, or may take the form of some benefit to a third party, such as a family member of a governmental official. Continue reading

In the Guise of ALEC Nikki Haley statement that Government should be working together with this Campaign Donor/Business Lobbyist on Interstate-95

What was missing from a bill that Governor Nikki Haley would veto? A business lobbyist/campaign contributor was missing. When did it become Ok for those who make contribution to candidates and lobby can also have a direct hand in how things are govern? Even the American Legislative Exchange Council still lies about their actions even though … Continue reading

Over Two Years the DOE has voiced concerns over SRS site and Now Absentee Governor Nikki Haley Speaks

Over two years ago the Department of Energy said something had to be done about the Savannah River Site and there was no response from Governor Nikki Haley. When you’re an absentee governor I guess your escape is to blame someone else. Governor Nikki Haley has been to Paris on $127,000 of tax payer’s money; … Continue reading

South Carolina Your Health, Nikki Haley tried to Veto EPA funding on the Opinion of South Carolina Superintendent of Education Mick Zais

Most recently South Carolina Superintendent of Education Mick Zais is known for his comments that South Carolina public schools should have NO limits on the ratio of students to a classroom, and yet some how when it comes environmental protection, Nikki Haley takes up her veto pen to cut funding environmental protection on the opinon … Continue reading

Nikki Haley loves Proposing cut and Vetoes to Education, but has no objection to the State funding Clemson University’s Think-Tank, which some of the Faculty has a current involvement with Koch brother’s Institutes while also sitting on the board with Koch Foundation on one University School board in Alabama

Governor Nikki Haley can object to the funding of literacy programs, student public service, and South Carolina State University using lottery money to provide a mentor program to High School Students of the I-95 Corridor of Shame to become teachers, etc., but you won’t find her stopping the state of South Carolina from funding a … Continue reading

Part 2, In 2013 Nikki Haley Proposed to end lottery funding for South Carolina State University Mentoring for Minority Students to be Teachers from I-95 Corridor of Shame, while proposing to fund a group affiliated with lobbying and political donatons still under investigation since 2010

This is a follow-up on Governor Nikki Haley’s growing and continued lack of concern for the education in South Carolina versus those with business ties and influence.  From Governor Nikki Haley’s incentive packages that continued to result in not the job numbers she claims to her continued courting the interest of those groups through their … Continue reading

In 2013 Nikki Haley vetoed funding for a Literary program and Student Public Services, while proposing funding for a lobbyist organization that’s been under Investigation since 2010

This was originally posted on November 19, 2013. I have decided to reblog this blog to serve as a reminder that before this was an election year that Governor Nikki Haley showed no interest in education let alone specifically literacy. In 2013 Governor Nikki Haley was vetoed funding for literacy program. Governor Nikki Haley claims … Continue reading

Follow up Nikki Haley bartering with campaign donor, lobbyist, SC Chamber and it’s affiliates to Military Task Force – SC Chamber of Commerce wrote about it’s interest in military Contracts, selling point to members it notifies them about bids, and one Chamber registered seeking state contracts

Did Nikki Haley help out herself and her campaign donor the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and some it’s affiliated by putting them on a Military task force in 2013?   The Chamber is in the business of making money and one of the thing the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce is selling is that … Continue reading

Governor Nikki Haley Bartering for support, She puts lobbyist and her campaign donor the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce on a Military Task Force, What do they have to do with the Military

Governor Nikki Haley putting lobbyist on her team to get support of the business community. In return the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce gets free promotion. What does the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce have to do with the military, except there are military contracts to be offered. The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce are … Continue reading

Nikki Haley has been filing campaign Expenditures for Auto Insurance since elected – a Personal Expense, Everyone has to Carry Auto Insurance

“Use of campaign funds for personal expenses is prohibited” South Carolina Ethics Commission
Everybody has to have auto insurance so how does Governor Haley get to file auto insurance payments as campaign expenditures. Even after the Governor was elected records show she has filed auto insurance payments as campaign expenditures. Continue reading

Nikki Haley’s appointed South Carolina Republican Port Authority appeals court decision that there wasn’t enough study on the environmental impact, when the fact is they canceled the Study

Governor Nikki Haley’s Republican appointed South Carolina Port Authority board canceled funding for a feasibility study for expanding the Charleston ports but it’s move to fund millions to creating an interstate exchange in Berkeley County. Now Nikki Haley’s Port Authority board wants to appeal a federal judge’s decision that not enough studies were done on … Continue reading

