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Bernie Sanders voted NO to “Veterans Millennium Health Care and Benefits Act” – Bill was passed overwhelmingly by both Democrats and Republicans

A bill overwhelmingly supported and passed by Democrats and Republicans to extend health care to Veterans. Bernie Sanders voted against it. Once upon a time when Democrats and Republicans could come together, compromise, and actually avoid Grid-lock and vote in a manner that could better the lives our Veterans, then Representative Bernie Sanders (I) of Vermont voted against such actions.

How can Mr. Sanders be health care for all when he can’t even extend services to our brave men and women? Clearly there has always been a need in considering the the health of our veterans whether you support going to war or not.

Veterans’ Millennium Health Care and Benefits Act 106th Congress (1999-2000)- Title I: Access to Care – Subtitle A: Long-Term Care – Directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (Secretary), through December 31, 2003, to provide nursing home care to any veteran in need of such care: (1) for a service-connected disability; or (2) who has a service-connected disability rated at 70 percent or more. Prohibits a veteran receiving such care from being transferred from the providing facility without the consent of the veteran or his or her representative.
Includes noninstitutional extended care services within the definition of “medical services” authorized to be provided to eligible veterans through the above date.

Directs the Secretary to operate and maintain a program to provide the following extended care services to eligible veterans: (1) geriatric evaluation; (2) nursing home care, either in facilities of the Department of Veterans Affairs or in community-based facilities; (3) domiciliary services; (4) adult day health care; (5) noninstitutional alternatives to nursing home care; and (6) respite care. Prohibits the Secretary from furnishing such services for a non-service-connected disability unless the veteran agrees to make a copayment for services of more than 21 days in a year. Requires the Secretary to establish a methodology for establishing the copayment amount. Establishes in the Treasury the Department of Veterans Affairs Extended Care Fund for deposits and disbursements to cover such care.

Authorizes the Secretary to furnish adult day health care to veterans enrolled in the Department’s annual patient enrollment system who would otherwise require nursing home care.


State District Name Party Vote
AK At-Large Rep. Don E. Young Republican Yea
AL 1 Rep. Herbert L. ‘Sonny’ Callahan Yea
AL 2 Rep. Terry Everett Republican Yea
AL 3 Rep. Robert R. ‘Bob’ Riley Yea
AL 4 Rep. Robert B. Aderholt Republican Yea
AL 5 Rep. Robert E. ‘Bud’ Cramer Democratic Yea
AL 6 Rep. Spencer T. Bachus Republican Yea
AL 7 Rep. Earl F. Hilliard Sr. Yea
AR 1 Rep. Robert Marion Berry Democratic Yea
AR 2 Rep. Victor F. ‘Vic’ Snyder Democratic Yea
AR 3 Rep. William ‘Asa’ Hutchinson Republican Yea
AR 4 Rep. Jay W. Dickey Yea
