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Corporations Creating Charter Schools with Public School Money to Train Students To work for them in Manufacture Jobs, and No These Students Don’t Live in Beverly Hills

We have vocational schools and technical colleges, and prior to them in some high schools we do have programs that train students in certain fields from nursing, to mechanincs, to brick masing already. The differene here schools are trying to educate and corporations are trying to make a profit from America’s children. There is nothing wrong with a manufacturer job, but should be telling students because they come from a certain background that is all they can or will ever be. Why do we need to be removing our vocational programs from schools to have Corporate run Charter Schools being run with the use of Public School funding to train students just to work for certain companies? Since according to the Supreme Court majority conservative side of the bench have ruled corporations are now people, I guess the only people who are winning in this charter school deals are these corporations.

I should add corporations creating charter schools to find laborers is not the only plans they have in making profits off of schools. Broadbands have been suggested as a means corporatons are trying to profit also. This blog is just looking on charter schools being used to create a workforce for specific companies. In some instances corporations are brought in so also you have to wonder at the fact we don’t have a circle of investors that are cashing in on this as well.

If these corporations creating or sponsoring charter schools were really interested in education for all, rather than a highly questionable agenda, then they would donate their money to public schools and vocational schools that already set up to trainied students in certain fields. No these corporations that are involved are training to employ a work force, aren’t interested in teaching your 15 year old the world they only interested in can you help them meet their demand.

For a lot of high schools these vocational programs are used to encouraged students to remain in schools, but they to like everything else may face cuts, but corporations they want their cut of the money so they can be guarantee to make a big profit turn around.

Why do we need to create Charter Schools that just train students to work for certain corporations. Some corporations are involved in creating Charter schools for students not for the good that education can do in making a well rounded educated person but for profit. I just saw a report aired tonight by PBS Newshours on corporations involved in creating charter schools for the sole purpuse to trained students to work for them. I don’t think anyone will be surprised to guess these Students won’t get a lesson on standing up for their rights.
In the segment aired tonigt on PBS Newshour it talked about Reading, Pennsylvania. Reading is a town where currently people are being laid off. The segment talks about more than 100 years ago Reading was stong industial town. Currently there are 88,000 people with 41% below povertly lines with a family of four having an income of less than 22,000. They also have a high number of schools dropped out. The state had $900 million cut from their spending budget for K-12, with $17 million cut from the Reading school budget.

In Reading the I-LEAD Charter school has partnered up with local companies where students are trained and are guaranteed a jobs at these companies. Reading has a community college but apparently I-Lead Charter school founder Angel Figueroa isn’t satisfied with the community colleges involvement in vocational training, so instead she creates a Charter school that already does what the community college and what the high schools are doing. Ms. Figerora also made suggestion that they plan to seek more companies as well. In essence Ms. Figerora and her charter school is a partnership with corporations. To see a list of the companies involved and to watch the video you can go to this link for the PBS Newshour concerning that segment. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/education/july-dec11/amerigrad_11-21.html

To be sure that indeed Readings high-schools carried vocational programs a researched the districts requirements, and according to documents it is required for all their high schools to have vocational schools, and yet Ms. Figueroa and corporations are taking public school fundings from schools already lacking in funds.

But then as Bonnie Spayd says in referral of Reading students and these companies once they graduated she said the following: “This is the job you’re going to get to do. This is where you can with this. This is the pathway that we have”

So definitely these companies are guaranteed to profit from education.

Here is part of that document concerning Reading’s Vocation programs in their high schools. Also because public schools have to pay for the vocational programs in Charter school that corporation are allowed to profit from, they are also reffered to in the document as atvs.

§ 4.31. Vocational-technical education.
(a) Vocational-technical education courses shall be developed in the planned instruction format and be accessible to all high school students attending those grades in which vocational-technical education courses are offered. All students and their parents or guardians shall be informed of the students’ rights to participate in vocational-technical education programs and courses and that students with disabilities enrolled in the programs are entitled to services under Chapter 14 (relating to special education services and programs). Students who complete approved vocational-technical education programs shall have their occupational competency assessed by completion of the appropriate assessment under the Pennsylvania Skills Certificate Program or by completion of another occupational competency assessment approved by the Department. A student with a disability shall be provided appropriate accommodations when provided for in the student’s individualized education program. Students shall also demonstrate proficiency in meeting academic standards as required under § 4.24(a) (relating to high school graduation requirements), including § 4.12(f) (relating to academic standards) and § 4.24(e) for students with disabilities with an individualized education program.