For the years Nikki Haley served in the States House of Representative, the House and Senate Committee Archives are missing

The House Committees archives missing means the committees Nikki Haley once sat on are missing. Nikki Haley sat on three committees. Is this what Nikki Haley calls transparency, both the South Carolina Archives for the House and the Senate Committees are missing? Will she blame it on a hacker? Nikki Haley deleted her emails when she first ran for governor. Did the governor decide to remove the Continue reading

Under Nikki Haley’s watch, a 2013 Audit Report reveals You can’t Trust the numbers concerning South Carolina’s Revenues

In a June 2013 report that doesn’t even mention the infamous hacking showed that under Governor Nikki Haley’s watch the operation of the South Carolina Department of Revenue in several areas does not meet the required standards required by state laws and regulations. Even after Governor Nikki Haley January 1, 2013 appointment of William M. Blume who was a member of her Cabinet to be the Agency Director for the South Carolina Department of Revenue (DOR), the agency proves still dis not meet the required standards. Continue reading

Can Nikki Haley explain why on a states website for Small Businesses and Minorities contracts it labels some businesses as ‘Traditional Male’ and ‘Traditional Female’

Is South Carolina mocking minorities? Under Nikki Haley’s office they have set up a special website just for minorities and small businesses to obtain the necessary paper work and filing codes if you are a Women, Hispanics, African-Americans, Native Americans, or Asian-Pacific, or small businesses to fill out to be consider for a contract with the state. However there is no code listing for ‘Traditional Male’, but ‘Traditional male’ is listed several times for several different companies as receiving 22% of these contracts. Continue reading

2008-2012 American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)’s state contributions or paid expenses to South Carolina Candidates such as Nikki Haley, also included Candidates from other states

The following campaign contributions came directly from American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Only $75 was contributed from an employee working for ALEC. ALEC is a 501 c 3 group, prohibited from such activity.

1400 SRS workers furlough, Nikki Haley lack of interest in the SRS site over Yucca Mountain Protest over American waste, while South Carolina accepts Foreign waste

In-spite of lay offs due to the sequester, furloughs because of a government shutdown, or Governor Nikki Haley’s lack of interest the Savannah River Nuclear Solutions LLCProject Continue reading

Between Mark Sanford and Nikki Haley, Can they explain why there is no Data explaining how the President’s American Recovery And Investment Act $130 million given Directly to the Governor’s Office was Spent, other SC recipients or Agencies reported their spending

Governor Mark Sanford and Governor Nikki Haley, have both spurned the President Barack Obama and the federal government, so a surprise the South Carolina governor’s office got money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. However, where is the money? All states were supposed to report how the American’s people money was being … Continue reading

Nikki Haley Opposed the Yucca Mountain closing but didn’t mind rolling over and making a settlement with Nuclear Energy company that sued the State, donates to Republicans, while lobbying

In 2010 Nikki Haley opposed President Obama closing Yucca mountain in the fear more waste material would come to the state. Nikki Haley and her board seemed quite agreeable when it came to a Republican donor dumping its waste while she made a proposal that the Attorney General would be allowed $700,000 in a suit opposing the Yucca Mountain closing Continue reading

Did Nikki Haley Really Create Jobs, Remember that Announcement – Boeing buys Vought & Boeing bringing Jobs to SC, but Boeing was already here; Boeing is also named Vought; They are one in the Same Company that Laid off 400 Workers in N. Charleston coincidently after Vought Employees supported Forming Union; also the N. Charleston Hiring Freeze; and Latest Boeing NO Guarantee on how many Jobs will Be Created even after Nikki Haley Signs over a $120 million Bond incentive

The NLRB was really on to something more than they even know when they believed Boeing shut down it’s Washington plant because it’s employees were in favor of Unions. Just like the Koch brothers own several companies, in different names Boeing is no different. Boeing being Vought isn’t hidden information, it’s just they didn’t bother to tell any one that information. So when this announcement came Boeing created jobs in Charleston Boeing just bother to reveal that is actually more than one company and one of the other company it is Vought. However being that prior year Vought laid off employees, I call in to Question, did Boeing really create jobs are just replace 400 laid off workers.
Continue reading