AS Delegate Rep. Eni FH Faleomavaega Democratic NA
AZ 1 Rep. Matthew ‘Matt’ Salmon Yea
AZ 3 Rep. Robert Lee ‘Bob’ Stump Republican Yea
AZ 3 Rep. John B. Shadegg Republican Yea
AZ 5 Rep. John David ‘J.D.’ Hayworth Jr. Republican Yea
AZ 7 Rep. Edward López ‘Ed’ Pastor Democratic Yea
AZ 8 Rep. James T. ‘Jim’ Kolbe Republican Yea
CA 2 Rep. Walter ‘Wally’ Herger Jr. Republican Yea
CA 3 Rep. Doug Ose Yea
CA 4 Rep. John T. Doolittle Republican Yea
CA 5 Rep. Robert T. Matsui Yea
CA 5 Rep. Michael C. ‘Mike’ Thompson Democratic Yea
CA 6 Rep. Lynn C. Woolsey Democratic Yea
CA 10 Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher Democratic Yea
CA 11 Rep. Richard W. Pombo Republican Yea
CA 11 Rep. George Miller Democratic Yea
CA 12 Rep. Tom Lantos Democratic Yea
CA 12 Rep. Nancy Pelosi Democratic Yea
CA 13 Rep. Fortney H. ‘Pete’ Stark Democratic Yea
CA 13 Rep. Barbara J. Lee Democratic Yea
CA 15 Rep. Thomas J. ‘Tom’ Campbell Republican Yea
CA 18 Rep. Gary A. Condit Democratic Yea
CA 18 Rep. Anna G. Eshoo Democratic Yea
CA 19 Rep. George P. Radanovich Republican Yea
CA 19 Rep. Zoe Lofgren Democratic Yea
CA 20 Rep. Calvin M. ‘Cal’ Dooley Yea
CA 20 Rep. Samuel ‘Sam’ Farr Democratic Yea
CA 22 Rep. William M. ‘Bill’ Thomas Republican Yea
CA 24 Rep. Elton W. Gallegly Republican Yea
CA 24 Rep. Lois Capps Democratic Yea
CA 25 Rep. Howard P. ‘Buck’ McKeon Republican Yea
CA 26 Rep. David T. Dreier Republican Yea
CA 27 Rep. James E. Rogan Republican Yea
CA 28 Rep. Howard L. Berman Democratic Yea
CA 30 Rep. Brad J. Sherman Democratic Yea
CA 31 Rep. Gary G. Miller Republican Yea
CA 31 Rep. Matthew G. ‘Marty’ Martinez Republican Yea
CA 32 Rep. Grace Flores Napolitano Democratic Yea
CA 32 Rep. Julian C. Dixon Democratic Yea
CA 33 Rep. Henry A. Waxman Democratic Yea
CA 34 Rep. Xavier Becerra Democratic Yea
CA 36 Rep. Steven T. Kuykendall Yea
CA 37 Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald Democratic Yea
CA 38 Rep. Stephen ‘Steve’ Horn Republican Yea
CA 39 Rep. Edward R. ‘Ed’ Royce Republican Yea
CA 40 Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard Democratic Yea
CA 41 Rep. Jerry Lewis Republican Yea
CA 42 Rep. Ken S. Calvert Republican Yea
CA 43 Rep. Maxine Waters Democratic Nay
CA 45 Rep. Mary Whitaker Bono Mack Republican Yea
CA 46 Rep. Loretta L. Sanchez Democratic Yea
CA 48 Rep. Ronald C. ‘Ron’ Packard Republican Yea
CA 48 Rep. Dana T. Rohrabacher Republican Yea
CA 48 Rep. Christopher Cox Republican Yea
CA 50 Rep. Brian P. Bilbray Republican Yea
CA 50 Rep. Randall H. ‘Duke’ Cunningham Republican Yea
CA 51 Rep. Bob Filner Democratic Yea
CA 52 Rep. Duncan L. Hunter Republican Did Not Vote
CO 1 Rep. Diana Louise DeGette Democratic Yea
CO 2 Rep. Mark E. Udall Democratic Yea
CO 3 Rep. Scott McInnis Yea
CO 4 Rep. Robert W. ‘Bob’ Schaffer Yea
CO 5 Rep. Joel Hefley Republican Yea
CO 6 Rep. Tom Gerald Tancredo Republican Yea
CT 1 Rep. John B. Larson Democratic Yea
CT 2 Rep. Sam Gejdenson Democratic Yea
CT 3 Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro Democratic Yea
CT 4 Rep. Christopher H. Shays Republican Yea
CT 5 Rep. Nancy L. Johnson Republican Yea
