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‘Voting Matters’ Baton Rouge Metro Council (Video) proposal to mandate Police Body Cams for all Police continuously gets Voted down

Considering several months ago the Baton Rouge Police Chief is said to have switched the prior Police cam fell off, it be interested to find out if these were the old police cams used.
To the fairness of some in 2015, some members of the Baton Rouge Metro Council did see the urgency to mandate body cams. There were those that believed in getting it done now, to prevent Baton Rouge from becoming National news involving police brutality.

25:00 minutes into this video you will see the police dept as part of a pilot program. could have purchased the body cams without the need of council and 59 minutes in to this video you’ll see the money is there to buy more than enough body cameras but by the end of the video the council was unable to pass a mandate on Baton Rouge Police wearing body cams.

What can be done now? Vote

From state to state one incidence of Police brutality to the next, When the chance arise to do something you’ll find sometime politics will play an important role.

For those that aren’t registered to vote you need to be registered. For those that vote only for President, you need to vote also in your local and state-wide elections.

According to Baton Rouge Police Chief in June 2015 there was some was concern on the cost of storage, but Since June 2015 the Baton Rouge Metro Council have failed to have a successful vote mandating body cams.

Since this June 10th, 2015 meeting and before the recent murder of Alton Sterling, there have been other incident of police brutality.

In February 2016 a vote on body cams mandate was post-pone, but also in February the police switch to TASER body cams which uses a cloud-based storage system. The taser cam can also be edited.

“Taser has a team of about 50 engineers in Seattle who manage Evidence.com’s back end, supporting an infrastructure for editing and bookmarking audio and video clips, sharing files, and generating reports on how frequently officers use their on-body cameras, among other features. The reports would be useful in such places as New Orleans, where the police department’s superintendent has said any officer’s failure to record a civilian interaction “won’t be tolerated.”
“We typically have four-hour training sessions to go over all of the available features,” Evidence.com product manager Abraham Alvarez says. Taser provides regular software updates, and future upgrades to the product could someday integrate dashboard and evidence-room video. The alternative is “having agencies build their own data centers and have their own IT guys handle all of these huge and complicated data systems,” Alvarez says.”
“According to its product details, Amazon’s service includes “an audit trail so you can see who used your key to access which object and when.” Video redaction, or editing, isn’t noted on Amazon’s site but is available on the Web; Apple’s iMovie, for example, costs $14.95.”


BRPD Chief Carl Dabadie
it’s opened up questions about officers being able to access and edit their videos, and the controls placed on the footage once it’s in the cloud.

A body camera committee that Marcelle leads has already grappled with questions about officers accessing their own videos. They have also considered how to treat body camera footage in the scope of Louisiana’s public records laws.


“Taser’s evidence management database, where it can be edited and packaged using Taser’s cloud software tools…”

From there, the footage ports directly to Taser’s Evidence.com database, where police can edit it into clips, blur faces, and share footage directly with prosecutors. Another new feature called Axon Live lets a police chief patch in seamlessly to the live feed of any officer currently filming, as close to a literal panopticon as you could create under the circumstances. It’s possible to separate out the features — pushing Taser camera footage to a non-Taser storage system, like running iTunes on Windows — but it’s always easier not to.

Video: 2015 Baton Rouge Metro Council hesitation that postponed a mandate for Police body cams til December 2016.



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