Can Nikki Haley and Koch Brother’s Georgia-Pacific claim responsibility for Job Creations; She wasn’t Governor when GP purchased Sites that were still under construction from a Company in BankRuptcy; that Company invested already $300 million since 2005 building both sites, Can Koch say that

CAN Nikki Haley Credit for something that had nothing that had to with her. The prior owner began building its two sites in South Carolina around 2005 long before Nikki Haley had even made her run for governor. And the decision that Georgia-Pacific decided to purchased the previous owner was in 2010. Nikki Haley got … Continue reading

All of the South Carolina Ethics Commissioners seat will be Opened by the end of June 30, 2013, and quietly Governor Nikki Haley Gets to Appoint new Commissioners (Updated with current Commissioner List)

If You ever wondered how does Nikki Haley get accused of so many ethics violation but always gets away with it. To be specific there are nine seats to the South Carolina Commissioner Ethics board and they are all appointed by the governor; then again I could tell you all the seats were never filled; then again I could tell you we have members who seats are expired; or then again I could tell you South Carolina has no outside oversight into South Carolina ethics.

And on a side note if it’s been this long that some of the seats haven’t been filled or they have either expired who is to say that Governor Nikki Haley will be appointing anyone to the South Carolina Ethics Commission. Now that would be certainly one way of avoiding being charged with ethic violations.

Will Nikki Haley fill the South Carolina Ethics Commission seats; leave all seats empty; fill with supporters; or NO watchful eye *Period* ? Continue reading

What’s in Governor Nikki Haley Old House of Representative Campaign Account, Peculiar Activity and its 2013

Why does the Governor Nikki Haley show activity in her old state House of Representative bank account and its 2013? When Nikki Haley ran for Governor she resign from her postion as a House of Representative of the state in 2010. I would guess then between running for governor in 2010 your money would in … Continue reading

Koch Brother’s Company being a U.S. Port Operator ties it to Nikki Haley’s Savannah Port Expansion, that same Koch Company is listed also as a South Carolina Vendor according to S.C. Government records, a Follow-up

This is a follow-up to a blog I posted back in December 15, 2011 titled “Koch Industries Will Likely Benefit from Nikki Haley’s Decision on the Savannah Port Approval”, which was followed by a couple more blogs upon that topic. You would have to call it a fishtail story if the Koch brothers denied they … Continue reading

Nikki Haley’s Expenditures with SCDHEC CEO, Allen Amsler within days of Expenditures with Lobbyist PAC (Georgia fundraiser) and Karen Floyd of the South Carolina Port Authorities (Former SC Republican State Chair)

2010 election is over but in 2011, Nikki Haley’s campaign would continue to show some peculiar expenditures that should raise the question how come those with so many ties to the hot topic issue of the Savannah Ports Dredging were also a part of the Governor’s campaign expenditures within days of each others. Shortly following … Continue reading

Nikki Haley’s free Gas

Why don’t we all run for office and get someone else to pay for our fuel. Whether you are using public transportation, are driving your own vehicle most of us will be using our own money to pay for these things. By law we are required to have auto insurance, and when in need and due to wear and tear we have auto repairs, we don’t run for office to get these things paid for. Continue reading

Coincidence Nikki Haley campaign has expenditures with Lobbyist Pac, McKenna, Long & Aldridge responsible for Georgia Port Authority Fundraiser and Within a few days Haley has expenditures with Karen Floyd of the South Carolina Port Authorities for an Event we Don’t Know About

How is that legal a sitting governor has expenditures from more than one group with something to gain. Two things in common Nikki Haley’s campaign shows expenditures within days of each other to a Political Action Committee with ties to members of the Georgia Port Authorities and to Karen Floyd the treasurer to the South … Continue reading

Nikki Haley, 2010 and 2014 run for Governor, her Campaign Gave violated rules gives small amounts of money to other PACs

Records show listed for Nikki Haley’s campaign funds that a small amount of money was given out of her campaign funds towards Political PACs. Under South Carolina rules about campaign funds it is prohibited to take political funds and give to another candidate. In consideration it is unfair for candidates to take a donor’s money … Continue reading

Nikki Haley’s Gets two Political Contribution from Koch Brother’s Lobbyist Organization

Right before Nikki Haley’s April celebration with the Koch Brothers concerning a new building operations in South Carolina she was given two different donations by Koch’s lobbyist organization. In March 2013 with in weeks of the celebrations where Nikki Haley and the Koch brothers stood at the State House and her plans for more celebration … Continue reading