CT 5 Rep. James H. ‘Jim’ Maloney Democratic Yea
DC Delegate Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton Democratic NA
DE At-Large Rep. Michael N. ‘Mike’ Castle Republican Yea
FL 1 Rep. Joe Scarborough Republican Did Not Vote
FL 2 Rep. Allen Boyd Jr. Democratic Yea
FL 4 Rep. Tillie K. Fowler Republican Did Not Vote
FL 5 Rep. Corrine Brown Democratic Yea
FL 5 Rep. Karen L. Thurman Yea
FL 6 Rep. Clifford Bundy ‘Cliff’ Stearns Republican Yea
FL 7 Rep. John L. Mica Republican Yea
FL 8 Rep. Bill McCollum Republican Yea
FL 9 Rep. Michael ‘Mike’ Bilirakis Republican Yea
FL 11 Rep. James ‘Jim’ Davis Democratic Yea
FL 12 Rep. Charles T. Canady Republican Yea
FL 13 Rep. Charles William ‘Bill’ Young Republican Yea
FL 13 Rep. Dan Miller Republican Yea
FL 14 Rep. Porter J. Goss Yea
FL 15 Rep. David Weldon Republican Yea
FL 16 Rep. Mark Foley Republican Yea
FL 17 Rep. Carrie P. Meek Yea
FL 19 Rep. Robert Wexler Democratic Yea
FL 20 Rep. Alcee L. ‘Judge’ Hastings Sr. Democratic Yea
FL 20 Rep. Peter Deutsch Yea
FL 21 Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart Republican Yea
FL 22 Rep. E. Clay Shaw Jr. Republican Yea
FL 27 Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Republican Yea
GA 1 Rep. Jack Kingston Republican Yea
GA 2 Rep. Sanford D. Bishop Jr. Democratic Yea
GA 4 Rep. Cynthia Ann McKinney Democratic Did Not Vote
GA 5 Rep. John R. Lewis Democratic Yea
GA 6 Rep. John H. ‘Johnny’ Isakson Yea
GA 7 Rep. John Linder Republican Yea
GA 7 Rep. Robert Laurence ‘Bob’ Barr Jr. Yea
GA 8 Rep. Michael Allen ‘Mac’ Collins Republican Yea
GA 8 Rep. Clarence Saxby Chambliss Yea
GA 9 Rep. Nathan Deal Republican Yea
GA 10 Rep. Charles W. ‘Charlie’ Norwood Jr. Republican Yea
GU Delegate Rep. Robert Anacletus Underwood NA
HI 1 Rep. Neil Abercrombie Democratic Yea
HI 2 Rep. Patsy Takemoto Mink Yea
IA 1 Rep. James A. ‘Jim’ Nussle Republican Yea
IA 2 Rep. James A. ‘Jim’ Leach Republican Yea
IA 3 Rep. Leonard L. Boswell Democratic Yea
IA 3 Rep. Thomas P. ‘Tom’ Latham Republican Yea
IA 4 Rep. John ‘Greg’ Ganske Yea
ID 1 Rep. Helen P. Chenoweth-Hage Republican Yea
ID 2 Rep. Michael K. ‘Mike’ Simpson Republican Yea
IL 1 Rep. Bobby L. Rush Democratic Did Not Vote
IL 2 Rep. Jesse Louis Jackson Jr. Democratic Yea
IL 3 Rep. William O. Lipinski Yea
IL 4 Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez Democratic Yea
IL 5 Rep. Rod R. Blagojevich Democratic Yea
IL 6 Rep. Henry J. Hyde Republican Yea
IL 7 Rep. Danny K. Davis Democratic Yea
IL 8 Rep. Philip M. Crane Yea
IL 9 Rep. Janice D. ‘Jan’ Schakowsky Democratic Yea
IL 10 Rep. John Edward Porter Republican Yea
IL 11 Rep. Gerald C. ‘Jerry’ Weller Republican Yea
IL 12 Rep. Jerry F. Costello Democratic Yea
IL 13 Rep. Judy Biggert Republican Yea
IL 14 Rep. J. Dennis ‘Denny’ Hastert Republican Did Not Vote
IL 15 Rep. John M. Shimkus Republican Yea
IL 15 Rep. Thomas W. Ewing Republican Yea
IL 16 Rep. Donald A. ‘Don’ Manzullo Republican Yea
IL 17 Rep. Lane A. Evans Democratic Yea
IL 18 Rep. Ray H. LaHood Republican Yea
IL 19 Rep. David D. Phelps Yea