(b) Vocational-technical education courses may be taught at AVTSs or other high schools.

While our public schools need improving we do not need charter schools because studies show very few do better than high schools, and why should these schools be paying for the very few and corporations trying
to make a profit. Let’s face a charitable giver doesn’t expect to receive and if that was the case with these companies in Reading they shouldn’t expect to have these students word for them. Instead money could have been given to public schools vocational programs or someone from these companies for free could give some training or classes for free, with out expecting to get anything back.

Just like these companies have shut down and skilled laborers were forced out of jobs, so stands the risk of students who are with out a school if these corporations decides to close a charter school. 12.5% of Charter schools in this country have closed. These students only trained to do one thing stand the risk of fallling behind their peer because that is all they have based their life on, not actually their dreams, but what these companies want. Eventually for some people doing the manual labor they also want to move up and have a chance to become executives which is at it should be, but there lies the problem the manual labor of manufacturing is all they have been trained for and not the business side.

After high Schoools have many vocational or trade schools after high schools that certainly help to gear students in the direction they want to go. Students at Charter schools
don’t get a chance to explore all the variety of trades that are offered because these corporate sponspor schools are only training students to work for them. In other words students are better served in high schools with vocational programs where they can also learn about the business side learning in high school which offers students a more well rounded education versus charter schools. Also beyond that high school students can attend vocational schools that offer a variety of programs that students can explore. These Corportate sponsor Charter Schools seeking to trained students for their companies are more likely seeking them to work after high schools. The reason why I say that is because these corporations will feel they have lost their investments if students have a chance to explore other fields that may offer and interest them more. In other words if you got students that attend these Charter Schools and when their done they hear with in addition of more advanced classes at a vocational program they can go into a different field not offer by that corporaton and pays more at a better company there is a chance they will take the vocational school. However for Corporations this means they don’t get what they want, which could leave them shutting down these schools, and students already left in the program will be stranded.

These Charter schools involves not training students to be anything you want to be, they are training students to do manual labor and become a robot for them. They aren’t training them to say you move up to become one of the top people running things making the decisions. I guarantee you these Charters Schools won’t be in Beverly Hills telling students were going to train you to do manual labor as if that’s all you could possibly become in this world. In your High Schools students can learn the business/administative side and the manual labor side.

Article Professor: Change name of charter schools to ‘corporate’ or ‘franchise’ schools because they are not what was intended

Western professor Gary Miron, who is nationally known for his charter school research, told the committee that the schools have strayed far from their original intent of being innovative, locally operated alternatives to traditional schools.
“They’ve gone away from those original charter ideas to the point that they should probably be called ‘corporate’ schools or ‘franchise’ schools instead,” Miron told the senators. “I like charter schools. I like the notion of charter schools. But what we’re talking about now is something that is very different. We need to go back to the original intent and goals.”
Miron said for-profit management companies dominate the charter landscape, and exercise such control over schools that local boards of education overseeing the schools have difficulty expressing authority or autonomy.

Obviously why in the world would we take away funding from public schools to give to corporations when public schools are trying to keep these vocational programs in their schools. These students should be alllowed to explore and be all they can be. For high schools vocational schools have been used as a means to keep students who don’t take your regular english and math classes from dropping out. Corporate charter schools also say that is why you should support them. What happens when the manufacture doors and these Charter school doors close?

The only people that should be profiting from a student’s education should be no one else, but these students.



Most of the information you will see comes from some Federal/state Government documents or Federal/State Governm Agency. -----------------------------------------------The fellow that can only see a week ahead is always the popular fellow, for he is looking with the crowd. But the one that can see years ahead, he has a telescope but he can't make anybody believe that he has it. ~~~~Will Rogers __The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.~ Albert Einstein ~"I never work better than when I am inspired by anger; for when I am angry, I can write, pray, and preach well, for then my whole temperament is quickened, my understandingsharpen​ed, and all mundane vexations and temptations depart.” ~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. _________________________________________________________________________________________ ~"The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and respectable Stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all Nations and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment".~___________________________________ George Washington, Address to the Members of the Volunteer Association of Ireland, December 2, 1783 Fredericacade@gmail.com


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