Buying Votes, Governor Nikki Haley Makes Legislature Proposal Giving Funds to a Lobbyist Group, Even though it’s a Lobbyist and it puts at a Disadvantage Businesses that Choose not to be a Member

Well that’s certainly one way the Governor can votes for the 2016 elections. Governor Nikki Haley’s Proposal leaves out the business person who chooses not to be represented by a Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce is nothing more than a lobbyist. For the most part in the state of South Carolina the Chamber … Continue reading

Revision to Confirms, Georgia Port Authorities, James S. Balloun that hands Nikki Haley the Money 2011, Still Working with Koch Brothers even in 2010. (Balloun is said to Have Retired Years Ago and Koch Brothers have a long history working with Prior and Current Governors on GA’s Water Issues

is a revision concerning of the series of blog concerning Georgia Port Authorities that was posted DECEMBER 16, 2011, titled: “Nikki Haley Savannah Port Decision, Koch Industries, Georgia Ports Authoritiy Members, a Water Tack Force, Gov. Perdue’s Lobbyist, their Past and Current Involvement, a GOP Flock That Sticks Together”. Prior blog was “Koch Industries Will … Continue reading

Republican’s Big Donors Koch Industries More than One Lobbyist Sitting and Involved in Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Governmental Boards, and Georgia waters for years, then there was Nikki Haley’s Savannah Port Decision

Does Koch Industries run Georgia. I Imagine they know about Nikki Haley’s Casino plans and Savannah’s Cruise Line Plans. The Coincidence Georgia leaders are talking Keystone XL, Koch’s former lobbyist who worked for the lobbyist group that held Nikki a fundraiser is the same lobbying for the Keystone XL. Koch’s has a history of being … Continue reading

Nikki Haley’s Casino talks, the ties to Savannah admitting Plans to Steal Charleston’ Cruise line, and One Georgia Port Authority Member has Insider Investments Maybe Tied to Savannah Port Expansion

So Why would Nikki Haley allow Georgia who has admitted to steal Charleston’s cruise line business, because there are major talk of a major gambling casino between Savannah and South Carolina. That’s why Nikki Haley is talking tourism, and interesting enough, why is she so beholden to Savannah. How much did they pay for her … Continue reading

Nikki Haley News Highlights for the Month of February 2012

The House recently overturned Nikki Haley’s veto to approve Savannah moving ahead and expanding border. Also in February Senator Lindsey Graham thanked the President for $3.5 million in funds to be given to Charleston for expanding ports. This week Nikki Haley at a Press Conference at the Republican Governors Association ask for the President to … Continue reading

Nikki Haley Talks about Expanding SC Tourism, I Guess She Overlooks Savannah Admits One Reason Port Expansion was to Steal Charleston’s Cruise Line Business by Creating Their Own Cruise Line (She Grants Savannah Permission to Expand)

Interesting Nikki Haley saying South Carolina should increase its tourism business, she should have thought of that before she agreed to allow Savannah the go ahead in expanding its ports. While Nikki Haley has pretty much ignored the Charleston Ports she has given Savannah to likely expand its tourism business. Besides other reasons given for … Continue reading

Long Before Nikki Haley’s Savannah Port Decision, Savannah already admitted Publicly Besides Expanding for Global Trade they had Plans to Steal Business From the Charleston Cruise Lines by Creating Their Own Competing Cruise Line

One of the reasons Savannah say they need to expand their Savannah Ports is to keep up with Global Trade, but that’s not the only reason. They have hopes of taking away some of the Charleston Cruise line business. Who is the person that’s helping them Nikki Haley. Nikki Haley Savannah Port decision means potential … Continue reading

South Carolina Republicans Leaders Violating U.S. Constitution in more than one Way, Making it Harder for Individuals or Groups to Register Citizens to Vote, Instead They Should Look in to Nikki Haley’s Donations don’t have Dates and Donors Gave over the Limited (Complete Bill H. 4549 Included)

Updated: The complete Bill 4549 has been included on the very bottom after you get past all of Nikki Haley’s illegal donations. I guess South Carolina Republicans don’t know those who register voters are protected under the U.S. Constitution just like the actual Voter.  What Republicans know  is that those who register others to vote … Continue reading

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