IN 1 Rep. Peter J. ‘Pete’ Visclosky Democratic Yea
IN 2 Rep. David M. McIntosh Republican Yea
IN 3 Rep. Mark Edward Souder Republican Yea
IN 3 Rep. Timothy ‘Tim’ Roemer Yea
IN 4 Rep. Stephen E. ‘Steve’ Buyer Republican Did Not Vote
IN 5 Rep. Dan L. Burton Republican Yea
IN 7 Rep. Edward A. ‘Ed’ Pease Republican Yea
IN 7 Rep. Julia M. Carson Democratic Yea
IN 8 Rep. John Nathan Hostettler Republican Yea
IN 9 Rep. Baron P. Hill Democratic Yea
KS 1 Rep. Jerry Moran Republican Yea
KS 2 Rep. Jim R. Ryun Republican Yea
KS 3 Rep. Dennis Moore Democratic Yea
KS 4 Rep. Todd Tiahrt Republican Yea
KY 1 Rep. Edward ‘Ed’ Whitfield Republican Yea
KY 2 Rep. Ron Lewis Republican Yea
KY 3 Rep. Anne Meagher Northup Republican Yea
KY 4 Rep. Kenneth R. ‘Ken’ Lucas Democratic Yea
KY 5 Rep. Harold ‘Hal’ Rogers Republican Yea
KY 6 Rep. Ernest Lee ‘Ernie’ Fletcher Yea
LA 1 Rep. David B. Vitter Republican Yea
LA 2 Rep. William J. Jefferson Democratic Did Not Vote
LA 3 Rep. William J. ‘Billy’ Tauzin Yea
LA 4 Rep. James O. ‘Jim’ McCrery III Republican Yea
LA 5 Rep. John C. Cooksey Republican Yea
LA 6 Rep. Richard Hugh Baker Republican Yea
LA 7 Rep. Christopher ‘Chris’ John Yea
MA 1 Rep. Richard E. Neal Democratic Yea
MA 1 Rep. John W. Olver Democratic Nay
MA 2 Rep. James P. ‘Jim’ McGovern Democratic Nay
MA 4 Rep. Barney Frank Democratic Yea
MA 5 Rep. Edward J. ‘Ed’ Markey Democratic Yea
MA 5 Rep. Martin T. ‘Marty’ Meehan Democratic Yea
MA 6 Rep. John F. Tierney Democratic Nay
MA 7 Rep. Michael E. ‘Mike’ Capuano Democratic Yea
MA 9 Rep. John ‘Joseph’ Moakley Democratic Did Not Vote
MA 10 Rep. William D. ‘Bill’ Delahunt Democratic Nay
MD 1 Rep. Wayne T. Gilchrest Republican Yea
MD 2 Rep. Robert L. ‘Bob’ Ehrlich Jr. Yea
MD 3 Rep. Benjamin L. ‘Ben’ Cardin Democratic Yea
MD 4 Rep. Albert R. Wynn Democratic Yea
MD 5 Rep. Steny H. Hoyer Democratic Nay
MD 6 Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett Republican Yea
MD 7 Rep. Elijah E. Cummings Democratic Yea
MD 8 Rep. Constance A. Morella Yea
ME 1 Rep. Thomas H. ‘Tom’ Allen Democratic Yea
ME 2 Rep. Joseph M. Baldacci Yea
MI 1 Rep. Bart T. Stupak Democratic Yea
MI 2 Rep. Peter ‘Pete’ Hoekstra Republican Yea
MI 3 Rep. Vernon J. ‘Vern’ Ehlers Republican Yea
MI 4 Rep. David Lee ‘Dave’ Camp Republican Yea
MI 5 Rep. James ‘Jim’ Barcia Democratic Yea
MI 5 Rep. Dale E. Kildee Democratic Yea
MI 6 Rep. Frederick Stephen ‘Fred’ Upton Republican Yea
MI 7 Rep. Nick Smith Yea
MI 8 Rep. Debbie Ann Stabenow Democratic Yea
MI 9 Rep. Sander M. ‘Sandy’ Levin Democratic Yea
MI 9 Rep. Joseph K. ‘Joe’ Knollenberg Republican Yea
MI 10 Rep. David Edward Bonior Democratic Yea
MI 12 Rep. John D. Dingell Democratic Did Not Vote
MI 13 Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick Democratic Yea
MI 13 Rep. John Conyers Jr. Democratic Nay
MI 13 Rep. Lynn Nancy Rivers Democratic Yea
MN 1 Rep. Gilbert W. ‘Gil’ Gutknecht Republican Yea
MN 2 Rep. David Minge Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 3 Rep. James M. ‘Jim’ Ramstad Republican Yea
MN 4 Rep. Bruce F. Vento Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 5 Rep. Martin Olav Sabo Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 6 Rep. William P. ‘Bill’ Luther Yea
MN 7 Rep. Collin C. Peterson Democratic Yea
MN 8 Rep. James L. ‘Jim’ Oberstar Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MO 1 Rep. James M. ‘Jim’ Talent Republican Yea
MO 1 Rep. William L. ‘Bill’ Clay Sr. Democratic Did Not Vote
MO 3 Rep. Richard Andrew ‘Dick’ Gephardt Yea
MO 4 Rep. Ike Skelton Democratic Yea
MO 5 Rep. Karen McCarthy Yea
MO 6 Rep. Patsy Ann ‘Pat’ Danner Democratic Yea
MO 7 Rep. Roy Blunt Republican Yea
MO 8 Rep. Jo Ann Emerson Republican Yea
MO 9 Rep. Kenny C. Hulshof Republican Yea
MS 1 Rep. Roger F. Wicker Republican Yea
MS 2 Rep. Bennie G. Thompson Democratic Did Not Vote
MS 3 Rep. Charles W. ‘Chip’ Pickering Jr. Republican Yea
MS 4 Rep. Ronnie Shows Democratic Yea
MS 4 Rep. Gene Taylor Democratic Yea
MT At-Large Rep. Richard A. ‘Rick’ Hill Yea
NC 1 Rep. Eva M. Clayton Democratic Did Not Vote
NC 2 Rep. Bob R. Etheridge Democratic Yea
NC 3 Rep. Walter Beaman Jones Jr. Republican Yea
NC 4 Rep. David Eugene Price Democratic Yea
NC 5 Rep. Richard M. Burr Republican Yea
NC 6 Rep. John Howard Coble Republican Yea
NC 7 Rep. Douglas Carmichael ‘Mike’ McIntyre Democratic Yea
NC 8 Rep. Robert C. ‘Robin’ Hayes Republican Yea
NC 9 Rep. Suellen W. ‘Sue’ Myrick Republican Yea
NC 10 Rep. Cass Ballenger Yea
NC 11 Rep. Charles H. Taylor Republican Yea
NC 12 Rep. Melvin Luther ‘Mel’ Watt Democratic Yea
ND At-Large Rep. Earl Pomeroy Democratic-NPL Yea
NE 1 Rep. Douglas K. ‘Doug’ Bereuter Yea
NE 2 Rep. Lee R. Terry Republican Yea
NE 3 Rep. William E. ‘Bill’ Barrett Republican Yea
NH 1 Rep. John E. Sununu Republican Yea
NH 2 Rep. Charles F. ‘Charlie’ Bass Republican Did Not Vote
NJ 1 Rep. Robert E. ‘Rob’ Andrews Democratic Nay
NJ 2 Rep. Frank A. LoBiondo Republican Nay
NJ 3 Rep. H. James ‘Jim’ Saxton Republican Nay
NJ 4 Rep. Christopher H. ‘Chris’ Smith Republican Yea
NJ 5 Rep. Marge S. Roukema Republican Nay
NJ 6 Rep. Frank J. Pallone Jr. Democratic Nay
NJ 7 Rep. Robert D. ‘Bob’ Franks Nay
NJ 9 Rep. William J. ‘Bill’ Pascrell Jr. Democratic Nay
NJ 9 Rep. Steven R. ‘Steve’ Rothman Democratic Nay
NJ 10 Rep. Donald M. Payne Democratic Nay
NJ 11 Rep. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen Republican Nay
NJ 12 Rep. Rush D. Holt Jr. Democratic Nay
NJ 13 Rep. Robert ‘Bob’ Menendez Democratic Nay
NM 1 Rep. Heather A. Wilson Republican Yea
NM 2 Rep. Joseph R. ‘Joe’ Skeen Republican Yea
NM 3 Rep. Thomas S. ‘Tom’ Udall Democratic Yea
NV 1 Rep. Shelley Berkley Democratic Yea
NV 2 Rep. James A. ‘Jim’ Gibbons Republican Yea
NY 1 Rep. Michael Patrick Forbes Democratic Nay
NY 2 Rep. Peter T. ‘Pete’ King Republican Nay
NY 2 Rep. Rick A. Lazio Nay
NY 4 Rep. Carolyn McCarthy Democratic Nay
NY 5 Rep. Gary L. Ackerman Democratic Nay
NY 5 Rep. Gregory W. Meeks Democratic Nay
NY 7 Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez Democratic Did Not Vote
NY 9 Rep. Anthony David Weiner Democratic Nay
NY 10 Rep. Edolphus ‘Ed’ Towns Democratic Nay
NY 10 Rep. Jerrold L. ‘Jerry’ Nadler Democratic Nay
NY 11 Rep. Major R. Owens Democratic Yea
NY 12 Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney Democratic Nay
NY 13 Rep. Vito J. Fossella Jr. Republican Nay
NY 13 Rep. Charles B. ‘Charlie’ Rangel Democratic Yea
NY 14 Rep. Joseph ‘Joe’ Crowley Democratic Nay
NY 15 Rep. José E. Serrano Democratic Nay
NY 16 Rep. Eliot L. Engel Democratic Nay
NY 17 Rep. Nita M. Lowey Democratic Nay
NY 19 Rep. Sue W. Kelly Republican Nay
NY 20 Rep. John E. Sweeney Republican Nay
NY 20 Rep. Benjamin A. Gilman Nay
NY 21 Rep. Michael R. ‘Mike’ McNulty Democratic Nay
NY 22 Rep. Maurice D. Hinchey Democratic Nay
NY 23 Rep. John M. McHugh Republican Yea
NY 24 Rep. Sherwood L. ‘Sherry’ Boehlert Republican Yea
NY 25 Rep. Louise McIntosh Slaughter Democratic Nay
NY 25 Rep. James T. ‘Jim’ Walsh Republican Yea
NY 26 Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds Republican Yea
NY 27 Rep. Jack Quinn Yea
NY 29 Rep. Amory ‘Amo’ Houghton Jr. Nay
NY 29 Rep. John J. LaFalce Yea
OH 1 Rep. Steven J. ‘Steve’ Chabot Republican Yea
OH 2 Rep. Robert J. ‘Rob’ Portman Republican Yea
OH 3 Rep. Tony P. Hall Democratic Yea
OH 4 Rep. Michael G. Oxley Republican Yea
OH 5 Rep. Paul E. Gillmor Republican Yea
OH 6 Rep. Ted Strickland Democratic Yea
OH 7 Rep. David Lee ‘Dave’ Hobson Republican Yea
OH 8 Rep. John A. Boehner Republican Yea
OH 9 Rep. Marcy Kaptur Democratic Yea
OH 10 Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich Democratic Nay
OH 11 Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones Democratic Yea
OH 12 Rep. John Richard Kasich Republican Yea
OH 13 Rep. Sherrod C. Brown Democratic Yea
OH 14 Rep. Steven C. ‘Steve’ LaTourette Republican Yea
OH 14 Rep. Thomas C. ‘Tom’ Sawyer Democratic Yea
OH 15 Rep. Deborah D. Pryce Republican Yea
OH 16 Rep. Ralph S. Regula Republican Yea
OH 17 Rep. James A. ‘Jim’ Traficant Jr. Yea
OH 18 Rep. Robert William ‘Bob’ Ney Republican Yea
OK 1 Rep. Thomas Allen ‘Tom’ Coburn Republican Yea
OK 1 Rep. Stephen ‘Steve’ Largent Yea
OK 3 Rep. Frank D. Lucas Republican Yea
OK 3 Rep. Wesley ‘Wes’ Watkins Republican Yea
OK 4 Rep. Julius Caesar ‘J.C.’ Watts Jr. Republican Yea
OK 5 Rep. Ernest J. Istook Jr. Republican Yea
OR 1 Rep. David Wu Democratic Yea
OR 2 Rep. Greg P. Walden Republican Yea
OR 3 Rep. Earl Blumenauer Democratic Yea
OR 4 Rep. Peter A. DeFazio Democratic Yea
OR 5 Rep. Darlene Hooley Democratic Yea
PA 1 Rep. Robert A. ‘Bob’ Brady Democratic Yea
PA 1 Rep. Frank R. Mascara Democratic Yea
PA 2 Rep. Chaka Fattah Sr. Democratic Yea
PA 3 Rep. Robert A. ‘Bob’ Borski Jr. Democratic Yea
PA 3 Rep. Philip ‘Phil’ English Republican Yea
PA 4 Rep. Ronald P. ‘Ron’ Klink Democratic Yea
PA 5 Rep. John E. Peterson Republican Yea
PA 7 Rep. W. Curtis ‘Curt’ Weldon Republican Yea
PA 8 Rep. James C. ‘Jim’ Greenwood Yea
PA 9 Rep. E.G. ‘Bud’ Shuster Republican Yea
PA 10 Rep. Donald L. ‘Don’ Sherwood Republican Yea
PA 11 Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski Democratic Yea
PA 12 Rep. John P. ‘Jack’ Murtha Democratic Yea
PA 13 Rep. Joseph M. Hoeffel Yea
PA 14 Rep. Michael ‘Mike’ Doyle Democratic Yea
PA 14 Rep. William J. Coyne Democratic Yea
PA 15 Rep. Patrick J. ‘Pat’ Toomey Republican Yea
PA 16 Rep. Joseph R. ‘Joe’ Pitts Republican Yea
PA 17 Rep. George W. Gekas Republican Yea
PA 17 Rep. Thomas Timothy ‘Tim’ Holden Democratic Yea
PA 19 Rep. William F. ‘Bill’ Goodling Republican Yea
PR Resident Commissioner Rep. Carlos A. Romero-Barcelo Democratic NA
RI 1 Rep. Patrick Joseph Kennedy Democratic Nay
RI 2 Rep. Robert A. ‘Bob’ Weygand Democratic Nay
SC 1 Rep. Marshall Clement ‘Mark’ Sanford Jr. Republican Nay
SC 1 Rep. Lindsey O. Graham Republican Yea
SC 2 Rep. Floyd Davidson Spence Sr. Republican Yea
SC 4 Rep. James W. ‘Jim’ DeMint Yea
SC 5 Rep. John M. Spratt Jr. Democratic Yea
SC 6 Rep. James E. ‘Jim’ Clyburn Democratic Yea
SD At-Large Rep. John R. Thune Republican Yea
TN 1 Rep. William Lewis ‘Bill’ Jenkins Republican Yea
TN 2 Rep. John J. ‘Jimmy’ Duncan Jr. Republican Yea
TN 3 Rep. Zach Wamp Republican Did Not Vote
TN 4 Rep. Van Hilleary Republican Yea
TN 5 Rep. Robert N. ‘Bob’ Clement Democratic Did Not Vote
TN 6 Rep. Bart Gordon Democratic Yea
TN 7 Rep. Ed Bryant Republican Yea
TN 8 Rep. John Tanner Democratic Yea
TN 9 Rep. Harold Ford Jr. Democratic Yea
TX 1 Rep. Max A. Sandlin Jr. Yea
TX 2 Rep. James ‘Jim’ Turner Yea
TX 3 Rep. Samuel Robert ‘Sam’ Johnson Republican Yea
TX 4 Rep. Ralph Moody Hall Republican Did Not Vote
TX 6 Rep. Joe Linus Barton Republican Yea
TX 7 Rep. William Reynolds ‘Bill’ Archer Republican Yea
TX 8 Rep. Kevin P. Brady Republican Yea
TX 9 Rep. Nicholas V. ‘Nick’ Lampson Democratic Yea
TX 12 Rep. Kay Granger Republican Yea
TX 13 Rep. William M. ‘Mac’ Thornberry Republican Yea
TX 14 Rep. Ronald Ernest ‘Ron’ Paul Republican Did Not Vote
TX 15 Rep. Rubén E. Hinojosa Sr. Democratic Yea
TX 16 Rep. Silvestre ‘Silver’ Reyes Democratic Yea
TX 17 Rep. Charles W. ‘Charlie’ Stenholm Yea
TX 17 Rep. Thomas ‘Chet’ Edwards Democratic Yea
TX 18 Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Democratic Yea
TX 19 Rep. Larry Ed Combest Yea
TX 20 Rep. Charles A. ‘Charlie’ Gonzalez Democratic Yea
TX 21 Rep. Lamar S. Smith Republican Yea
TX 22 Rep. Thomas Dale ‘Tom’ DeLay Republican Yea
TX 23 Rep. Henry Bonilla Republican Yea
TX 23 Rep. Ciro D. Rodriguez Democratic Yea
TX 24 Rep. Jonas ‘Martin’ Frost III Democratic Yea
TX 25 Rep. Kenneth E. ‘Ken’ Bentsen Jr. Yea
TX 26 Rep. Richard K. ‘Dick’ Armey Republican Yea
TX 27 Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz Sr. Democratic Yea
TX 29 Rep. Raymond Eugene ‘Gene’ Green Democratic Yea
TX 30 Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson Democratic Yea
TX 32 Rep. Peter A. ‘Pete’ Sessions Republican Yea
TX 35 Rep. Lloyd A. Doggett II Democratic Yea
UT 1 Rep. James V. Hansen Yea
UT 2 Rep. Merrill A. Cook Republican Yea
UT 3 Rep. Chris Cannon Republican Yea
VA 1 Rep. Herbert H. ‘Herb’ Bateman Sr. Republican Yea
VA 2 Rep. Owen B. Pickett Democratic Yea
VA 3 Rep. Robert C. ‘Bobby’ Scott Democratic Yea
VA 4 Rep. Norman Sisisky Democratic Yea
VA 5 Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr. Republican Yea
VA 6 Rep. Robert W. ‘Bob’ Goodlatte Republican Yea
VA 7 Rep. Thomas J. ‘Tom’ Bliley Jr. Republican Yea
VA 8 Rep. James P. ‘Jim’ Moran Jr. Democratic Yea
VA 9 Rep. Frederick C. ‘Rick’ Boucher Democratic Yea
VA 10 Rep. Frank Rudolph Wolf Republican Yea
VA 11 Rep. Thomas M. ‘Tom’ Davis III Republican Yea
VI Delegate Rep. Donna Marie Christensen Democratic NA
VT At-Large Rep. Bernard ‘Bernie’ Sanders Independent Nay
WA 1 Rep. Jay Robert Inslee Democratic Yea
WA 2 Rep. Jack Metcalf Republican Yea
WA 3 Rep. Brian N. Baird Democratic Yea
WA 4 Rep. Richard ‘Doc’ Hastings Republican Yea
WA 5 Rep. George R. Nethercutt Jr. Republican Yea
WA 6 Rep. Norman DeValois ‘Norm’ Dicks Democratic Yea
WA 7 Rep. James A. ‘Jim’ McDermott Democratic Yea
WA 8 Rep. Jennifer B. Dunn Republican Yea
WA 9 Rep. Adam Smith Democratic Yea
WI 1 Rep. Paul D. Ryan Republican Yea
WI 2 Rep. Tammy Baldwin Democratic Yea
WI 3 Rep. Ronald James ‘Ron’ Kind Democratic Yea
WI 4 Rep. Gerald D. ‘Jerry’ Kleczka Yea
WI 5 Rep. Frank James ‘Jim’ Sensenbrenner Jr. Republican Yea
WI 5 Rep. Thomas M. ‘Tom’ Barrett Democratic Yea
WI 6 Rep. Thomas E. ‘Tom’ Petri Republican Yea
WI 7 Rep. David Ross ‘Dave’ Obey Democratic Yea
WI 8 Rep. Mark A. Green Republican Yea
WV 1 Rep. Alan Bowlby Mollohan Democratic Yea
WV 2 Rep. Robert E. ‘Bob’ Wise Jr. Yea
WV 3 Rep. Nick Joe Rahall II Democratic Yea
WY At-Large Rep. Barbara L. Cubin Republican Yea



Most of the information you will see comes from some Federal/state Government documents or Federal/State Governm Agency. -----------------------------------------------The fellow that can only see a week ahead is always the popular fellow, for he is looking with the crowd. But the one that can see years ahead, he has a telescope but he can't make anybody believe that he has it. ~~~~Will Rogers __The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.~ Albert Einstein ~"I never work better than when I am inspired by anger; for when I am angry, I can write, pray, and preach well, for then my whole temperament is quickened, my understandingsharpen​ed, and all mundane vexations and temptations depart.” ~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. _________________________________________________________________________________________ ~"The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and respectable Stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all Nations and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment".~___________________________________ George Washington, Address to the Members of the Volunteer Association of Ireland, December 2, 1783 Fredericacade@gmail.com


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Frederica Cade’s Blog (Politics, News, Analysis, Investigation, Press Releases, Education, Economics, Internet, News Releases, Featured stories, Fraud, and History, U.S. Laws, Posted stories, Index of reports, meta,Home page)

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Frederica Cade’s Blog (Politics, News, Analysis, Investigation, Press Releases, Education, Economics, Internet, News Releases, Featured stories, Fraud, and History, U.S. Laws, Posted stories, Index of reports, meta,Home page)